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The sky is cold! Baby hat, scarf, socks, etc., etc., safe, science and save money

It’s another cool! Recently, mobile phone frequently dripping, open a look: cooling tips, big wind warning is randomly shipped, not the colder, only colder!

Every time, the old mother who is broken is doing one thing:! goods! Scarves, hats, gloves, socks … all arrange, maternal love, must 360 °, strong (intoxicated ing …)

Bane, you are doing staying up late to pick up the three contrast of the equipment, is it really suitable for children?

Refuse to do useless work, today Xiaobian will share with you how to give warm small objects to the baby, super practical ~



Don’t think that it is easy to buy a hat, you can wear it.

I probably give you my husband to give my daughter to buy a hat.


Even this is even.

I really want to say to him: “Big Brother, are you a little too wild?”

I have to buy a hat correctly, everyone can look at these points.


Winter hats must be maintained by warmth.

Outer layer can be

Wool, knitted, cotton

Waiting for the material, like canvas, cotton, this single-layer hat is best not considered.

The skin of the woolen fabric is poor, and it is simple, so there is a lining. Whether the lined


Sour sweat and breathable.


The hat must be flexible to better bond the child’s head.

Everyone should take a closer check the inside of the hat, it is necessary to smooth, it is best not to have


Label, seam

Equal, especially the circle of the edge of the hat, so as not to remove the child’s scalp repeated friction.

The hat is best pulled down, or has


, Transfer this warmth to the ear.

It is the meat on the child, and it cannot be thick.


Everyone can choose some cute hat, but it is best not to have too much decoration, such as

Sequins, beads, drill

Wait, it is easy to scratch the child.

GB 31701-2015 “Infant and Children’s Textile Product Safety Technical Specifications” proposed that the infant head neck can not have any ropes, so as not to be entangled in the neck, the risk of suffocation.



The size of the hat is also very important, too big, can’t stand too small, pull.

The circumference of the hat is more than

Head is 1 ~ 2cm


Such size is relatively appropriate.


How can you know how much your child’s head circumference?

You can measure the “four-point positioning method”.

These four points are:

The middle point of the two eyebrows, the points corresponding to the ears of both sides

. You can use a rope to put the head around the head, then use the length of the felt rope so that the error will be small.




My husband once thought that the child didn’t need to wear a scarf, and even got my daughter. “You see, she doesn’t even have the neck, where is the scarf?


In fact, scarves are generally suitable for big babies. The baby is not very recommended to use a scarf. It is easy to entangle the risk of neck.

But for parents with big babies, how to pick scarf or need to know.


If you want to use a scarf for your baby, you must be moderate, you can easily wind around the baby.

Neck two laps

Left and right.

I have seen some people sent my girlfriends a scarf that grew up to 1 meter.

I don’t understand his behavior motivation, but is this a mixed day?




The traditional scarf wrapped is very inconvenient, and the children and parents will be very busy with each other. Therefore, it is convenient, you can choose “Improvement Edition Scarf”, such as

Square, collar set

Step by step, liberate your hands.


The scarf is not the thicker, the better, too thick, easy to block the child’s nose, causing the breathing. The thickness is about 1 cm, and the material is trying to


One point, don’t be too fluffy.

Dai Fa


Of course, the Dai method here does not refer to “10 kinds of Korean Dai Fai” of scarf “” So wearing a scarf and simple “, means the simplest and rude, please grasp the neck of the child with a scarf, and

Not even the mouth


Don’t have a small decoration on the scarf, just a horse Pingchuan, That is straightforward, otherwise it is to be eaten before the child’s mouth is waiting to be eaten, that is, in the edge of the squad.



When it comes to the glove, I have to mention my husband again. He feels that the child’s glove is very chicken. The two dorsales will not be finished directly, more convenient!

No matter what he wonderful brain, let’s take a look at the child’s glove.


Generally speaking,

Elementary gloves

More easily let the child accept, but the warmth is better than that of even the glove is better than that of even the glove is considered.

Don’t give your child a glove of your child, for your child, all long rosin is a safety hazard.

I am afraid to lose, or we are installed for your child, or don’t use the small clip to don’t be in your child’s clothes. Or! Buy a few pairs.

Gloves should be properly loose, easy to make your fingers, don’t keep your child’s hand.

It can be a little longer at the palm of the palm, so it is necessary to pay attention to the wrist, but it is important to pay attention to the wrist, otherwise it is prone to the blood circulation.


For little babies, there is an additional skill, which will prevent your baby from catching face after wearing it, but we don’t recommend to wear gloves for small moon age, which will limit him.

Fine exercise development



Socks are also a must-have warm single product.

I especially like to give my daughter to buy a variety of cute socks. In addition to finding socks every day, it is simply pleasing to playing a large “Lianlian”.


Less nonsense, let’s take a look at how to buy “Lianlian” correctly.

Don’t think that winter is coming, you must wear thick, is the biggest respect for this temperature.

This is really not suitable for children’s socks.


After all, in addition to wearing socks, we must wear cotton shoes, plus their new metabolism, it is sweating, and wear a double sock, thickened cotton socks, coral velvet, the picture thinks about it.



High cotton content


Socks, sweat and comfort.


Don’t be too tight, you have to get in our adults.

1 ~ 2 hand finger

After a child wore a period of time, there would be no marks on the neck, so the tightness is more appropriate.



It’s enough, don’t be too long, so as not to live in the calf, affect the blood circulation.


It is best not to have too many wires in the socks. It is necessary to cut off in time before wearing it, so as not to stay your baby’s toes.

Of course, there is also a simplest and rude approach, just directly

In turn

Superman is wearing outside, and the socks are in the small scene, not worth mentioning.

Don’t wear a baby baby


It is not convenient to wear, and too tight pantyhose may also trigger the baby’s private inflammation.

Sleeping, don’t wear socks, mainly look at the baby’s habits, wear no wear, you don’t need to force.

The socks are shortened, there is obvious traids on the feet, and the foot followed by thin, lost elasticity, and any of the above can be used as a signal of new socks.

Here, the warm small items for children have been shared with everyone, welcome to forward sharing! ~