Men’s professional loading Taikoo _ How to get on work to work out

Men’s professional equipment is seriously restricted on color, but in a certain location, the color of color still plays an important role. Between the V-zone formed by the suit and the shirt and the tie, the matching principle first applies the above color integration skills, the most suitable for the integration medium is a tie.

Men’s professional loading

Men’s V area match

Men’s professional equipment is limited, but in a suit, the color of the three is still very important in the V area formed by the shirt and the tie. The principle of matching first, the above color integration skills are to be applied. It is best for the integrated medium to be a tie. When there is a tie with a pattern, some colors should be the same as the shirt or suit, so there is a sense of coordination. If it is a vegetarian tie, depending on the brightness, the difference is different, it can produce different effects.

Men’s V-zone matching, in addition to the consideration of the beauty, more important is the communication purpose of the visual image. The following analysis form, detailed explanation of the meaning of various colors of various types of colors in the suit, shirt, and tie, and can make the color planning of the V zone according to this form.

男士职业装太古板 几招get上班如何穿出时尚

For example, dark blue (dark) suit, white (extremely shallow) shirt, wine red (dark) tie, this is a common workplace clothing, and national leaders are often so worn, so they are transferred. Conservative, formal information; people engaged in sales business often wear deep gray suit, light yellow shirt, distinct orange and gray-phase tie, this is passed on professional, soft, eye-catching information; fashion people may wear light gray suit , Black shirts with white ties, deliver relaxed, fashionable, special information.

男士职业装太古板 几招get上班如何穿出时尚

Men’s professional print suit

Color and communication

The color of the color is very powerful, far more than the message transmission of the above V zone color. Wear on the workplace every day, you may wish to use color to make yourself. Women’s ornaments such as silk scarves, chest, necklace and earrings, or leather shoes, leather bags, etc. Unconsciously, what is your ear?

男士职业装太古板 几招get上班如何穿出时尚

Men’s career color suit

男士职业装太古板 几招get上班如何穿出时尚

What are you listening to colors?

◎ Red “Note, I am full of vitality and emotional.”

◎ Pink “I like to love people, love, and also care about others.”

◎ Wine red “I want to play, find someone to go!”

◎ Orange “I am good at organizing, and I have a goal guide.”

男士职业装太古板 几招get上班如何穿出时尚

◎ Powder “I am kind and rich, let me join!”

男士职业装太古板 几招get上班如何穿出时尚

◎ Yellow “Let’s communicate! I like to share it.”

◎ Mint green “I am actually calm, like a harmonious life rhythm.”

◎ Apple green “I like to challenge, and is different from my motto.”

◎ Green “Let your unhappy and demand! I can help you.”

男士职业装太古板 几招get上班如何穿出时尚

◎ Blue-green “I am the most optimistic, confidence in people.”

Men’s color professional loading

男士职业装太古板 几招get上班如何穿出时尚

◎ Light blue “See how creative analysis ability.”

◎ Dark blue “I like to make a master of the owner.”

◎ Bean Shahong “My intuitive is very intuitive, but it is often encouraged and affirmation.”

◎ Purple “I like to express my feelings, I like others feel awesome.”

◎ Coffee “I have a good, hard work and love.”

◎ Black “Don’t tell me what to do, I am the most inner.”

◎ White “I like to be myself, even in the crowd, I need my own space.”

男士职业装太古板 几招get上班如何穿出时尚

◎ Gray “I heard you, but I don’t want to intervene.”

◎ Silver “I am a romantic that I am satisfied with yourself.”

男士职业装太古板 几招get上班如何穿出时尚

◎ Gold “I want to get everything, stand in the top of the world, proud of the group.”

Male tea makeup

Milk tea is equipped with Macaron blue shirt, fresh and clean, colorful shoes fashion fan.

Men’s professional loading

男士职业装太古板 几招get上班如何穿出时尚

The mix and color of the same color, the colors of dark blue shirts makes the whole match to coordinate fashion, and there is a little retro vintage atmosphere.

White professional dress

White suit always gives people a very weird feeling, but it is very harmonious with dark shirts and camel shoes.


Pink is mixed with nude pants, clean and a little cute fan, and the simple suit is generous.

White shirt bottoming shirt

Simple white shirt bottoming shirt, fashion style trousers with casual suit, refreshing and clean, people impressive. Who said that the suit must choose a formal style, so the style is more refreshing.

男士职业装太古板 几招get上班如何穿出时尚

Trade profession

男士职业装太古板 几招get上班如何穿出时尚

Professional Fan’s wearing strap adds a stylish street gas field, and the hand tape has also added a different exquisite fan.

男士职业装太古板 几招get上班如何穿出时尚


男士职业装太古板 几招get上班如何穿出时尚

The official sense of suit jacket with jeans should be a lot now. Fresh and fashionable. The rolled pants exposed an ankle added an arbitrary fan of the street.

Blue dress

Choose blue suit, leopard style shedowae adds detail to dotted, abandoned white shirt, select fashion lively youthful striped shirt, instant age.

Men’s professional suit

The same basic style career suit, as long as the color, the colored tie, maybe it will become different. Gentleman is elegant.

business attire

Do you have a courage to try this kind of occupation? The taste of leisure is a casual fashion, although it is difficult to control but if you wear, you will be the eye of the office.

Men’s professional casual wear

There are more than one item in the white shirt, don’t just match the old-fashioned suit pants, try to see the casual pants with the same color shoes, extend the legs of the colleague plugged into the style It looks perfect for the body.

How!? After reading it, I feel that the man’s professional dress is actually not so boring!? Be a colourful man, the man’s professional equipment can also be colored! Do you dare to challenge this kind of dress?

Men’s professional loading

Men’s professional loading