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Pregnant maternal must list, novice mother’s welfare

Recently, many novice mothers should prepare anything before you ask, today helping everyone to organize a list, with recommended brands.

First, during pregnancy:

1. Pregnancy cream or lotion:

Pama, Clarins

Olive oil (taken with pregnancy cream): kangaroo mother, Bio Oil universal oil

Wool fat cream (8 months or starting with milk, let the nipple skin thickened, can also be used to lip and apply on baby ass): Mede, Lansinoh

2. Trunk belt (When the belly is very large, if you don’t buy it, you can choose bamboo charcoal or mesh): Dog, Sixth, 3M, Xinbei

3. Pregnancy shorts and bra:


It doesn’t matter, the cotton is comfortable. After the bra, the bra must have a steel ring. For the convenience, it is not easy to buy, not to buy the opening, not convenient and not gather.


4. Pregnant women’s shoes:

In the late feet, the general shoes are also in the case of the choson. It will be narrow, recommended Taobao: Angel old Beijing cloth shop, pregnant women’s cloth shoes, very comfortable, multi-colored

5. Skincare: In addition to whitening products, other skin care products do not need to be replaced, other make-up other than the mouth can be used

6. Nutrition: It is appropriate for calcium after 7 months, and you will eat nuts. Suitable for 4 months (GNC pregnant woman set, Iron yuan)

Second, to be produced: 36 weeks

1. Fetus tie: casually Taobao set two

2. Pipeline: Hosting and just drinking water

3. Patulation pad (a package, 4 pieces can be more than enough, I am not used up): Pigeon, open

4. Adult diapers (postpartum dew): adults (10 tablets enough, useless)

5. Night and daily sanitary napkins: After the lochia, start with the use, it is recommended that Shu Shan or Sixth village, but also prepare some pad, it will not need to be basically

6. A disposable underwear, there are about 5 (no sign): Xinbei, Silver, Kai Li, Children …

7. Hair maternity toothbrush or mouthwash: 8 months can start with, pregnant women’s teeth brittle and easily bleeding

8. Production Preparation: Chocolate, Shi Lijia, Red Cattle, Gao Starch Diet (such as white bread)

Third, postpartum


Alcohol cotton ball (cleaning torn wound)

The abdomen belt (the gauze is better, but the trouble can also be bought, the Sanyo abdomen belt, the magic stickers): Flat lying, to be tied, go down

Frozen cleaning liquid (small soda can also)

2. Caesarean section:

Caesarean section special kids

Urine: No, if you are not very afraid, you can go to the toilet every time you.

3. General:

Punish socks, package ankles

Postpartum months: Summer, as long as packing shoes

Thin hat or yarn scarf: wear when discharge

Fourth, baby supplies



New birth: two or three of the wide caliber PP or glass bottles, no too large, 160ml

2. Mouth:

S number is suitable for 0-3 months

M: 4- June

L number or> L: 5 months

Pacifiers 2 – March need to change one

3. Appear of the pacifier: By bidding, new Anyi, Pigeon, Nuk is good, appease the baby liberation mother’s nipple artifact, can plug in at night

4. Suckor: It is recommended to electric breast pump

Pari-price: Xinbei, Dr. Brown

Import: Philips New Anyi, Medele, Amada

Electric breast pump is to buy can insert a USB (the transfer interface is also line) or can be placed

The packing of the breast can be used for Taobao, and it will not be able to wash it.

5. A small bag of new milk powder: milk is not drunk, don’t remove the whole tank, there will be wasteful after milk, don’t give more than one month after opening the milk powder

6. NB diaper 3 ~ 4 big bag left and right: Hua Wang (general), king angel (suitable for fat legs), curious silver or more, Junjia (Japanese diaper is soft, European diaper is not wet)

7. Trumpet: Two

8. Wet paper towels, cotton shed towels (cotton era) two packs or more: change urinary cloth

9. Newborn thin hat

10. 2-3 smear

11. One of the navel care box (or iodophor and cotton rod)

12. Bathtub: With a bath, there is a fixed slope type in the bath.

13. Water temperature meter

14. Tattoo powder or six one scattered, the pine pollen can be (the next two Chinese medicine ingredients, after bathing, you can use it after bathing): Pigeon, California baby, small bee, Shiba …

15. PP cream: British small saplings (newborn self-use recommended, zinc oxide and VE isolated urine), British Sudocrem (naturally no stimuli, can also prevent acne) Pigeon (invalid for severe eczema, normal PP care), DESITIN (Purple Strengthening, good for eczema)

16. Eczema Treatment: Baby Purple Herb, can be full of full face, good effect is good

17. Baby oil (in the bath, olive oil can also, the brand does not matter, don’t buy too much can be used for a long time): Harrow, Johnson, Derma, Shiba …

18. Anti-mosquito: small bee loose cream, Eceroa lavender spray

19. Baby bed: The brand does not matter, solid wood can be removed into a game bed or desk

20. Baby car: high landscape cart and a light umbrella car, the cart can be lying flat for a long time, the umbrella is convenient to carry, but it is not flat to lie too long, such as more than 2 hours.

21. Brand: Pouch, Stokke, Good Child, etc.

22. Safety seat: Not recommended for 6 months ago, it is recommended to use a baby basket within 6 months, try to lay it flat

Brand: Diono, Recaro, Kiddy …

V. About baby clothes

Children born in summer, prepare a few aprons and thin packs, children should not keep warm, not to mention diapers,

In order to make urine, it can be used in summer, and there is a triangle towel. It is too much to take off his trousers when you don’t have a diaper.

Newborns will take a dozen times a day, so try to coil, it will be a lot after 2 months.

The coated or sleeping bags in different seasons are prepared, there is no sense of security after the baby is born, it is easy to be shocked, there is a package that will sleep well.

Sock: Summer wear cotton hose with cave

Shoes: Considering after 8 months

Gloves don’t need, but pay attention to hard-cut nails, will catch your face

6. About toys

1. Bed bell (bright color) 1.5-2 months later

2. Rotary drum: artifact, baby favorite listening


3. Homner: 2 months after 2 months

4. Fitness rack: Amabei buy more, basically play after 4 months

5. Poor piano: After the legs are strong, after March

6. Early education: 6 months will sit after you can buy some books to see him, but the baby is usually like the things and falls the sound.

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