66-year-old Zhao Yazhi is really fashionable, wearing a beige coat with “dishwashing” gloves, with his son like the same age

For beige coats, many people are like, simple and atmospheric cropping, profile and gentle color, clean and gentle colors, which can be “100 can’t be tired, don’t wear!” However, I want to wear a beige coat, it is never a relaxed thing, because people who love to wear a beige coat are too much. Ok, Zhao Yazhi has a way. 66-year-old Zhao Yazhi is really fashionable, wearing a beige coat with “washwashing” gloves, with his son like the same age.


How to wear a beige coat?

1: With orange item

Similar to orange sweater, orange shirt, orange jacket This kind of orange item using large-scale orange colors, many people do not try, the reason is that orange colors are too bright, and the difficulty is difficult. In fact, not all orange items are difficult to control, like orange “dishwashing” gloves, orange belt items. Take them in a beige coat shape, it can be described as just right, both given the beige big clothes, and also enhance the beige coat wear.


2: Match half high collar sweater

An elegant is the charm of beige coats and everything. In order to further highlight this charm, I suggest that everyone is equipped with a half-high collar sweater. Semi-high collar sweaters are the same as the beige coat, which belongs to the elegant charm, and the two are combined, and “elegant” two words can be displayed, and it is easy to wear. In addition, in terms of extension of neck lines, half-high collar sweaters also have a significant effect, short of neck, five or five points of girls are very friendly.

3: With white long boots


It is recommended that everyone with white long boots, to a large extent, because the white tank boots have hundreds of sex, its hundred-help is not picked up, do not pick the clothing style, not picking up the skin. It is popular that a pair of white long boots = n a match. What’s more, the white tube boots also have never timed properties, even if they wear a few decades, you can go out.


Although Zhao Yazhi is very small, it is still being grabbed by her son. It is hard to imagine Zhao Yazhi with his son with his son. It is like the same age. Then, another question is produced, Zhao Yazhi is so young, is it growing? Or will still be aged? If you don’t take the following years, you can tell us the answer.

Zhao Yazhi aged

Pink sweater

Pink sweater as a “age-age artifact”, the age-aged effect is surprisingly, but the pink sweater powder is tender and tender and tender appearance, and there are fewer temperament that does not meet the venery women. Therefore, in the process of mixing the pink sweater, the large sunglasses can cover more than half of the face, which will not have “age difference”.


Coat + knee boots


“Coat + over the knee boots” wearing a small girl, and there are at least eight people in ten little girls. Implementation is the reason for the little girl, “coat + over-knee boots” is regarded by many people as the standard of young people. Wearing on older women, it will show the age-up effects of the naked eye, just like Zhao Yazhi, I feel that young is ten years old.

Green woolen coat


Bright and beautiful green woolen coat, the return rate is 100%, who wears a green coat, who can become the brightest in the crowd. In addition, because green is a color close to nature, it is full of vitality, and green sweater coats are no exception. Once you demonstrate your vitality, the aging effect will be alive.


Seeing this, I want to have an answer in my heart, and the reason why Zhao Yazhi is so young, the small part is long and tender, most of the reasons are good at age. I hope that through the above-mentioned apertures, everyone can be like Zhao Yazhi, the more they are too young.

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