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FoxT 2I2 and Yamaha UR22C, which sound card is good? How to choose?

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Little sister of the Ying Ping Mall, in the daily work, often asked about the problem of sound cards on the same price, such as

FoxT 2i2 and Yamaha UR22C, which cost price?

FoxT 2I2 and Yamaha UR22C, which is suitable for the aquatic live broadcast?

FoxT 2I2 and Yamaha UR22C, which is suitable for recording songs?

Yamaha UR22C

FoxT 2i2 three generations

These two models are high in the field of broadcast, dubbing, recording songs, and the market share, and the quality of the sound card is indeed. However, these two sound cards, the price is 4500, and the performance varies from the performance.


The following sound flat mall has made a comparative form, then tell you how different users should choose.

From the form of the sound mall, Foxt 2i2 three generations, and Yamaha UR22C, the difference is not small, Yamaha UR22C has more features:

USB3.0 transmission, faster


Frequency response 22kHz, higher

32 digits, more fine

Support MIDI interface, you can connect MIDI devices

Support LoopBack, you can implement

Built-in DSP effect, monitor 0 delay, you can debug rever, high and low sound, etc.


At first glance, it seems to be quite big, but two sound cards, the difference between different users in actual use.

Please read patiently

USB3.0 transmission, frequency ring 22kHz, 32 sampling bits

These three advantages, for personal users of most recording, dubbing, record songs, such as Himalaya FM recorded sound novels, national K song songs, advertising dubbing, self-cultivation, etc. The loss is not large, and it means a bit “overcapacity”.

Support MIDI interface

If you don’t have a MIDI device, this interface is redundant.

Loopback function

Regarding the sound card loopback function, the influence on live, recording, please refer to another article in the Yin Ping Mall:

What does the sound card loopback function mean? What is the impact of live broadcast, recording?

Simply, the meaning is not big.


Built-in DSP effect

Yamaha UR22C sound card, you can do DSP listening zero delay, which is still more powerful. FoxT can also do hardware listening zero delay, but the sound card will have a lost software listening delay after being equipped with the “rack”. The listening delay does not affect the quality of the recording, just the latency at the time of listening.

Foxt Solo


Yin Ping Mall (the Genuine Mall of the Anchor Broadcasting Equipment) Conclusion:

If you are a live anchor, K song entertainment, do a choice between Yamaha UR22C and FoxT 2i2, budget is sufficient, choose Yamaha UR22C; budget, pursuit of practical, choose FoxT 2i2, two sound cards, live broadcast, performance The difference can be ignored.

If you use it in professional recording, dubbing, record songs, your budget is sufficient, choose Yamaha UR22C, budget, pursue practical, choose Foxt Solo! The difference between FoxT 2i2 and Solo is only the number of interfaces, the sound quality, the performance is exactly the same! Of course, if you have two microphones, you have to choose Fox 2i2, Solo only supports 1 microphone.

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FoxT 2i2 three generations