Women drink this porridge in the morning, insist on a month, detoxifying blood fat, cut big belly still beauty skin



Ingredients: fresh mile leaves, glutinous rice, rice mode, no figs, 枸杞 适


Practice: 1. Rice, glutinous rice, figs, pouring into the pot and add water. Enough

Benefits 1: The lotus leaf base contained in the lotus leaf can effectively displace the fat in the body, and excrete the body. Distributed on the intestinal wall, forming a fat isolation film, and also prevents the human body from absorbing fat, thereby achieving blood fat.

Benefits 2: The lotus leaf contains citric acid, enhances normal metabolism in the body, promotes the painting of skin pigment, can help detoxify.

Benefits three: The principle of lotus leaf weight loss, i.e.

Do you drink a lotus leaf?

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