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How does women calculate what “Cup” is it correct? What is the difference between different “cups”?

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We must understand a problem

What is the use of BRA?

Speaking of BRA


I have to mention my small partner


Breast is mainly

Three parts composition

1 pocket for breast connective tissue

2 determining the adipose tissue of the cup size


3 promotion of breast-developed breasts


How to pick BRA can wear it?

First measure chest circumference

I believe many little fairy

I haven’t worked for my own cup.

And the boyfriend is more only subjective.

Guess the other half of the cup size

But actually

Just need a ruler

Easily measure


1 Measure the bust (the most full of breasts)

Measure your body separately

Urgent, pretty 45 degrees, bending over 90 degrees

Bust length

Take the average of three

2 measurement under the bust (bottom at the bottom of the breast)

Measure the inhalation and exhalation

Lower bust

3 Reference size comparison table


In the end, the chest measurement is 93 95 96, respectively.

We take the average: 94.6


82 79 is 82 79 in the lower bust

We take the average: 80.5

Then the final chest poor is

On the bust – lower bust = 94.6 – 80.5 = 14.1

Refer to the size comparison table ↓↓

Get into the size comparison table

Can be easily obtained

The girl’s cup is 80C

Of course, there are also people’s maps convenient


Take the peach cantaloupe, etc.

after all


If BRA is too large

Do not get up to the role of the breast

It will cause the chest to move down, or sag

If BRA is too small


The breast will be squeezed

Severe blood circulation

On the basis of the cup

Select the right BRA in just selection

2. Missing cup shape

The most common cup of cups

Half cover (1/2 cup)

1/2 cup in natural hemisphere

Only cover the full support of the cup


Compare the cup smaller


3/4 cup

3/4 cup is the most common cup style

Good gathering effect is better

Female wearing a variety of chest types

Full cup


The full cup can be completely packaged in women’s chest

Make breast fat to the center point, concentrate


Suitable for


Girls are wearing

3. Watch no steel ring

From the chest type function


Steel rings can better support chests

But if you feel


Then there is no need to buy a steel ring

4. Select material quality

1 cotton


Natural and comfortable, soft and warm

But in summer, wear hot

2 silk


Silk soft

Absorbent breathable

More suitable for summer

But cleaning is more troublesome

(Delivery detergent, recommended hand wash)

3 cotton

Soft and comfortable, sweat breathable

Suitable for all year round

It is also the material that is currently used in most BRA.

5. Learn to properly wear


I have to learn to wear it after picking up.

Otherwise, everything is white.

Correct wearing:

Hang the strap on the shoulder

Pre-body 45 degrees

Hand hook on the back


Will pick up the chest under the underarm

Then adjust the shoulder strap

Let them completely bonded on your shoulders

Not too tight or too loose


Only about a finger’s void

In short

Suitable BRA

It should be both sides and back

No obvious pressure

Not leaving traces

From the front view, you can be wrapped in the chest.

Not producing empty cups or squeezing phenomena

As for some friends


Will BRA will lead to breast cancer?

US Cancer Research Association (AACR) official journal

“Cancer Epidemiology, Biological Markers and Prevention”

Authoritative study on bracers and breast cancer

Scientists are very clear


BRA has no relationship with any breast cancer

So you can wear

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# 39 Health Super Group #


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