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No matter when it is white, it is the key, and these white coat temperament is matched, and fashion is warm and decent.

In winter, the most emphasized is to keep warm and comfortable. Of course, it is necessary to make warmth. When it comes with pure style, the most recommended to everyone is a refreshing and white white match, which not only has a strong winter atmosphere, but also special age.

Next, it will recommend a few sets of different styles of white jackets, providing some ideas for your winter, there is always a favorite.


First, white long outer casing


• Plush jacket + blue jeans

I want to wear a leisure and decree in the winter, you may wish to choose this long white plush jacket, which do you have a casual fashion and keep warm. It is also very simple in the match, the lower body chooses the blue denim trousers, light and light combination, fresh and bright, gives people a soft and elegant feel. For petite girls, this profile type plush jacket can be very practical with a smaller advantage of the skeleton.

• White coat + white wide legs

This refreshing style of white coats are very tests and tall, and the child is more tall. Slim girl can choose boldly. The upper and lower bodies are the combination of loose monops to meet the feelings of casual comfort, while wearing such a single product in everyday wear is too abrupt.

Another white coat is biased towards the white white, and the color is also used with light colors and light-colored combinations. Light gray high-collar sweaters, and the loose neck has highlighted the exquisite little face, the lower body white wide legs, Relaxation, it looks full.

• White woolen coat + white boots

This white woolen coat and a combination of high-top boots, with refreshing color, showing a simple atmosphere. At the same time, this kind of match will be more prominent, it seems that the whole person is worried and handsome, standing on the step, completely the feeling of the gas field.

• White down jacket + blue jeans

This kind of conventional white down jacket is completely not talked to the type, loose version, and any girl is in an elegant atmospheric type. At the same time, this bright white down jacket weakened the thickness of the winter clothes, and wearing it is very refreshing, so that women’s sweet temperament is present.


Another long-style white down jacket, more lazy, this is more lazy, this quilt style down jacket wear can be completely packaged in the body, the wind is warm, the lower body is equipped with gray knit wide leg pants, inside and outside The color forms a contrast and is particularly advanced.

• White sea hippocampus + black trousers


This set of color black and white has formed a classic contrast color, the atmosphere has a fashionable, hippocampus plush jacket, watching very textive, and the coat uses a light fabric, watching not so thick, the lower body Black straight pants, visually more slim.

Second, short jacket

• White cotton + white feet pants

When you look at the white cotton clothes, it is recommended that you choose this short-quality short cotton clothing, because the white itself is easier, if the combination is too loose, and it is visually very bloated.


The lower body is matched with white feet pants, making the lower body lines of the body to triangle, and more slimming.


Another long style of white cotton clothes, although the fabric is relatively thick, but has joined high-grade waist design to some extent, the advantage of the size is high. The lower body is equipped with a blue denim trousers, extra refreshing, leopard canvas slippers on the feet reduces single-tuning, and distinguishes personality.


• Gray white coat + white straight trousers

If everyone thinks that the white is too normal, you can try this kind of gray white single product with a lower saturation. After adding a certain gray, it is more similar to the low-key, and the lower body is equipped with oat-colored high waist trousers. And the leg is long.

Every girl is less than a hundred and fashionable white jackets, if you also like this, let’s try it.


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