LULULEMON’s addicts

Yoga clothing wearing this brand is equivalent to being in the world: “I have time sports, and look at my figure.”

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What kind of treatment can a sports pants do? In addition to the laundry facilities, there is a lack of imagination of imagination on it on the gym, wrapped in various forms or fat. However, there is a sports pants called Lululemon, which has stimulated my strong curiosity. It is folded in the port of Hermes, carrying it with you, ranking on mobile phone, after the key, there is an absolute important position – this behavior comes from a media Sun 100 pairs of sports shoes and 100 fashion editing.

Once, she was in Shanghai Jing’an Jiari Center and others. I met a pair of men and women dialogue. Woman asked “There is a design in the next door shop. Is it so expensive?” A sports pants with leggings is scheduled 1000 yuan. This fashion editor turned into this article wrote an article on the public number. The article title is “I will carry lululemon over LULULEMON”.


LULULEMON and Hermes log standard, is it too confident to a sportswear? Since May 2013, LuLulemon has opened three exhibition halls in Shanghai, and in December 2016 officially opened the first store, and only 25 stores in China. But it is true, and they have produced a series of people’s addiction behaviors to sweatpants:

The initial symptom is the location of the LULULEMON store in foreign tourism; go to the yoga museum to carry Lululemon’s shopping bags, a red and vulgar gentle woven bag; love house and Wu, except for sportswear, but also have the same brand Headband, kettle and even beer.

Intermediate indulgence is a deep study of the fabric, and the tone is full of material scholars’ drills and harsh, in the field of material molecules with micrometers, explaining the essence of things. They can accurately talk about it, the fiber-Raika content will increase the elasticity, double-threaded knitting structure provides powerful support and coverage, and does not generate a crimp. The stinking, its mystery is that the sweats of sterling silver are oxidized from the air. The word described touch is often ramping the brain, such as milk-like silk, butter-like touch, some people don’t have to experience the sense of experience, “I don’t wear it, I am shocked on the road, I thought I thought it was. Forget the pants. “

To the highest stage, it is to join an organization, which can be a specially shared LULULEMON WeChat group, and there have been a large number of fans blog sites in foreign countries, and are not officially organized. According to observation, sportswear as the positive group chat, Lululemon group is on a few more than one. Each of the group owners issued a black pants, and another black trousers, the group friends can always reply to propose subtle differences, maybe it may be more lines, or when they open the trousers, there is more circle from outside. I can’t see it. Silver side. It is often a thing, it is often possible, almost those hundreds of people outside the screen, the applause of this head, “Too beautiful, yellow is crying” – although the outsiders appear, the pictures and NIKE Adi Uniqlo Nothing difference.


In order to understand these addiction behaviors, I visited the store, chatted with the fascinating people, and even sneaked into the LULULEMON release event. This is not to tell a business story, but try to understand a sports pants like drugs. Secret.

The model is in the brand’s sports series LULULEMON Weibo

Who is wearing

This is really a pants that can be comparable to Hermes? The Lululemon store in Sanlitun, Beijing is the brand in China. I tried three most famous series of trousers in the store, carefully appreciate the tactile feel on the inside of the skin’s most sensitive thigh, watching the two uneven thick legs in the mirror, for the autumn pants The muscular memory of the elastic force, I can’t wait to ask the clerk, “This glutinous softness, the most famous Align series, isn’t it a column trousers?”

I am thinking, for thin children, they call lululemon, for a slightly fat crowd, they can only call the trousers.

After two days after the store added the clerk WeChat, I appeared in the Lululemon New Press, the address was in the garden of Sanlitun. This is an activity similar to a small filament, which is invited to have cooperative media, bloggers and senior users. In order to avoid embarrassment, I am listening to wearing in advance, and the staff throws “free”, but I put on my only Lululemon.

When I entered the door, I immediately felt the boundaries established by the body and height, it was a world that was composed of a long leg, honey hip, and bee. Everyone is wearing Lululemon, wrapped in firm lines between women’s waist and pubic bones, and is also very habiting. The same dress is summarized, the earrings are a pound, the eyeliner is flying, the hair is either dyed into silver and green, or wear a hat, with a fluffy hair, and adjust the skin. In real life, they are airline public relations, models, lawyers and microblogging female right fashion bloggers.

Portrait of the user who has purchased in the store, there is money, crazy love sports, and there are many yoga instructors. Their common appeal is that the figure needs to be seen.


Local activity map of Lululemon, LULULEMON Weibo

Even if I put on Lululemon, there is no courage to take off the down jacket. Sports pants show a very straightforward, shaking for long-term management. Some time ago, “I am a mother, I need platinum bag”, which can be seen as an exclusive logic of the Logic’s behavior of the Shangdong District of New York. The book also mentioned Lululemon, “Yoga clothing wearing this brand is equivalent to being in the world: ‘I have time exercise, and look at my figure.'”

Li Tudu’s work should be docked with a lot of fashionable customers, she was caught in the gym, leaving a call, because the sportswear dressed up. She has a pair of slender legs. Her customer vision is picky, Lululemon can create a “self-discipline”, “active” image. She went to LULULEMON to go a few times a month, but a few times a week, she has more than 50 pants, which can spend more than 10,000 yuan per month. She describes the feeling of new Lululemon, I only do 10 times, I can do 15 times.

However, go to the store to consume, love sports people is a few. A magazine editor Zoe told me that she never had courage to go to the store to try Lululemon, in the face of Jike Yiyi wheat skin and the exquisite store, to make her “high pressure”, to the store, hands on the fabric Gently, it disappears. She doesn’t love sports, describing knees like a 10-year-old child is intact. After practicing yoga in October last year, I only purchase LuLulemon online.


She solemnly introduced a line on a sports pants that can wear – a semi-circular shape in the trousers, this is the secret she discovers, she has no such briefs, which is very Important, because it will appear to be harmonious. Similarly, she also showed an Omega shape line on a dress. She believes that these designs have a filter effect, in addition to packed the meat, you can also put all things all things. These designs have been confirmed by the Deputy Shenzhen Deputy Shenzhen Departments of Sanlitun, and the big data and ergonomics help brands to engrave a pants, and a line like keel, allowing the calf to stick a little, and you can make the pants part support more support.


Under the filter, this will make a group of people who don’t love sports to produce a fantasy – put on Lululemon, which feels more like sports. The figures also confirmed that 2018 is the fastest year after LuLulemon20, including more than 140% of China’s e-commerce growth rate.


LuLulemon’s Shanghai store map source LULULEMON Weibo

Middle school

More people’s dependence on Lululemon, from the torque field in the yoga. In the national trade surrounded by the financial person, I visited one of the yoga. At 3 o’clock in the work day, four people in the classroom stacked their body into one C. The rear back of the three will reveal a small pour U, which is the logo of Lululemon, and the remaining T-shirt and fertilizer pants – she is new. Yoga teacher Liu Wen observed that 90% of the classes have Lululemon. The mediaman May, who went to work, still remembered that he wore a 200 yuan Andrum broke into the yoga classroom. Show with your left hand, your belly is squeezed together, and a LULULEMON will make exercise more decent. When the double eleven arrives, May is immediately purchased into a LULULEMON, incorporating a pour U.

At the new product conference in Sanlitun, Lululemon’s human human network was roughly outlined. The person in charge of the North China told me that the cake of the conference was given next to the starbuck, the flower is also the friendship price provided by a flower shop in Sanlitun. The store generally chooses the most prosperous city CBD in the first line, with the basis, and surrounding gym Even in cafes, flowers pavolles, etc. The employees in them are mostly LULULEMON customers, often invited Yoga activities held by Lululemon, as a feedback, they are often helping. A store, which can radiate a white-collar worker at all levels of CBDs, attracting them to come.

Lululemon Sanlitun New Products Conference Visitors

For this unique brand, the most important thing is to get the trust of yoga coaches in the gym, after all, this is a company with yoga pants. Many stories were circulated in Lululemon, and there were coaches to buy mats in the store. When I went, I found that the credit card failed. When I wanted to turn the money, the store manager decided to give him the mat. After that, the brand invites the coach to participate in the event, and the coach finally became the ambassador of Lululemon. In addition, LuLulemon will give each employee 2000 yuan a month, allowing them to go to the store near any gym, picking yoga instructor as an ambassador. The way of cooperation is that ambassador wears LULULEMON, and Lululemon will give a lot of discounts or send clothes. Unlike Nike and Adidas, the sports star is signed different, Lululemon has turned every yoga hall into the store.

When I saw the coach Liu Wen in the domestic yoga museum, she bought a new Lululemon pants, and the coach could gain a 15% discount. She is somewhat unsatisfactory about her hips and thighs, and one of her job responsibilities is to look good, LuLulemon helps her to modify this, slowly, and have become her profession.


According to her observation, in the yoga hall, there are two groups of people who don’t wear lululemon, real rich and 20.

A rich man has more than 200 square private gym, which is bigger than Liu Wen. She hopes that Liu Wen went to her home to be private education, and her clothes never can’t see the brand. When doing a bending, you can see it. The quality is only in Nike. The rich people have no ambitions, they just sincerely think they need exercise. And another group of people are beautiful, every day is a model of various color matching, Lululemon also has too much color, and they wear everything.

Under the age of 50, there are more quality requirements, and the urban needs of the body needs to be managed, and most of the LULULEMON is obsessed. The famous American cultural criticist Paul Fusier has drawn portraits for the middle class: “Panic” is an anxiety with the most middle class characteristics; they are the most prudent classes, is the company’s screw, there is nothing in work. Sex; they are particularly intended to education, always hope that children can rise at the social class, do not fall; the middle class like those who have the facade, always worry about their taste, they want to put themselves and money, power And the taste is linked, the first two are not so easy, so it is tasted up and down, it is used to resist the tendency of yourself down.

In the Eyes of Fuesel, the middle-class people like the blue-colored costumes, the more soft and dim, the more grades, the higher the bio component, the more grades, wool, cashmere, silk, cotton and fur are high-grade markers . The middle-hierarchy will avoid wearing clothes containing artificial fibers, their clothes are soft and textured. The higher the social level, the lower the lower, and you can’t see anything.

Lululemon is just a separate card in the middle of the heart, especially the subtle treatment of logo, and points in the back pants, not distinguishing from the crowd, nor is it too much eye. ZoE is particularly useful for this, she believes that the age of 30 is unable to accept a big or three bars appear on the body. And a car finance project manager Ashley often straightened LULULEMON, she is passionate about all the details of Lululemon with the most enthusiastic tone, regarding it as a high-quality lifestyle, “agree with this brand It is to agree with me. “And Uniqlo, etc. do not provide such feelings. Let her return to the middle life of life, she usually only buy Lululemon in the purchase group.

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