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“Baby Circle” adds new species, micro shop on the doll cabinet

“Yang Qian wants to catch the doll with the whole redness”, “recently, Yang Qian and full red, who won the golden gun and red, and rushed to the Weibo hot search, contact two young girls. Together, it is an essential companion in many girls.


In recent years, with the rise of the game, multiple kinds of dolls are popular, and the cotton doll is one of them. Not long ago, the micro store launched the industry’s first online doll cabinet, providing a new experience for a large number of cotton doll players.

Netizen’s doll screenshot screenshots come out of the doll cabinet screenshot

Microseline label users broke 100,000, players praise

“Take out the doll cabinet and ask for each other.” … Recently, a large number of players are in the microblogging doll cabinet, causing a lot of moving in the cotton doll circle.

“I saw the baby’s share of the sharing of friends. It is really easy to use. In this way, we have a place to showcase cotton dolls.” In the past, the cotton dolls in your hands, Chen Xiaosa (porridge) often can only In Weibo or a friend circle, this time, her 12 cotton dolls in his hand “installed” into the micro store.


Netizen tanning doll screenshot


Cotton doll players like Chen Xiaoli are not in a small number. The appearance of the micro shop on the microwa store provides convenience for a large number of players to show their hearts. For this reason, the number of praises from the players is very considerable.

“Cotton doll refers to the doll dolls made of cotton, the earliest searches from the idol economy. Market, as the name refreshed, the online doll cabinet looks a bit like an electronic photo album, but the mic store The doll function is rich, but also enforce each other through the functions of ‘Rua’, ‘to the bottle’ and ‘Leave Cat’. “

The relevant person in charge of the micro store introduced that the user has exceeded 100,000 users, and it is still growing rapidly.

The “baby circle” ecology is getting more and more improved, and the cotton doll continues to advance.

At the moment, the cotton doll has become a new tide of a lot of young people.

Take microblogging as an example. Since the creation of “cotton beauty” topics in Weibo since March 2019, their users’ growth and activity have exceeded a lot of similar topics. There is data show that from the second half of 2020, the superhession has always occupied the top of the “shackles” class in Sina Weibo. As of May this year, “cotton beauty” topic users have increased to 360,000, the number of postings exceeded 800,000, the reading is more than 5.5 billion …

Cotton doll

In some indigenous people, the establishment of communities exchanged by all kinds of enthusiasts have laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of cotton dolls. Not only that, representatives represented by micro stores, idle fish, etc., and a large number of merchants have opened up and downstreams of cotton doll industry through these positions, and cotton dolls are further broken.

“The emergence of the work of the car doll lovers like the line will further attract more young people to participate, the ‘baby circle’ ecology is increasing, is the performance of the cotton doll industry.” Senior players Lili said.