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AHAM certified air purifier BlueAir203 for sale 2692 yuan

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AHAM认证空气净化器 Blueair203售2692元

BlueAir 203 This air purifier is small, which can effectively remove allergen, bacteria, smoke and other air pollutants, and the room area is 16 square meters. This product is very suitable for use in bedrooms or small offices, but if you use it in the kitchen or living room, you can also breathe to get fresh air. Now the merchant offer 2,692 yuan, and friends who like friends can consult the merchant.

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BlueAir 203


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AHAM认证空气净化器 Blueair203售2692元





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BlueAir 203 Unique Cold Catalyst Estepid removal of 98% formaldehyde, TVOC and other decoration pollution; German EBM motor ultra-quiet, low energy consumption, 3-6 times the air volume; honeycomb modified activated carbon, three times high efficiency removal odor including second-hand Smoke, germ, etc., patented HEPA high-efficiency silent three-layer progressive purification filter, filter 99.97% or more 0.1 micron granular particles; 3 million negative oxygen ions per second; alloy steel body, environmental protection, beautiful, durable; filter The network is finally decomposed into water and carbon dioxide, no secondary pollution; internationally recognized third-party quality institution AHAM certified air purifier, 5 years long warranty.

BlueAir 203