Men’s modeling plus division, these three bags fast GET

Part1: hand cleaning package

Everyone is always mixed with the bag, in fact, there is no problem in the bag itself, the style and match is the key. For the light-style male, a hand men’s bag is still very necessary. Although there is no need to use shoulder bags and travel bags, its existence is to help sublimate your taste.


This season, the trend of the bag continues to prevail, the star icon and fashion people can always see its figure. You can choose to match the dress suit, you can also match the casual shirt of Han Fan, and the nine-point trousers, plus a pair of comfortable Loyifiu shoes, and the Ya is full.


Part2: practical backpack


Whether it is a student party, office worker, or a short trip, business trip, a backpack is really practical, with a practical mass, can be installed into portable items, books, clothing, and easily liberate hands. Sometimes, it can also make a shape, let the wear.

How to match the backpack? In fact, it is not difficult, shoulder bag can be a variety of shapes. If you are a business style, then the style is tryaboundably low-key, but if you are a tide, then your shoulder bag can be arbitrarily selected, match the jacket, sweater, T-shirt no problem.

Part3: trend diagonal chest bag

Some items really don’t know when they are fire, but I don’t know if you will find that its exquisite rate is particularly high, such as a chest bag. In recent years, the street icon, fashion stars, and T, T, T-Xi, can often see it is a figure, which makes people feel that it is full.

The chest bag is actually not difficult to control, especially if you like the tide of sports street wind, everyday sweater, shirt, T-shirt dress, with a small chest bag, can improve the fashion taste. And it is very easy and convenient, putting mobile phones, and headphones are no problem.

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