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Those national essences that meet late


This brand is very feeling, always standing, its quality is naturally not bad. When I was young, I used his family’s cream. I said that I can whitening. Now I have a special essence against whitening. The effect is very good!

To this multi-elevation essence

I recently learned a domestic product. I tried it. I feel not bad, and this seems to be the main essence of its home, the packaging is not bad, not old. I can try it.


Fan Bingb is recommended by the high-test liquid, because of her recommended, suddenly fire. And recently the concept of popular stock solutions is very practical for those who need hydration, it is also very convenient, and only single small capacity can also carry.

Laqi collagen essence

The fascia is from Yamui Daily. It was established in 1987 to insist on export as the main channel. This texture is moist, just facing his face is a bit sticky, but it is quickly absorbed. There is gold foil inside. It is the most appropriate.

Vina Qingxin Essence

Vinana is a domestic skin care brand for sensitive skin, it is very difficult, reputation and evaluation is very good, and there is money. Let the people who have no good impression on the goods again believe in the national goods, this acne essence is very good, after the acne muscle has been used, some germination acne will go down, and the effect of deceased acne is quite good.

Herborist Xinyu Yuxi Moisturizing Essence

Herborist is more popular, I used to have used its home’s watermade set and new seven white mask, it was used up and did nothing, but also peace of mind. This essence is a water moisturizing, transparent texture, and it is very good to open, very moist, dropper design, clean and hygienic. The girl who pursues the moisturizing effect can be started.

Baique antelope muscle

The anti-wrinkle essence of Baique, the main component is more suitable for 25+ people in addition to the antioxidant aging. The texture is clear, especially water, and the hydration effect is great. I have not found it yet, but I still have to give it a call.

Jiaxue God Water Essence

Jiaxue is also an old brand, but not everyone has heard. Last year, people were recommending this national product essence, so that the brand of Jiaxue was returned to everyone in the field of vision! As a domestic product, the main ingredient is nicotinamide, the main effect is to improve your stallion and night muscles, 158 yuan, the price will have a lot of gifts, the price is great, the price is still very high.