Why is the office carpet preferred tapered rug? Holyan tells you

The office laying carpets, while considering whether it is good to take care while doing good care, whether it helps to clean and tidy the office environment. Therefore, when it is recommended to the customer, the recommended tuning carpet is generally preferred.


Convenience. The tuning carpet may also be called a square carpet, which has 50 * 50, 60 * 60 and 25 * 100, 33 * 100. From the size of its size, the tapered carpet is the first choice for office carpet laying. Facility.

2. High cost performance. Office places are generally not permanent, so choose a relatively low tile carpet, for the customer, both practical and appropriately saving decoration budget.

3. Safe non-slip and noise reduction. Since the blanket surface of the tapered carpet is a soft suede and has a certain elasticity, there will be no slip when walking, and there will be no big sound even if wearing a high heels walking.

4. Beautiful. There is a solid color, also stripe, print, can be selected according to different needs. Don’t doubt, it seems a simple tuning carpet, you can also create a personalized office environment.

5. Energy saving. Located on the tapered carpet, it can reduce the loss of cold air in the summer; can block the cold air from the ground in winter.

If you have questions or demand for tapered rugs, you will give us calls, and the Shengyan carpet will give you a satisfactory solution.