Son’s jeans

When the son is in the third grade of primary school, they live off a small pier. The pants are particularly difficult to buy, especially in the summer and autumn season, or the waist is too small, or the pants are long.


So I went down, I kept turning around all children’s clothing stores. Later, in a store, the boy (that is, youth) wearing the horse-pants, is a soft cowboy cloth, the pants are short, it seems to be five pants, the waist is large, and the tension belt is particularly wide, it is very popular Comfortable, we should be more comfortable.

As a question, I am shocked, a pants are 80 yuan. Now 80 yuan, maybe nothing, but at that time it is more than ten years ago, 80 yuan should be a little more expensive. After several negotiations, the owner did not know the meaning of cheap, and it was biting his teeth.

Sure enough, after returning home, the son is very fit, the waist is not tight, the length of the trousers is also suitable, just a nine pants, the child is very satisfied. I looked at his trousers, I was a bit like a wide leg pants, I had to shake my head, laugh. However, the child is very happy, especially knowing that one of them is 80 yuan.

This pants accompanied the child’s summer and autumn season, wearing a seven-point trousers from the nine-point trousers, and finally became a shorts, and the child was always lost, and the longer he was The higher, the gradually gradually thinned, this pants are accompanied by the children in six or seven years, the last pants become weathering, like paper, one tear.

In the end helpless, lost [smile]


Now think about it, it is also worth it to spend 80 yuan to buy this trousers. [Lingguang flashes] [Anguang flashed] [Anguang flashed] [Anguang flashed] [Anguang flashed] [Anguang flashed]