2020 more hot imported seven pants list

TOP1: Girl leggings children’s new thin section seven pants modal ice silk pants girl big children wear summer trousers


From China Hong Kong Pigletgreat Pig Route Dangdang, Xiao Pig Residents – Duo House Company’s simple and fast fashion children’s clothing brand, pay attention to simple, fashion, and wild design concepts, advocacy provides comfortable and healthy wear experience. Hellobaby! Whether you are 3 years old or 14 years old, no matter what you are naughty, naughty is also in Qiao Wen, your mother is always a cute baby, mother wants to give you a happy childhood memory, we choose green and environmentally friendly fabrics, fashion and lively style, let Our baby is more comfortable and healthy, more self-confident, baby in childhood, welcome to join us, be a happy little pig baby! Class A Standard Lan Costumes Fun Pattern is lively. If you use black card members to purchase is expected to save 1.56 yuan.

TOP2: Marcjanie Mark Jenny summer female baby baby seven pants children’s pants children’s leggings children’s clothing 200859

From China MARCJANIE, Marc & Janie Mark Jenny, a high-end children’s clothing brand with European fashion style. Focus on 0-6 years old baby costumes, providing Chinese babies a safer, comfortable, elegant small world. Introduced European baby nurse concept and fashion. Every quarter will launch many series of themes, and each series is from a warm story, which contains the beautiful wishes and blessings of the Marc & Janie design team. Mark Jieni adheres to European design styles, carefully and ease-produced cut, about 80% of raw materials from natural, create more environmentally friendly and safe costumes for their babies. Summer thin section leggings colorful colors reflect the baby’s lively and love, trousers, bow, design, eye-catching. Soft and comfortable fabric makes the baby skin.

TOP3: UNDER ARMOUR ADM UA Woman ARMOUR FLY FAST Running Tights Seven Pants – 1320320


From Underarmor, Undrarmour, Undrarmour, US Sports Equipment Brand. The founder is a former Maryland football star kevinplank. Because of tired of the painful feeling of sweating, the painfulness of the cotton TEE was soaked, the KevinPlank inventively developed a material that allows the athlete to maintain a refreshing and lightweight material in dramatic movement. Then he immediately convinced two university football team in the hot climate city to buy his equipment. Since then, the number of teams that choose UA equipment is increasing, and this includes the football team of most NCAADIVISION1-A. At the same time, the company has also created a lot of equipment for other sports. Strong telescopic light tide fabric anti-aquoch art.


TOP4: Souhait Women’s boy fashion cotton seven pants thin section 2019 new summer children seven shorts wear men’s tide

From China’s Souhait, the aquarel, founded in Beijing in 1995, is one of the earlier children’s clothing brands. Adhere to the quality of the child, design this is really simple and full of imagination, sewing the imagination of infinite childhood. The girl is positioned in the city of 2-14, with comfortable, leisure-oriented, insisting on trend fashion design style. We always have the growth of freedom, happy, and fashionable children. Soft skin, comfortable breathable, absorption and sweat, safe and healthy. Multi-color optional.

TOP5: LISLAVE linen 7 pants men seven points casual pants straight loose light men’s trousers summer thin section beige Lyn51080204


From China LISLAVE, the brand mainly positioned the consumer group of 25 to 35 age, the main light business simple men’s clothing, the company, the company, [依] 心 而, [slave], “slaves] force business philosophy. Focus on creating high quality, cost-effective simple men’s clothing. Choose Li Tieu, choose a new fashion! Li Yi slaves simple men’s clothing, give you a different fashion. Linen 7 pants men’s seven-point leisure pants, light, skirt, tie.

TOP6: Disney baby children’s clothing girl summer new fashion seven pants baby summer leggings children’s pants

Disney Disney, Disney Disney, is established in 1923 for consumers. The 1928 “Steamboatwillie premiere, this is the world’s first sound cartoon, also the symbol of the birthmouse (MICKEYMOUSE). “Disney” as a world-renowned brand, deeply affected by children from all over the world, in China’s cartoon market also enjoys a very high brand awareness, bringing infinite joy to Chinese children. Wearing comfortable multi-color can be selected.

TOP7: Adidas Adidas men’s pants summer new sports training polyester casual pants seven pants bk0982


Adidas Adidas, Adidas (Adidas) was founded in 1949, German sports goods manufacturers named their founder Adolfadidassler. There are three series: sports performance series Performance (three stripes), sports traditional series Originals (clover) and sports fashion series Style (spherical LOGO) (three sub-brands: Y-3, SLVR, Neolabel). Adidas plays a place in sports projects such as basketball, football, cricket, football, baseball, handball, track and field, tennis, baseball, boxing, swimming and trendy. Many well-known sports players are convinced for Adidas quality. Shengdao sports, quality assurance!


TOP8: Ciciibear Qi Qi Bear 0-4 years old summer new infant shorts leggings cartoon cat small fish seven pants


From China Ciciibear Qiqi Bear, Qiqi Bear Ciciibear Quality Baby Pack, focus on 0-4 years old infant clothing, Korean designers carefully built, with soft fabrics and carefully tailored to care for baby delicate skin. Quality products and perfect after-sales service ensure the comfort of each baby. Qi Qiong only does a soft and safe dress, let your baby grow like the bear. Kitten eats small fish …. Simple and simple seven pants, unique cartoon patterns on both sides of the legs, novel, soft and comfortable fabrics, with small T-shirts, summer wear breathable, Meng baby Meng, intimate two-way design, more worrying for mom ~


TOP9: ONKE shorts men’s summer trend seven pants men’s INS tide brand loose pants sports pants casual tooling five pants men’s pants JCFS-S08

From China onke, the Wanke people have been adhering to the “excellent quality, long-term operation; surpassing yourself, strong development”, unremitting efforts, constant transcendence; has developed into a modern enterprise integrating sports and casual shoes. Wangke Tongren adheres to the entrepreneurial spirit of “pragmatic and unity and innovation”, unite, and innovation, give the company to give strong vitality and development, so that companies are constantly growing in the fierce market. We firmly believe that under the leadership of “all customer-centric” business philosophy, the Wanke will work with the consumers and create a better future! ONKE seven pants male INS loose pants sports pants men.

TOP10: CICIE Brand 1-7 years old summer children’s clothing girls pants children’s plaid seven pants girl Chinese big children’s anti-mosquito pants C02020

From the UK CICIE, CICIE is the current hot children’s clothing brand in the UK. It is also a landmark fashion brand in the UK. In 1981, it was founded in Manchester, England, more than 300 chain stores around the world, became the British mother’s favorite children’s clothing brand. Its design work has been mounted on the mainstream media of all countries, and the price of consumers around the world in hundreds of new products and the price of Pacific in the year month. Fresh lattice, gentle color, feel comfortable, touch your skin, all-color, delicious, spring and summer wear air feel. The fabric rubber routine pleated detail, the style is more casual, relaxed, the children are more convenient.