The sheep shear hat is rolling: I used to value the salary “robbing the hat” into a street

“Hey, isn’t this a sheep shear hat? How many years have not seen it!” On a non-legacy experience activity held in Dongcheng District, he discovered this rare in front of the Beijing Hat Plant. “We will have a young thing, if you wear this hat skating, you can’t, the special ‘mad’!” “The sheep shear hat is equipped with the big laugh, don’t mention more spirits.” This hat is coming out, no For a while, the “Old Beijing” of a circle of understanding of the goods can be found before the booth.

The hats of the sheep shear can now be customized.

Take it in your hands in your hands in your hands, your goods are made of cashmere, after more than 20 manual processes. Some people say that this is now can’t buy. Don’t worry, the staff of the Beijing Hood Plant said that the hat of the sheep shear is not light, and in recent years, I have also pushed new, developing a variety of different new materials. “You can rest assured, you can buy it!”

The past life is hard to ask for a hat to get on the previous month.

To talk about the “sheep shear” hat that has been popular in the Jingcheng in the last century, then I have to mention the Beijing Hat Factory of the Invention.

In 1956, 66 private cap plants such as Jiangui and Hats, Fuqing Houques, and Fuqing Houhao Village were merged, and the Beijing Hat Factory of public-private-private camp was built in Dongxiao City, Tiantan North Gate. At the beginning of the building, there were more than 560 employees, and at the time, it was absolutely “big factory.” In the peak period, the Beijing Hathouse has more than 2,200 employees, and it has become the largest hooded factory in Asia and has also entered the brilliant period.

Fan Baokang, deputy director of Beijing Hood Plant, recalled that the most produced the most in the factory is “old three”, the most common is a blue dome cap, “The small product, Zhao Benshan, the blue hat wearing the blue hat It is the dome cap “in the past plan economic period.” In addition, it also produces some children’s “children’s caps” and the big hat of adults.

In the 1970s, the Beijing Hood Plant began the first “innovation”. The technicians and teachers in the factory, for the “Lei Feng” that people familiar with people at the time, that is, the liberation army 55 winter cotton cap begins to improve, and wants to develop a winter hat that is suitable for ordinary people. Fan Baoang said: “At the time, the factory was developed in the hat sewn with four-petal sheep, and the cotton is replaced, then tap, put into the steamer, steamed, stereotype, and cut the outer wool. “

Finally, the mid-1970s, the weddow hat was born and went to the market.

According to the color of the material and the color of the fur, the sheep shear hat is divided into four grades. The 25 yuan of the grade, 23 yuan, and 21 yuan, and 19 yuan of d. Don’t look at a few dollars per level, but the process has a clear difference. Fan Baoang explained that the Hat of the Grade A, the whole door is a piece of leather, and the left and right sectors are also a complete piece of ear, the back gear is a piece of leather. The co-grade hat is affirmed, and it is basically the remaining side angle.

Fan Boang said that the workers who took the Beijing Hoodroom, only 33 yuan of salary of the first-class workers, buy a sheep sheared hat, catching up the first-class work for a month.

Be a wedding hat, you have to manually complete more than 20 ways, and a skilled worker can only make 15 hats one day. “The sheep shear hat has just launched the market for two years, the factory must work hard to produce 100,000 tops, and this is still in short.” Fan Baoang said that the sheep shear hat is constant, it needs to be put into a special Steamed in the steamer, a steamer can only steam 30 top, and the process of the fixed dry process is relatively long, so I want to buy a top on the market, then get up in the middle of the night, all night to queue in the store. Buy.

“Grab the hat” into a street

From the mid-1970s, before and after the reform and opening, the weddow hat was popular all over the Beijing market. “I am in Beijing Hat Factory in 1979. My parents are the old employees in the factory. Young talked, I want to buy a sheep and shear hat.” Fan Boang recalled.

羊剪绒帽子卷土重来:曾经价值一月工资 “抢帽子”成街头一景

Just because it is too tight, Beijing street “robbing the hat” has become a scene.

In the mid-1970s, the old Zhang, who lived in Longtan North, bought a lamb, sheep, sheung, her shelp hat. “The 25 dollars in the event is equivalent to a month’s salary. We are 5, I am the first, and the only one who bought the sheep and shelp hat.” The first day of the hat, old Zhang Going out to “Sherse”, walking to a store not far from home intends to “show off” new hat.

I didn’t expect that I just walked more than 200 meters of home, and a group of six six semi-large children surrounded him. “The hat is not bad!” A group of people will be old, and have not waited for him to react. I only feel that my melon is cold, and the hat on my head has not seen traces. Waiting for the god, I found that a group of half-size is already ran away from the distance, one of the people holding it tightly, is the baby hat that he bought huge money.

Chasing a few streets, and the breath of breath ultimately did not recover his hat. “That year, Beijing’s streets often happen to grab the hat event. It is this kind of weddow hat.” Don’t look for more than 40 years, the old Zhang is now in this incident, and even shake his head, “Unfortunately, I am There is 200 meters away from the hat, and it will be robbed. “

This life will change the surface of the surface of the ring.

With the release of the market economy, I have gone through the 62-year history of the old hat. The sheep shear hat gradually went far from people’s lives and became the “old antique” of the small person.

Beijing Hood Plant also began to ponder, product is a retro route or innovation? How do you transform? How to develop next step?

Nowadays, on the booth of the non-legacy experience activities, the “dome hats”, the “dome hood”, the movie in the Movie, the mint, the mint, the mint, the mint, the landlord, and the old objects wearing the old objects. It was placed in a glass door showcase as a exhibitor. The countertop is placed in today’s new fashion cap, sports cap and other new products and “customized” specially built into specific customers.

Considering that many young people love to walk in the style of life, the Beijing Hood Plant has also begun to develop sports caps for young people. Fan Baocang said that in 1990, the opening ceremony of the Asian Games and the volunteer service with a hat were made by Beijing Hood Plant, a total of 130,000. It’s just in now, the hat when the Asian Games is no longer suitable for the aesthetics of the current young people. So, during the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing Hood Plant was developed in accordance with the trend of the time, a white seven-pet movement became the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. “We are now in deep research and development, is to intend to develop new baseball caps and fashion caps for young people, which are new products that are recently renewed.”

In addition, the old hat factory has continued to broaden “dramas”. Fan Baocang said, for example, these years have started working with CCTV, Film Studio, and Song and Danced and Danceds Trouns, began to make “custom models” props, what big hat, landlord, old felt hat, dog leather cap, etc. Produce, multi-range operations.

Soil back to reshape the image of “Beijing hat”

Side of the new route to develop new products, insist on the old tradition to go to the ancient wind. As sales decreased, since 2000, the sheep shear hat is basically not produced. But the Fan Baoang did not expect it that in these years, it has grown a nostalgia. It has begun to have someone to find a door. Special proposes, I want to buy a sheep shear hat.

“If you still restore mass production, you will definitely there will be no market. We will ponder in the material innovation, launch the ‘settable’ of the tailor of customers.” For example, according to customer needs Although the style of handcraft and style is still in the old sheep shear hat, the material is obvious “more on the next level”. Customers have requested custom suede, mink, seal skin, etc., and customers have requested customized sea dragon hats. Each type of fur is eliminated. The original skin is “raw”. After the “cooked” step, after the skin is soft, the professional master is obliquely “sheet” I can’t go straight to the “film”, otherwise the precious wicker is easy to break, every knife is going on. The light is a sea dragon skin worth 80,000 yuan, and the price of a hat is basically around 150,000 yuan.

Fan Baorao lifted a black hat that looks furry, exotic, while showing it, for example, this is a Beijing hat factory to visit a special customized hat from a customer. In the style, the style of the Turkish hat is selected, and the raw materials are selected from the northern Shaanxi lamb skin, which is handmade.

When it comes to the development direction of the next step, Fan Baoang said, “Inheritance, Innovation, Practice, Development” These 8 words are the idea of ​​motivating the old hat factory. As the birthplace of “Beijing Hat”, Beijing Hood Plant intends to reshape the image of the Chinese hat industry, let “Beijing hat” carried forward in the country and even further towards the world.

Source: Beijing Evening News reporter: Zhang Nan