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Chongwen Strike First Development Step, Beijing Dongcheng continues to build a public cultural exchange show new window

Cultural exchanges and cooperation have always been an important initiative to implement the “Chongwen Chamber” concept to further strengthen the “cultural Dongcheng” concept. Today, a group of urban characteristics, representing the image of the capital, in line with the characteristics of the times, becoming the network of regional cultural resources interaction, the window of Chinese culture.

In recent years, Dongcheng District strengthens the concept of “cooperation”, actively promoting cultural “going out”, continuously expanding the cultural open pattern, continuously deepening international cultural exchange cooperation, steadily enhancing cultural communication and influence. In the basis of strengthening cultural confidence and strengthening cultural resource integration, we will promote the cultural construction of Dongcheng District and launch a series of cultural brands.

At the end of August 2020, “Capital function core area control detailed planning (block level) (2018-12035)” officially announced, clarifying Dongcheng District is the “National Political Center, Cultural Center and the core carrying area of ​​the international interaction center, The key area of ​​historical and cultural city protection is an important window area showing the image of the country. “


Dongcheng followed the trend of the era of cultural cross-border exchanges, seized the national promotion of cultural tourism synergy, clarifying the construction of national cultural centers, continuously strengthening exchanges and cooperation in the fields of cultural and tourism, drama performances, talents.


As a member of the “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Public Cultural Service Demonstration Corridor, Dongcheng District has launched” Corner Library “,” Chaoyangmen Community Cultural Life Museum (27th Hospital) “and other cultural cross-border cooperation cases, actively promoting Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei three The land culture exchanges and cooperation will develop at a higher level, deeper, and widely wide field.


In recent years, Dongcheng District has actively promoted the intersection of Helifang, Hubei Fuyang, Inner Mongolia Huade County, Alshan and other places, and cultural input. Dongcheng has been deepening to deepen synergistic development concepts, broaden the vision, multi-angle, deep, all – round look for new growth points of cultural exchange cross-areas, and create a new situation in which cultural exchange cross-regional cooperation is practical.

Promote interaction and accelerate the construction of friendly Urban Cultural Exchange Development Alliance. Dongcheng District profoundly grasped the overall layout of the central development regional cultural construction, deepening with other urban cultural exchanges and contacts, and organized China Cultural Finance Summit, coupled to the national historical and cultural city of Hexi, Shanghai, Shanghai Pudong, Shanxi, supporting excellent literature The postal group, the original cultural product in Dongcheng exchange, multi-angle promotes the big stage to bring together excellent cultural resources, promote integrated docking, catalytic fusion innovation, and promote the formation of a group of cultural innovation results. Dongcheng District and Xinjiang Hetian, Tibet Lhasa, Yunnan Baoshan and other places to carry out activities such as “Spring rain project” cultural volunteers, while strengthening the “1 + 1” to help the cultural “1 + 1” in Hubei, responding to the overall national cultural construction The layout, strengthen cooperation with Central and Western cultural exchanges, and accelerate the construction of a good pattern of cultural cooperation.

In recent years, Dongcheng District implements a culture of cultural “walking out”, continues to deepen international cultural exchanges and cooperation, and accelerate the construction of cultural exchange brands, organize the series of activities such as the Global Line of the Titan Culture Temple Fair, bringing non-material cultural heritage, old name, folk, literary Performance and other content, let foreign people can experience China’s excellent traditional culture at home, and build a platform for the “Going out” in Dongcheng District, Beijing.

Actively participate in foreign cultural activities such as “Beijing Cultural Week”, promote more non-legacy, old-fashioned and cultural enterprises to spread Chinese voice, talking about Beijing story, constantly deepening the development of Beijing International Cultural Urban, enhancing cultural competitiveness while strengthening international influence. Give full play to the function of cultural urban functionality, 22 cities (districts) in 16 countries such as British, Mei, Germany, Law, Russian, Macao, Japan, and steadily promote the construction of international cultural and friendly urban areas, won “international friendly city exchange cooperation. prize”.

(Text / Guangming Daily “Cultural Strong Country” Collaborative Promotion Platform Beijing Dongcheng Workstation)

Source: Guangming Daily Client