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The real 40-year-old fashionable woman does not wear high heels, these flat shoes comfortable age, good practical

Perhaps many people think that high heels are synonymous with sexy, but in fact, with fashion development, elegant women are more and more concerned with comfort and fashion, they are more willing to use flat shoes to take care of comfort. practical.

This time, I will share a set of flat shoes to wear a demonstration. This fall, the real 40-year-old fashionable woman does not wear high heels, these flat shoes are comfortable, practical, let’s take a look!

First, flat bottom split shoes

The bigger the woman is older, the more practical and comfort, the more practical and comfort, the flattening shoe is definitely the ideal choice for 40-year-old women.

Due to the flat design, this type of shoe is basically nothing difficult, whether it is a workplace or an outbound, you can try it, don’t worry about the feat of your shoes.


And the split design also greatly enhances the stability of the shoes, walking from the road to steadily, but also add highlights to the shape, the street is full.


One of the most common is black or black and white. It is both comfortable and fashionable. This type of shoe is also widely selected.

Like sweater, sweater, suit, windbreaker or seven pants, wide-legging pants, and double-part toe shoes will not be wrong, combined with the smooth skills, can also extends the leg type.


Second, flat canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are called upheld and improve trendy tools in autumn, and canvas shoes have the same size, no age, no matter how old, high fat, a pair of canvas shoes can let you go back to your youth era.

In addition to age, canvas shoes, due to the skinnyness, it can also extend the layer of the calf line, no matter the pants, bunch pants, nine pants or wide-leg pants can play a visual slimming effect .

The most common is black, white flat canvas shoes, the most practical.

After 40 years, middle-aged women don’t forget to add highlights to the shape of the shape. At this time, you can change the white, black canvas shoes to color canvas shoes, such as red, yellow or green.


Due to the face, such canvas shoes will not give people a sense of violation on the formation of playful activities.

Referring to the canvas shoes, it is absolutely not to mention the styles of the plus leopard pattern. This type of canvas shoes can also play the layer of styling. Leopard elements can also inject full of trendy atmospheres into the overall shape, wild And modern.

When wearing, it is recommended that the 40-year-old woman preferred nine-point jeans or nine-point trousers.

Third, old shoes

Tatting the fashionable 40-year-old woman, very much wearing a one, compared to the installation board, they prefer to make a sense of fashion, while the old man shoes are typical single products.


Set trend, leisure and handsome old shoes, in addition to combined sweaters, wearer, can also match wide legs, knitted trousers or yoga pants, easy to shape a variety of clothes.

Especially white old shoes, which is more extensive in pants, which is a weapon that is extensive.


“Cowba wide leg pants + old shoes” is the first choice for many fashionable outlets. If the 40-year-old woman does not want to give old feelings, you can use this mission to upgrade the model.

The top can be selected from a sweater, a suit or a windbreaker.

Fourth, black leather flat shoes

When the 40-year-old woman is in the workplace, when building a street LOOK, the flat shoes can be casual, but it is used to create an elegant and stylish commuter wind. It is recommended to give priority to the black cortical flat shoes, with cortical fabric to improve the texture.


The first is the black pointed flat bottom of this type of superimposed metal tip, and the pointed design can easily extends the leg shaped trousers, with a wide leg pants, nine pants are very embarrassed.

Metal tab is also adding gloss to the shape, highlighting the elegance and nobles of priests.

In addition, the black square flat shoes designed with V-shaped openings will not choose, the flat design is comfortable, the V-shaped opening design can be integrated with the foot type and the calf line, and the legs are not lost.


The above is the shoes shared for the 40-year-old woman wearing, this autumn is not always wearing high heels, try these pairs of flat shoes, comfortable age, still very temperament!

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