“Xiaoli help” recharge card, can not be consumed in the store? : Can’t two discounts

Charging 5,000 yuan to send 800 yuan, Ms. Fang listened to such a promotion, participating in recharge, did not expect Yulin’s brand Zhonglou Lane, when they were engaged in discount, could not use the recharge card for consumption, which made the women very angry.

According to Ms., on October 22, 2020, she and her husband walked shopping in Zhongli Lane. When the two walked into the men’s clothing shop, I saw a down jacket and a sweater, worth 2,600 yuan. “The clerk tells me that the recharge 5000 can send 800 yuan, I feel very cost-effective, I bought the down jacket.” Ms. Fang tells China Business News – Twenty-three miles, after consumption, the card balance is 3142 yuan.

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On March 29, 2021, when Ms. Fang was shopping, I came to the new road shop in the name of the name. I met the activities of 500 minus 100 in the store, but I was informing this recharge card by the clerk. It is not in the new road store. Unable to use it in the store.


Because the new road store cannot use the recharge card purchase, Ms. Fang came to the bellhouse, and she took a care of 1099, and the store is full of 500 minus 100 Activities, Ms. Fang is ready to use the recharge card to be told by the clerk by the clerk that the recharge card cannot participate in full reduction activities. “I immediately retired the recharge card, I used the money to buy, but I was also refused by the store.” Ms. Fang only spent 1099 yuan with the recharge card.


Ms. Fang said angrily, since the charging card, why can’t you use a recharge card to participate in the store’s promotional activities? Ms. Fang made a refund request, but the person in charge of the Bell Tower Lane shop started to have a non-retreating balance in the initial name, and then, if the return card needs to be deducted from 800 yuan. Due to the unanimous advice of both sides, Ms. Fang made a complaint between 12315 and 12345, and the situation reflected in the China Business News – Second, Second, Mile [Xiaoli Help] column.

According to Ms. Fang, the recharge card provided by Fang may see such a few considerations: Please consume the amount of card in the card within 12 months of the day of the card, the expiration is invalid; this card is not registered, not lost, not completed Do not extract cash, not transferred, no retardation. “I have not paying attention to these matters, and the staff did not remind it. This feeling is the overlord clause.” Ms. Fang said angrily.


On the afternoon of March 31, China Business News – Second and Third Mile [Xiaoli Help] Column came to the Bell Tower Lane Store, the person in charge said that recently due to new construction and Zhongli Lane maintenance and renovation, the traffic is reduced, for active popularity Get a 15,000 minus 100 activities. “Ms. Fang’s recharge card is equivalent to discount, there is no participation in secondary promotions.” The person in charge said that later customers requested to return the card, but 800 yuan in the card is a no-deficient to retreat, after the Market Supervision Administration Mediation, we also make a concession, only deducting 400 yuan but the parties do not agree, the requirements must be retracted, this is impossible. “


It is understood that the Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive group company integrating apparel R & D, manufacturing and sales, an annual production of more than 7 million private enterprises such as men’s clothing and other men’s clothing and involves the textile industry and other industries.

In this regard, a staff member of the Yulin Market Supervision Administration said that after they received a complaint, they also conducted a survey and talk about the negotiation of both parties. “At that time, the card recharge is equivalent to playing eight or six folds. Customers are required to participate in full reduction activities, which is equivalent to enjoying second preferential policies.” The staff said that due to the large gap proposed by both parties, there is no Reached a consensus, it is recommended that customers go to arbitration or judicial channels.

Shaanxi Hengda Law Firm, a well-known public welfare lawyer Zhao Liang Shan believes that according to Article 657 of the Civil Code: “Gift and Contract is a gift from the person to give his property without compensation, and the gift is a contract “” And Article 658 stipulate: “The gift can be revoked before the transfer of the right to the property.”

According to the merchant, Yulin Brand Zhongli Lane shop, charge 5,000 yuan to send 800 yuan, then when the woman is charged 5,000 yuan, the balance of the card is 5,800 yuan. At the time of 5800 yuan balance, it is considered to be delivered, and the merchant Yulin brand Zhongli Lane shop and Fang have formed a legal relationship with the gifted and being given. Then the merchant Yulin brand clock tower can’t return to return. 800 yuan. As for the terms of the balance recorded by the recharge card, it belongs to the format clause, which is unfair and unreasonable, and according to Article 26 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law, the provision is invalid. At the time of retreat, the gift of the 800 yuan calculation is ladies.

Zhao Liang Shan said: “There is 800 yuan to give 800 yuan to a discount of 800 yuan, and the merchant Bell Tower Road, which does not allow me to hold this recharge card to participate in other full reduction activities, that is, participate in secondary Promotions, with its rationality, both parties are fair, the practice of merchant Yulin Bell Tower Lane Shop is appropriate. “

Hua Shangxin reporter Yang Huyuan internship reporter Chang Na