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This summer is popular “five pants”! Women who are suitable for calves wear, thin and fashionable

The weather now is getting hotter, even if it is home, you can feel the stuffy breath. In summer, women’s dressing will be more diversified, with a variety of choices, such as shorts or short skirts.

But this year is particularly popular, this pants are also known as Dad’s trousers or Bermud. There is a certain amount of modification for women’s body, and it seems that sexy is more cool.


In fact, this five-pants have begun to popular in a few years, but many people are more embarrassing for five pants. Because the length of the trousers is too embarrassed, especially for a smaller woman, it is too unfrieved.


If it is a calf woman, wearing shorts like a shorts, shaping through a lazy style

It is possible to solve such problems, five pants have become a darling of fashion circles. Be


How can I get a more feminine at five pants?

Coloring is the most unlikely.


In the summer,

With white tops with big land color five pants

Will be more advanced and elegant.

White sunscreen matching card is colored five pants with obvious waistline position. Or or white top with black five pants, the same color between the colors, there will be great contrast, more fashionable.

Many people are excessive hardships for five pants, in fact, when they match, color color color is better.

The overall shape is more gentle, and there is a sexy and feminine glamor.

The most simple matching method of five pants is that the upper body is mixed with a white T-shirt, and the proportion becomes more obvious when the belt is used as the waistline.

A pair of black characters with sandals, shaping the gentleman of women

. Be

Five pants in suit fabrics is the most popular in summer.


With the card’s five pants with black tank top, it can also meet the temperament of mature women. Five pants is not the home of young people,

For women who have a slightly larger, such a more age, there is a young effect.

About the matching of five pants, for small children, must focus on the position of the waist.

The style of high waist, the way to use the plug, the proportion of the body, highlighting the effect, so that the small child will also wear five pants.

When daily with five pants, the faint khaki and black are dominated, and these two colors are both soft and advanced. And there is a variety of combinations when you look for, and there is not much easily picking for the color of the upper half.

The match between this neutral color system will be more expensive, which is very compliant with mature women.

If you want to find a handsome feeling with five pants, you can try to match the green shorts with canvas shoes. The upper body is a gray polo shirt.

This type of color is full, there is a kind of female handsome.


The color between black and white is the most simple way of five pants, not wrong, how to match it is very fashionable.


In the past two years, it is also popular in neutral style. Women who like this style can try it at all. If your calf is fine, you can try five pieces of shorts. It is also good to wear.