Do yourself to give your child a Christmas costume to make a gift, the scene is warm

Christmas is approaching, children’s Christmas down jacket designed drafts and cuttings give you in advance.

I will be Christmas, although this is a foreigner’s holiday, I don’t know what it is?

But at all, I don’t affect my happy holiday, hahaha. . .

Let’s take a look at the description, although it is a sketch but I understand, because the design is made me.

100 yards of cotton coat, no filling, probably the effect is this


I want to use a big red straight fleece fabric without an extrusive line. Face cloth

Direct velvet in the middle of the face and gallbladder

Filling diagram


This is like this.

Filling effect

The effect is still very good. How much fleece, you can feel it.

Below, cutting

A strip of 100 yards.


This is the final dress of the preliminary treatment. I want to learn a detailed version of the method.

Want to other numbers can be pushed according to the length of 4cm length 6cm

Cuffs and deep calculation formula: B / 4-3cm

Here are the complete tabetry effect

Red is a face, green is Libli, Libri surface is 10cm, so the finished product will have the effect of buckle

Complete tabetry

This is the sharing of design and cutting.

Detailed production process has been shared by live for everyone these two days, I want to read it privately.


Next, you will also share the sharing of graphics, so stay tuned for finished products. . .

Ok, today’s share is here, you like it, you can ponder it.

Just do it, just Christmas.


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Welcome to praise to encourage, thank you! ! !