Rural old carpenters 10 kinds of woodworking tools, do you know a few, can you say your name?

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Good friends, come with you today, some tools for doing carpers.


Because Xiao Wu’s father is an old carpenter, this year is 73 years old. He began learning carpenters from 14 years old. It’s almost 60 years. When I was poor, my grandmother was early, my father was 14 years old. Carpenter.

I have been doing things in Hunan Anhua, giving people houses, do furniture, dowry, etc., have been doing more than 10 years, then marry my mother, and have been working in Anhua after getting married.

From the 1990s, when we read high school, the burden in the family was relatively heavy. This woodworking is also relatively small. In order to make money, my father will go with me, to Shenzhen, there is high salary. A little bit?

After returning home, the woodworking is not active, and the house is not covered, and the furniture dowry does not do it, it is ready to buy.

I haven’t lived, my father has far farm, leading to some of his woodworking tools, many of them are borrowed by others, and they have not come back, some lost. Now I have found some of the rest of the woodworking tools, share it with you, see if I know.

Xiao Wu is not very understanding for those tools. If the father used it, what is the meaning of me, if you say something wrong, please don’t take a brick. Welcome everyone to leave a message in the comment area, thank you very much.

First type woodman tool chisel

Xiao Wu is now in these woodworking tools of the father, the chisel is the most, large and small, long, short, with flat, some side, round, many shapes.


These shaped chisels, its use is different, but his function is only one, that is, it is used to blame the holes. Does anyone can talk about their features, Xiao Wu is not very clear? .

Division of woodworking tools

This is a piece of bamboo made, it is just a meter.

This picture is not full, in fact, its length is just 1 meter. There are numbers with numbers above. Easy to use this wood.

Summer 3 kinds of woodworking tools

In addition to the chisel, the most is the planer, it is used to put this wooden plank flat, smooth.


This is a relatively short planer, which is generally a small wooden board, and the planing of the long wooden board will use another long planer.

Different kinds of woodworking tools

Length planers are used to planetize the relatively long, wider wooden board.


That door, cabinet like making furniture. It is necessary to use this long planer, the planing wood chips will be very long, some of the 2 meters long, when we often take this wood.

5 kinds of woodworking tools


I don’t know what the name is it? Do you know friends? Xiao Wu saw that Dad used him to open this slot.

That head is some of the sawtooth, behind a wooden stick, it is iron, I don’t know what the name.

Sixty types of woodworking tools

Have you used this tool for friends who do woodworking? This kind of tool, I saw that Dad used it to punch.

There is a thick wood, the above two bands, twisted the band with one side, and you can turn it below, then punch it on the wood.

Seated woodworking tools


This tool is done with bamboo. Here is a bamboo tube to sit, it is some rotten cloth, and I don’t know what to put something is something, it is estimated to be oil.

Common dads use it to rub this planer, after a while, use it to rub it, then planer.

Your eight kinds of woodworking tools

This is a mushna that I did my father and I used it to play this ink line.

There is still bamboo with wood.

9 kinds of woodworking tools

There is this scale above, common dads use it to draw lines.

Listening to Dad said this

Autumn feet

Ah, I don’t know what you are calling there.

10 kinds of woodworking tools


This Xiao Wu doesn’t know what his name is called, and I don’t know how he uses it. If you have a friend, you are welcome to leave a message below.

Ok, today, this article will share it, Xiao Wu Dad’s tools, some introduced unrequently, introduced the inconsistency, I hope everyone will bear, and friends who know, welcome everyone to add, very grateful.