Aerial adventures

In A September 1950, I came to Frankfurt on the Basin of Maine. I crossed the major cities in Germany by air balls, so this trip is very eye-catching. When I stayed in the park, I didn’t have a German with a German, and I can’t attract the Germans who have a face to do the airstrips in Paris.

The news I want to boost air ball is just spread in Frankfurt. The three citizens are in a hurry, and they are required to achieve this feat with me. After two major, we will start from the comedy square, I have already started to prepare the balloon. The balloon is silk, which is coated with a layer of rubber plastic that can prevent acid etching or gas. The volume of 3,000 cubes is around, so it can rise very high.

Lifting the emptiness is a September market, thousands of people rushed to Frankfurt. The gas ball is ready, the performance is excellent, and the tension is large. In the morning, I will charge the ball in the morning, but I only charge three-quarters – this preventive measures are less, because when you rise, the atmosphere will decrease sharply, the fluid in the balloon will also with the balloon Continuously expand and finally swell through the airbag. After careful calculation, I got the exact volume of gas that can load my companion with my weight.

We are set at 12 noon. People become anxious, you push me outside of the yard, you can’t escape the square. The neighboring street is also full of people, even in the bottom floor and dark blue triangle wall, that is really spectacular. The wind in the past few days has slowly saved, but the sunny people will be hot in time, and gently call the air and clear the air. That kind of ghost, you are likely to rise again.

I put 300 pounds of crimp in the bag. The champion is round, a diameter of 4 feet, which is simple. The hemp rope used to fix it is uniformly straightened in the upper part of the balloon, the compass is also in the industry; the pressure gauge is hovered on the metal ring connected to the fixed rope, gripping in hand. everything’s ready.

I noticed that there is a young man in the crowd of dense Ma Ma, pale, and excited. His appearance makes me inspiring. I have seen him in several people in Germany, and he warmly pays attention to my boost. The balloon is silent from the ground, and it has risen a few feet. He is looking for a cold, and it is unrestful, but he still stands there, no sound.

12 o’clock. The time from departure is. But my travel companion has no appearance.

I sent people to their home to find them, and I knew that I went to Hamburg, one went to Vienna, and one went to London. Now the balloon driver technology is superb, the flight will be safe. And my companions are lost, and they have retired. If you are welcome, they are also the parties of this action today, but when the balloon is full of gas, they are sincere and fearful, escape from the scene, but they will have something wrong. Obviously, they are cowards, and it is faster than the rabbit at a critical moment.

People feel deceived and turned up. I didn’t hesitate and decided to act alone. Due to the weight reduction, in order to maintain a balance, I stuffed some sandbags and used to replace the three accomplices and then climbed into the cell. A few ropes in the ring circle of the balloon, each rope is pulled by one person. Now they loose their hands, and the balloons rose a few feet. There is no wind, the atmosphere is suffocating, and it seems that it should stop this flight.

“Ready?” I asked.

They are waiting for this sentence. I looked at the last one and no problem.

“Set off!”

The balloon is slowly rising, I am trembling, falling in the cell.

After standing up, I accidentally discovered that I stood in front of my peers – the face of pale!

“Hello, sir.” He greeted me extremely calmly.

“How come you -“

“Be here? Because I, you can’t make things.”

I am stunned. His calm is my unnecessary. I have nothing to say, staring at this no-fast guest, and he has no movement to my reaction.

“Is my weight destroyed the balance of the balloon, Mr.?” He asked, “I can -“

With you me with agreed, he declined two sandbags, thrown the air.

“Young guy, you have come, this is not an incident. Staying there, how to drive the balloon is my business.” I can only say this.

“Sir,” He said, “There is our French Wen Wenya in your temperament. Although you are not willing, I still have to hold your hand. Do everything prevention measures, what should you do? You have finished doing it. “

“What do you want to do?”


The air pressure drops to 26 inches. We are over about 600 yards. But if the balloon is horizontal, it is not known, because the air around is also flowing. A touch of faint halo is distributed around the object below. This is worse, I don’t know what to do.

I got my travel from my head to my tail.

He is 30 years old, wearing simple, outline, looks very strong, and there is a spirit of vows that don’t have a good purpose. He stayed with him, at all, not worried that the static rising balloon may appear unexpected. He also tried to distinguish what we don’t know below.

“The fog!” He screamed after a few minutes. “

I didn’t do it.

“You are still angry with me?” He then said, “cough! I have no money to pay the travel fee, scare your big jump is also a thing!”

“No one invites you, sir!”

“You know, I don’t know on January 15, 1784, the Earl of Lalansen and when Pierre looked up from Lyon, a young businessman named Fang Dan, rising the balloon The danger is drilled in the mouth of the balloon. He successfully flew through the whole process, everyone is safe! “

“Once returned to the ground, we will have an explanation.” I replied. When he speech, the unscrupulous cavity was angry.

“Hey! I still want to go back now!”

“You don’t fall right away?”

“Fall!” He ate it. “Fall? Let’s go first!”

I have never stopped, and the two sandbags have been smashed out.

“Mr.!” I stunned him.

“I know you can resist,” strangers said coldly, “Your flight event has been well known. If the experience and practice is unlike, then it is equally complementary and theory. I will start studying the flight early. After the operation, I have basically mastered its theoretical knowledge. “He asked his sullen and angry, and then fell into meditation.

The balloon rose a little, and there is no way to stop. The stranger looks at the pressure gauge, announced loudly:

“Now we are 800 yards from the ground. When you are going! When you walk on the ground, simply like the ants, we are highly reviewing human beings, you know how small! The comedy square is fast into an antica! ! The hill is crowded. The mountain is getting smaller. We are now over the cathedral. Before the Bagnis River is a sparkling ribbon.

The temperature seems to fall.

“You call me what you do, Mr.

“No. Thank you.” I said something a bit.

. You can forget those unpleasant things. “

I don’t swear, sit down on him. The young man took a large volume from his green top – a article on how to manipulate the balloon.

“All the most well-known prints and comics involving those who have flying habits are all collected. When people discover this, they are envious, but they are ridiculous to me again. Now, Mogor Femphan no matter With steam, or with wet grass and shredded wool, it will be excited to be excited, and it is shocked. “

“You can’t afford to see those inventors?” I asked, I decided to take a risk. “Why don’t you try to trick the taste of the cloud?”

“Oh, Mr., I dare to Xiaoyu’s first generation of pilots! At that time, there was a lot of courage! They can only take a safe feeling of security, and there is no hot air in the airbag. I fell. Ask you, after the Brown Matlings fly over the British British British Channel, the aviation has passed up? Well, sir, look at this. “

The stranger took a print from the volume manuscript.

Once he opened his words, he did not help: “After the balloon is four months, is the first air trip for Pilatel Drocath and Arrace? Louis XV said what does not agree with this adventure, Two the earliest calls were sentenced to death. Pirattle Drocath is very imposing for them. He thought of some ideas, finally got the plan to get the first help. The champion can make the balloon’s manipulation It is easy, but there is no invented invented. There is a circular passage around the part of Mogor Fempine balls. The two pilots must be separated from both sides of the channel. Stuffed in the balloon’s wet grass You can avoid them, hanging a furnace under the ball. When the pilot wants to rise, they throw the grass into the furnace, then risen the danger of life. The air has a rise in the air, and the balloon will rise.

“On November 21, 1783, two courageous travelers will stand from Miit Royal Garden. This garden can let the royal family will use it freely. The balloon slowly floats to the air, floating, drifting Big Wild Goose Island, the Seine River, drifted to the ganna, in the hospital and military colleges, stayed in the middle of the military college, and floated to the church of St. Nisolbus. Travel home add some fuel to the stove, wear After the street, I was ready to land. Just touched the ground, the balloon was fried in ‘嘭’, and the Pilatel Drocath was buried in the fire sea. “

“It’s really unfortunate!” I have learned it.

“Poor Pilatel Drocathi is like this,” “Young people said,” Have you experienced the same experience? “

“there has never been.”

“Hey! Sometimes the disaster is not coming!” My companion said that this sentence is never made.

At this moment, we move towards the South, Frankfurt became a lost scenery.

“We may meet a storm.” The young man said.

“That falls!” I quickly suggested.

“It’s still rising first, we can escape this storm.”

There were two sandbags that were thrown out.

The balloon rapidly rises, stops in the air of 1,200 yards. I get more cold, although the sun shines on the surface. The balloon begins to blink, the lift is getting bigger!

“Don’t panic. We also have 3,500 cubic-looking air for breathing. Look at me!”

I want to stand up, but a strong and powerful hand returns me back to the seat.

“What is your name?” I asked.

“My name? What is this?”

“I asked again, what is your name?”

“ENSDD, EEBOCI, how to call you.” – Answered very vague.

When the stranger speaking, she took a unusual calm, I secretly wondered, and I didn’t stand anything in front of him.

“Sir,” he continued, ‘physicist Charlie marked a birthday of a new era. Since his future, the fresh things are endless. After four months of inventing the balloon, this genius figure also develops valves. Excessive air inside the balloon or when the balloon is to land, open the valve to release the air. In addition, he also developed a cell for assisting the air balloon 2 a web that covers the surface of the balloon to relieve and balance the pressure of the entire surface; an ignition that can help you rise or choose to land. A rubber outer layer (rubber derived from India) that makes the balloon match (from India), as well as the height of the height. In addition, Charlie uses a hydrogen that is only 4-fourth weight of the weight. In this way, you can upgrade to the highest level of the atmosphere, and you will not use it. 0 will take a fire.

“On December 1, 1783, the Duirley Palace gathered at 300,000 viewers. Charlie air balls lifted their air balls, the soldiers cheered. He rose to the 9 Miles’ sky. If driving technology, even modern The pilot also looked at him. The king rewarded him 2,000 Lifel. After playing, the new invention will no longer be prohibited, they will not be secretly touched. “

Strangers are very excited.

“Mr., I studied, I am convinced that the earliest pilot knows how to drive the balloon. Let’s open the controversial Brown Hill, just say that Jidong Mengwo, he only drives the laughter and listen I want to rise to the rise. I then look at Mr. Julian, who is close to us, Mr. Julian, he does not have a few convincing experiments on the race of Paris! His aircraft uses a very Special mechanical equipment, ellipse, is completely counteracted.

“Mr. Pot is moving, putting four hydrogen balls into a piece. In order to break the balance, he folded the wings, fixed horizontal. This, the instrument is in the side of the balloon, and some people say that External force – Compared with the propeller – to overcome the resistance brought by the airflow. However, when the propeller could not generate how much resistance, naturally, it will not play. Sir, I am in handing the balloon is a hipster, and it is not like that . Result? Authoritative people refused to do the door, no city is willing to provide funding, the government does not take my appeal to come back. Truth fucking! “

He danced. The champion is violently shaking. It is easy to make him quiet.

The balloon hits a stronger airflow. We are still moving in the South, 1,500 yards from the ground.

“Damstadt is here,” he sees the cabin, “I saw the castle. The model is very vague, is it? What is your best? Hot air makes those objects seem to be floating. Eye pain, see what “

“Can you definitely be Damstadt?” I asked.

“I dare to make a ticket. We have left Frankfurt 6 L.”

“It must be landed!”

“Fall! You don’t want to land on these pointed buildings!” The young man laughed.

“I don’t want it, but we can fall outside!”

“After these spiral buildings, let’s talk!”

He said while lifting a few bags of towns. I flopped with him, but he waved, and pushed me back. Also reduced the weight balloons to 2,000 yards.

“Don’t move!” He issued a warning, “Don’t forget, Biriuski Brio, Cover Lu Sacbi and Balar in order to raise the scientific experiment! We are highly calculated. what?”

“Sir, we must land!” I insisted, try to make my tone euphemist, “The storm is coming, or be careful …”

“Get, don’t we surpass the storm? Don’t exercise this heart!” My companions shouted. “What is much more worthy of clouds overlooking the earth overlooking the earth! When you are in the hustle of clouds When you soar, don’t you feel proud? The proud of the sky is not the case! Marquis Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Puert, Puert of Puerta, Mrs. Carda and Montatharon Bell, from San Antoni The suburbs are moving, flying to those who have been well-known place. The Duke of Chardt was unusually calm in the sunset in July 15, 1784, and the technology is cropped. The Eight of Lorranson and the Earche in Pierre in Lyon, Ly and Andreinger in Italy, and the Duke of Bushwick with our same era – all left a sighful achievement in the air. To see them, we must fly higher, fly On the cloud! Only in the endless space, you can uncover the mysterious veil! “

Due to the thin air, the hydrogen in the balloon increases rapidly. The bottom of the balloon did not install something, but now it is constantly bulging, and it is not easy to open. My companion puts a full-minded look, he is talking about it. I decided to secretly unlocate the rope of the valve. I don’t want to guess, what kind of characters he are, really!

1 point is only a moment. We floated in the air for a whole 40 minutes. The thick clouds come from the south to the wind, it seems to be swallowed up, really dangerous.

“So your plan doesn’t have a successful hope?” I asked interest in.

“Nothing hope?” Strangers said, “insulted, digging, despising a whole brain, those idiots almost destroyed me! They didn’t end the innovator. See it! I Dedicated to the irony of each period. “

When he sneaked his baby drawings, I secretly grabbed the tape. But I still don’t care, I am afraid that the sound of the sound is surprised him. When you are inhale, you will make a spun sound like a water flow.

“Are they smiled in Abbe Mioland?” He said, “he prepared to act with Kennel and Brend, the balloon just charged the gas, ignorant people will bring the balloon I pulverized. Some people have drawn a comics named ‘monster’, and they have a homophobuate each person. “

I pulled the valve, and the air pressure started again, it was the time. Southern is far from rumble.

“There is still a picture.” The stranger then said that I didn’t feel that I was doing, “I painted a cheap balloon. There is a boat, palace, house and so on the balloon. Comic people dream Unexpectedly, the objects of them will be a living reality in one day! This big spacecraft is uncomfortable! The left is the rudder wheel, the cab is also here; there is a large lounge in front, there is also an attractive earth or lunar resident Force cannon; back is the observation station, life boat; the barrack is built on the middle plane; the upper left is a breathable hole; the upper left is the promenade for walking and tour; the sail is below the wing, which is a café and storage room.

“Listen to this luxury declaration:” The balloon is made for the happiness of human beings, it is about to fly to the port of Lifan, and the plan to the two poles and the western part will be announced. You don’t have to bring anything. Everything has been prepared for you. It will definitely be satisfied. You need a fee to every destination, but even if you go to our most remote place, you only need Take 1,000 Jin Luyi. We must recognize that considering the speed, comfort and all kinds of meticulous services that can be enjoyed on the balloon – this service is impossible to enjoy it on the land, This overhead is very cost-effective. Every passenger on the balloon can be free and free to do anything you want. In the same time, you can dance, you can diet, you can lose weight, this Unifornied, we are never open, so the purpose of the balloon travel is to make everyone feel comfortable. ‘

“This only attracts people laughing. But soon – if I am still alive – they will see, all this is not to talk about it. Dream will come true!”

Obviously, we have declined, and he is actually unique!

“Balloon game,” he opened the volume of baby, “including the whole development process of gas static learning. Some wisdom super groups do this game, just like playing people, use dice and chips, no matter what you down How big is the bet, anyway, when you finish it, when you check out. “

“Why,” I said, “Do you have a static skill?”

“Yes, Mr., give you it! I have studied Fahe, I have studied I Carros, and I also studied Alchita. I have a repeated argument, and Bagu Tong. If God gives me longer, I Will definitely be a big as you have learned this. But there is no possibility! “

“Why do you see it?”

“I am not someone, I am Enpello Kler or ENSDDD.”

Old days bless, the balloon is gradually approaching the ground. But when you land, you are in 100 feet, just 5,000 feet, dangerous.

“Do you always remember the battle of Floru?” My companion said again, his face became more likely, “Just in this battle, the government authorizes Churlo to organize a team of balloon pilots. Meng let the daily blockade General Dan in the line, personally flying twice a day, he won the lot from this new observation method. The balloon driver and his superior are by using white. Red and yellow Flag gains contact.

“The balloon is constantly attacked by a blast rush, but it is intact.

“The General Dan Dan is deliberate to attack Chagihua. Convertil in-depth neighbors, observed with General Molo, took a balloon for seven or eight hours, did not let go of any clue mart. This is undoubted about Floru Not. The General Dan did not hidely, and the air observation has brought a lot of convenience.

“That year, in Belgian Battle and other battles, the balloon was first applied to the military, and made an indelible contribution, but it was hidden after playing it. The government established in Melden School is unequal Bosa from Egypt It was revoked back. How did you think about a new baby? Just as Franklin said: ‘There is a vital force in the baby, how can you kill them in the cradle!’

The stranger is buried in his hand, thinking about it, and lifted his head: “Mr., did not open the valve without my agreement?”

The strap in my hand fell.

“Fortunately, we still have 300 pounds of the town.”

“What is you?” I asked.

“You have never tried to fly over the sea?” He said.

My face is white.

“We are not lucky, floating in the Adriatic Sea. There is a water flow in the district, there is nothing big. We will rose a little, we will also touch the airflow.”

After finishing, he threw away several bags of sandbags. “I didn’t pursue you to open the valve, I am afraid that the gas expansion may ruin the balloon, but only once, do not take advantage!” – There is no meaning in his gas.

“You will not forget Brown Hemr and Jeff in Duofl to Calen! It’s great! On July 1, 1785, their balloons borrowed northwest wind in Dove Coast.

“They have a problem in the rising process. In the case of being forced, the calves have been thrown away. In this way they will neither rise, nor will they decline. Only the only 30 remaining 30 Pounds. There is no addition to the france. They swayed to France. However, the balloon still has a vulnerability, it is a little bit, a little bit, after an hour, two people discover himself Go down.

“” What should I do? ‘Jeff in the end.

“‘Only walked a quarter!’ Brunswed, ‘is not too high. Tour to rise, will meet the wind.’

“‘Think of the remaining sandbags!’

“The balloon has risen for a while and falls. Half way books and tools are throwing out. After a quarter, Brown Charliver Jeffin: ‘How about the pressure?’

“‘Is rising! We didn’t save! Oh, no, I saw France borders!’ At this time, I only heard a loud noise.

“‘Balloon blows?’ Jeff I asked.

“‘No, but the bottom of the balloon leaked. It is still dropping. Fast! Throw it out!’

“Food, paddle, rudder is throwing into the sea. The two are only 100 yards from the sea.

“We rushed again. ‘Brown Hill doctor.

“‘Is a weight loss, but this increase is not long. What is going on! A ship’s shadow can’t see it! Take off your clothes, fast!’

“Two poor people take off their clothes, balloons are still falling, still falling.

Jeff shouted: ‘Brown Hill, you can fly alone, but you don’t want to get it right. I jump! This way, the weight can be reduced, the balloon can rise!’

“Don’t! That’s terrible! ‘

“The balloon is getting smaller and smaller, and the concave portion constantly presses the gas to the surface of the balloon, causing the balloon to drop faster.

“‘Nothing, my friend, God bless you!’ The doctor shouted.

“When he is about to jump, Brown Charli grabbed him.

“There is also a chance, ‘he said,’ cutting the rope, pulling the bath, is online! This may have a hope. Hurry! Wait – the air pressure is down! The wind is accelerating, we have to save ! ‘

“Gale leap into the eye. They are ecstatic. After a few minutes, they landed over the Girber Forest.”

“I am convinced,” strangers added, “Once we meet this, you will do it like Jeffers!”

Looking at it, we have the clouds behind, and the shines are shining. The balloon is shrouded in a radio ring, and the shadow is placed on the cloud. The tissue boss the tissue, which is liver and gentle.

“Drop! Drop!” I am crafted.

“When? Still fell! The sun is above, waiting for us! Throw away some sandbags!”

So the balloon is light 50 pounds.

At 3,500 yards, the balloon stopped.

Strangers chatter. I am exhausted, but he is hard.

“We can drive away from the wind,” he pulled the scorpion, “the Ann Les Islands, the airflow speed is up to 100 rig. When Napoleon crowned, Dalunan is divided into a balloon on the dead time. During the sky. The wind direction is northwest. The next day, when it flew over the round roof of St. Peter’s church, local residents cheered and waved to it. We can fly higher. ,farther!”

I only feel that the sky is turning, I can’t understand what he is saying. The cloud suddenly broke a sewing.

“Look! It is a spiral city!” He said.

I am looking for, I see a small black shadow. Yes, it is a spiral city. The Rhine is as always, curved, like a ribbon ribbon. Sky is blue. This ghost place, even the bird’s shadow can not see – the air is too thin! Borrowed a big space, in addition to us, there is no thing – and I don’t know anything about this person in front!

“You don’t have to know where I will take you,” he will guide the compass, “the feeling of falling is really good! People only remember the names of few balloons of several balloons, thanks, Lieutenant, Pirateral Drion, Gale, they all made a big disaster because of the accident. On June 13, 1785, Pilatel Drocath invited Luoman to take a line. Location is set in Bun. It has added Monogor Femati Elever Equipment on the balloon, so there is no need to refill or throw away the treasternity, and the effect is equivalent to putting the stove above the explosive. They rose to 400 At the code, I suddenly met the wind, under the bottom of the sea. Pilar wants to land this, helpless valves are knotted, and they can’t open it for a long time. They are chaotic, and they are qi.. Hand in the hot air device, turn it over the bottom of the sky. The poor people will turn into the ashes in the blink of an eye. “

I persuaded: “It’s good, land!”

The cloud group wanted from all directions. The balloon is hidden in the heart of a slight slider.

“Don’t mess with me!” The stranger is called, “how to rise is still declining, how can you say it!”

The air pressure gauge is not much better than the compass, and it has been thrown out with a few sandbags. We will never be less than 5,000 yards. There is a slip column on both sides of the cell, and my bones are cold. The wind is big.

“Don’t be afraid,” strangers said, “If the reckless, it will be bad. Olvall who lost the Orleans is the Mogor Femple Egypt, which is paper, and he hangs a stove under the cell. Use some flammable to fix the balloon. Result? His pen straight, died in the dead. Moss Moss Moss Moss Moss Moss Mesmon’s lift location is in Lyon. His hoisting is light and thin – look like a ball – swing It is very unstable. He fell down, died. Bigfph looked at the balloon in Mannheim, his fate is equally tragic, and it is also mourning Jiuquan. The balloon taken by Harris is completely crude And the valve is too big, can’t be closed, he is lost. Sadler’s balloon is too long, can’t be controlled. After the Boston is rearing, it hits it on the chimney, Sadler is ended so I admire and respect them in my eyes, although they are a little bit. If you can, I will choose the same death method with them. Rising points, raise the point! “

The soul of the deceased he mentioned is so long, I floated in front of me. Thin air and the sun’s light make the gas constantly expand, the balloon still has a rise. I tried to open the valve, but the stranger first stepped first, cut off the rope on my head.

“Do you know how Brown Mrs. Mrs. I fall?” He asked, “I have seen it with my own eyes. On July 5, 1819, I tried to stay in Tivi. Brownem Mrs. Brown Mrs. Brown Mrs. Brown Mrs. Brown Mrs. Brown Mrs. Brown Mrs. Brown Mrs. Small balloons. After the balloon is full, the lower end began to leak, the balloon dragged a light smoke. She hung a fireworks installed under the champion with a wire, ready to ignite it. She used to be old Dry. On the same day, she also took a small parachute. The cigarettes under the umbrella were ignited, and the umbrella will open in the silver shadow of the sky.

“After igniting her new inventions in a special ignition device, she is ready to throw it away. The sky is deep. She is too eager to put the igniter in a hydrogen column that is constantly exiting.

“I looked at her whole life. A sudden light is broken. I started thinking that she would give us a surprise. The light flashed, destroyed, then lit, formed a powerful airflow on top of the balloon The ominous light illuminates the street, illuminating the entire Montemalt Square. The woman who is fascinating, trying to open the balloon, destroy the fire, but I have been able to succeed twice. She still sits again, Trend to control the speed and direction of the decline – she didn’t fall. After the gas continued to burn a few minutes, it became more and more smashed, but did not fall. One battle blows the balloon to the south. At the time of Detrovus Street There are several big gardens next to a house. Mrs. Brown Temil hopes to fall safely. However, the balloon and the champion touched the roof, and a loud sound.

“‘Helping!’ Poor woman screams. I just went to the street. The cells fell along the roof, hit a hard Bangbang. After a shock, Mrs. Brown Charlum fell out of the cabin. On the sidewalk, seven bleeds, dead! “

These encounters, I heard it, horror horror. The stranger stands straight to the ground, the hair is messy, he didn’t wear a hat, and the eyes were shot!

Don’t be deep! I finally realized this terrible reality. What I face is a unrelated madman!

He lost the remaining sandbags. We have at least 9,000 yards. I am booming, Yin Hong’s blood is sprayed from the mouth of the mouth, the nose is sprayed!

“Who will be more great than the scientific martyr?” The madman called, “they perillite!”

When he, I didn’t listen to it. He watches around, leaned over to my ear, human:

“How did you forget to Appreciate Kelly? Listen. On October 7, 1804, the sky is white and clouds fluttering. The wind and rain in the front day have not fully converged. But the news has been passed out, and the flight cannot be postponed. His opposite is a smoked. In order to defend the science, in order to avoid saying three four, he has no choice, only lift. The place is set in Bun. When you inflate the balloon, people are standing by, no one comes to help him. .

He departed in the middle of the night. The peers also had Andreo and Grosseti. The balloon is affected by rain, and it has risen very slow, and its internal gas is also exiting. The three heroic fearless pilots can only be with one The dusty lights to observe the changes in air pressure. Thanks to Kelly a whole day, the rice is not entered. Grosseti has long hungry. “

“‘My friend,’ talking is Zamba Kelly, ‘I am cold, I am fine.’

“He fell softly, then Grosseti also fell down. Only Andreo Orl is still barely support. It took the force of Nine Niu Erhu, he took praise Kelly to wake up.

“‘Is there a progress? How is the wind? What time is it?’

“‘Two points.’

“” ‘Compass?’


“‘Worse! Light off!’

“‘The air is too thin, the light can’t be lit.’ Appreciate Kelly explained.

The moon has not come yet, and the black light is not seen.

“‘Andreo, I am cold. What should I do?’

“They cross the lakes of light, declined.”

“‘Hey!’ Andreo said, ‘What sound is there?’

“‘What did you hear?’ Appreciate Kelly asked.

“‘A strange voice.’

“‘You are sure wrong.’

“‘Is absolutely not.’

“These travelers listened to those inexpmer sounds in the middle of the night, and the inner fear can I know. Is it necessary to hit the minaret? Still hit the roof?

“‘Hear no! The sea! It is the voice of the sea!’

“‘No! It’s impossible!’

“‘Seawater is roaring, waves!’

“‘is that true?’

“‘fire Fire!’

“Andre is a six-time lamp to ignite six times. Time is 3 points.

“Sea water is full of pentium, clearly clear people. They almost touch the sea!”

“Finished! ‘Appreciate Kelly called, and die, grab a big sand.

“‘Help!’ Andre Oli shouted.

“The cells have hit the sea, and the sea is flooded to their chest.

“The pilots took the clothes to the clothes. The balloon that reduced the load was empty, and Zake Kelly vomited, Grosseti bloodstream is not limited. Their breathing is extremely short, and a word can not say. Cold bones, moon Blood red blood.

“The balloon swayed half an hour in the sky, and then fell into the sea. At 4 o’clock in the morning. They were semi-immersed in the water, dragged by the balloon and floating for several hours, like a ship in sailing.

“Dawn, Jazaro, 4 miles from the coast. Just when they have to arrive in Pezzo, a big wind blows, and they have blown back to the sea. They completely lost the direction, some vessels see They dodge all around. Fortunately, a few crew a little bit a little bit will save them the deck. Finally, they finally landed in Farida.

“A terrible trip, isn’t it? But Bewli bravely passed people, strong energy. He has just recovered from this setback, and he began a new flight. In the flight, he hit a tree The alcohol lamp is broken, and the burning alcohol is splashing to the clothes. He is swallowed by the fire. The balloon has fired, he is burn half dead.

“Later, on September 21, 1812, he did a flight in Baroni. The balloon gave a tree. The lamp was turned over the well. He fell, and fell!

“With these precedents, can we still shrink to zoom in! The higher the flying, the more glorious, the more strong!”

All the treads on the balloon were thrown out, and the balloon violently swayed. We hang over the clouds. Extremely slight sound, it will also cause echo in the air, which is not a long time. In the universe of the universe, it is as distantly of the earth, but it is gradually away from us. The top of the sky flashes, but they are gradually incorrect in the dark night.

My companion is like a zombie pen standing in my follow.

“This moment is finally arrived!” He said, “In addition to sacrifice, we have no choice. Humans abandon us, we can abandon them!”

“Hair compassion!” I called.

“Cutting the rope! Attraction will change the bathroom to the direction, let’s go straight!”

I am desperate, and I fierce him. We are crazy to beat together, thrilling. But I was knocked down. In this hysterical, the people who are unclear will press me under the knee and use hands to cut the rope of the cell.

“One!” He shouted.


“Two! Three!”

I don’t know where to come from, I stood up and pushed him back.


The champion is straight down. I can grasp the rope and fall on the Internet.

He can’t!

The height of the balloon has no measurement. What is 噼 噼 地 地! It is a balloon! Excessive gas in the balloon, expansion. I have two eyes closed –

After a while, I woke up from a wave of warmth, I found that I was wrapped in Hongyun. The balloons are pulling down, and the 100 rig is advanced under the action of the wind. The surrounding electric stone flashes.

The speed of landing is not very fast. I opened my eyes and the motherland visible. There is only 2 miles from the sea, and the hurricane is in the water. I shook my hand and loosen the rope. It is incredible! I actually fell to a solid land!

Fortunately! The grabbed hook on the rope hooks a crack, I escaped. The balloon is not unfair, and it is quickly swallowed by the sea.

After waking up, I 躺 躺 自己 威 威 威 农 农 农.. Hidden Wick is a small village in Gard, only 15 rigs from Amsterdam along the Bohai Coast.

I can live it is a miracle. But my action is too much grass rate, and I have rushed in a hurry. I let a nervous people are in a hurry, and I only look at it, I’m doing it.

I hope that this terrible experience is not thinking about it, it does not scare the aerial explorer.