Sweet spring! Counting those fresh perfumes suitable for spring and summer!

Today, Auda is shaved in the wind.

Time passers-by have wrapped down the down jacket

Put down the short t that just put it from the wardrobe …

This doesn’t look at the outside wind.

I will look forward to the summer of watermelon blowing air conditioners!

In addition to buying all kinds of buying to buy a big leg

Choosing a perfume suitable for summer is also considering!

Ajun will come to the fairy today.

Suitable for summer fresh and sweet perfume!

However, the perfume is really private! I don’t mean that others like it, others like it doesn’t mean that I like it, I have to plant grass, I must go to the counter to try the fragrance ~

Miss Dior flowers

Miss Dior, Miss Dior, is spectating, the water, the peony, the fragrance, and it is a different fragrance. This aromatic harmonic song is tone with white musk as a tone. The sweet taste, a faint fragrance, satisfies the girl’s heart, this a lot of people say it is a street, and the street is not street, so he is good!

Time adjustment: Blood Orange Essence

Mid adjustment: Damascus rose pure fragrance – orange flower oil essential oil

Base: Indonesian patchouli essence


S s 香水


The fragrance of this kind of fragrance is a very good, and this fragrance is quite special. It is not very good to tear, but the tail is quite flexible, very fresh rose Smell, I am very comfortable, I will not be a street!


Intrinsic: Oriental Flower

Time adjustment: pineapple, almond, citrus, vanilla, patterns, calendula.

Mid-adjustment: Sixx, Carnation, Gardenia, Jasmine, Rose, Narcissus.


Base tone: Fengxianhua, sandalwood, musk, fragrant grass, cedar.

Chanel is a new Eau de Toilette

Fresh and delicate water, lucky again. It’s like a cool ice-cubic bottle with a silver metal ring, and each simple detail reflects an incomparable fresh. Shining and refreshing green perfume, as if lucky with joy. The taste is fresh and elegant, not sweet, some introverted, Xiaobian feels that this green is good for the powder, and lasting, it is light, not so rich, suitable for fresh fairy.

Prevent: hyacinth, white musk

Different: Pink pepper, jasmine, fragrance, citrus

Postme: Iris, Amber, Patchouli

Chanel Chanel N ° 5 L’Eau Water

This is the new five-new Water, a new five water, a new five-year-old water, a transparent bottle and water well! From Chanel’s fourth-generation exclusive tuning division Olivier, this perfume is more suitable for young girls, released vigorous vitality, compared to the previous version is more concise, the taste is also very natural fresh ~

Intrinsic: aldehyde fragrance

Time adjustment: lemon, orange, orange flower oil, aldehyde

Mid-adjustment: Rose, Jasmine, Yilan

Post-adjustment: Cedar, Musk

Zumong Orange Flower Perfume

British local brands, like the British nobles, low-key elegance, can make people feel more. A lot of fairy likes British pears and freesia, but Ayu loves orange flowers! Unique taste, natural and pure. Really any kind of fragrance can not be replaced, and no perfume can make a taste similar to it. Orange flowers are the most popular, bleak taste, a bit like bloom, super wild.

Intrinsic: soft flower


Time adjustment: citrus, Dewy Greens, Clemine small citrus leaves

Mid adjustment: orange flower, lotus

Tail: lilac flower, orange flower petals


Moge daisy flower speech waves

The cap design reflects a playful and lively side, six fresh pink daisy clusters on a dazzling sphere gold bottle cover, exquisite thick glass makes the whole bottle with elegant temperament. Taking crisp raspberry as a forward, fusion is fuck in a soft rose, embellished with a warmer and warm foreign plum. This daisy faint fragrance is not a simple fresh, but a light cooked playful, and a little mature is a wide range of adaptation.

Intrinsic: bright flower

Prevent: Wild Strawberry, Violet, Grapefruit

Different: gardenia, sailing petals, jasmine petals

Posts: musk, herbs, white wood

Burberry Red Powder Love Songs Fragrance

Brit Sheer is a fresh flower fruit perfume, a sweet fruit flavor with powder’s appearance, looks like a girl ~ fresh and sweet, no less girl will not be too ladant

Intrinsic: fresh flower

Prevent: lychee, grapefruit, pineapple, citrus, grape

Different: Pink peony, peach blossom, pear

After: White musk, white wood


Versace Xiangxia Crystal Women’s Perfume

This Versace’s drill is a must-have of many fairy ~ bottle hin looks good. Fresh unique sexy incense is a new definition of VERSACE Women: independence, strong, autonomous, faintly with delicate sexy, can let men be willing to satisfy. Very fresh and faint flowers are very suitable for light cooked women.

Prevent: pomegranate, grapefruit

Different: Magnolia, Peony, Lotus

After: Amber, peach blossom, musk

Anna Su Xu Wi Elf Perfume

Anna Su’s bottle and packaging design, crystal clear, special triathnasy crystal bottle top, there is a gesture, glittering the fantasy micro-light elf, sitting in a delicate mist, crystal ball. Symbolizing confident, magic, feminine gentle charm and strength. Turning very comfortable. The fresh and fresh and sweet taste of the sprayed it, it is very similar to the first love ~

Frangular type: flower fruit wooden musk

Time adjustment: lemon, calendula, cantaloupe

Mid adjustment: black currant, pineapple

Biography: amber, white musk, white snow

Elizabeth Yatton Green Tea Perfume


Yatton Green Tea is really a good-cost chest price than a great perfume! A touch of green tea, very comfortable taste, very suitable for the student party, that is, the long-lastingness is not long, about three or four hours

Time adjustment: citrus, lemon, orange, gravell, Italian Buddha

Mid adjustment: mint, jasmine, carnation

Back: Amber, Musk, Oak Tour

Fragamu Sweetheart Magic Ms. Perfume


Firagamo this perfume is also a piece of ginnam, it is very suitable for the student party, it is two words, sweet! Like orange soda is very suitable for the summer, it is carefully prepared by IFF called inorctivist Beatrice Plquet.

Prevent: Passion Fruit, Winter


Different: Jasmine, Turkish Rose

After: White Musk, Amily Tree

Givenchy Bear Baby

Givenchy Ptisenbon, 1988

Givenchy’s baby baby is A jade ready to plant grass! Powder Blue / Pink Two Color Bear Bear is Givenchy and French Children’s Wear Company “Party and Chocolate” to join hands to attack the first bottle of infant perfume, characterized by gentle, not stimulating, no alcohol, fragrant fragrant, in addition to the baby, fresh and cute and natural Beautiful girl is also the main object ~

Fragrance: belongs to Huaquan

Prevent: orange, orange, lemon, mint

Different: Jasmine, Lily, Honeysuckle


Posts: Oak Moss

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Intrinsic: fresh flower


Intrinsic: fresh flower