These 6 retro sports shoes, are you still wearing?


When you go to sports shoes, you have to connect retro and trend together. For those fashion items that have been, it has become a classic today.

Many classic trends are from sports

Especially a pair of expensive sneakers, sports shoes in today’s fashion circles have become the hottest single product, some of the styles of renovation of classics re-listed will let you brush the credit card, which also reflects the charm of sports shoes. .

In addition to pursuit of novel, it is often full of delusions in retro items.

Below these six will never have time, sports shoes are worth recalling.

Canvas sneakers

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In the early 20th century, the canvas shoes were also the main force of sports units. In 1919, the Gao Wiwei Bowl shoes appeared on the basketball.

But Converse is not the only brand in the early 20th century to produce sports canvas shoes. Italy launched its 2750 model in 1925, Slovak brand Novesta has also begun to participate in the 1930s, and Pro-Keds produced the first basketball shoes in 1949.

2. Tennis shoes


In addition to promoting the development of the polo shirt, tennis has also risen on the steps.


Among them, Adidas’s Stan Smith has become a territory of tennis shoes, and the shoes have now sold more than 3 million pairs in 1965. These minimalist tennis shoes are also launched in other brands.

3. Classic running shoes

Classic running shoes have more and more models of mashup, which makes feet be the most comfortable.

Talking about running shoes must mention Nike Cortez, one of the most classic jogging shoes in history

It is also known as “Anshire”, because Agang is taking into this pair of shoes, running throughout the United States, since then, Cortez is red. It is known as the first modern running shoes, which includes a raised foam, which can be protected from the contemporary bamboo tendon, and more flexible than ordinary rubber soles.


Of course, there are New Balance’s classic M320, or the style of Adidas, Diadora and Puma brand, which are very classic retro.

4. Casual football shoes


In football leisure, this traditional suede and chewing gum sneakers are very popular.

In addition to being used in conventional warm-up exercises, it is also very popular in daily wear, in the UK football field in the UK, in the 1990s.

5. Skateboard shoes

In the street movement, skateboard shoes have also become a classic. In the mid-1960s, Vans brand promoted sports and trendy.




Vans became the most popular skateboard brand

Make the streets can be seen everywhere Vans.

But the classic converse one star or nike’s blazer, has made great contributions to sports shoes.


6. High-top basketball shoes

Telling retro sports shoes, Air Jordans’s basketball shoes filled with cult-like appeal. In 1985, a legendary brand was born. Air Jordan was a series named by Nike’s most famous NBA star Michael Jordan in history.

In addition to the AJ series, other brands of high-top basketball shoes are also very popular, and today these classic basketball shoes have also become a fashion circle iconic item.

It seems to have a balloon, you have a feeling of the world.

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