Yi Yi Qian Yan is like a young man, wearing “old red striped” is also fashionable, handsome value is difficult to block

With the changes in the times, more and more men started their own

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I have also begun to dress myself, let myself look more.


But not all men work, can have gains, for some men who are not good at match, clothing is still very



The ancient language cloud “Learn to get from the doll”, then Xiaobian thinks to wear

Juvenile period

Grab, especially after entering the university, there is a lot of spare time. If you just use it to play games, it is not a waste, it is better to take a look at your men.




Men’s dress wants to do


It is recommended to start from color, when most men are “struggling” in the foundation, we are not as good as special, choose

Bright red

Is it not good? Red hot enthusiasm, is also very suitable for the energetic and energetic teenagers. Some boys have begun to start, think that the red dress creates a fashion, not his

Capacity range

Don’t worry, even if you won’t match it, we can


Other people’s wear, such as the starry wear, all walking in the fashion frontier, fully refer to the reference

With the same age star

Wearing the way, just like the wear of Yi Yuli, it is very suitable for the teenager to refer and learn from, and it is very energetic.

Yi Yi Qianzhi, a young man, wearing a young man, wearing “

Old red stripes

“It’s also fashionable, handsome value is difficult to stop. In everyone’s heart, red striped T-shirt is very old, and even some people think it is

Last era

The person who will wear, but in fact it has a strong sense of fashion, you can choose it like Yi Yi Qi


Yi Yi Qianzhu is really tender, wearing “Red Miqi” to play a good cute, really let mother powder crazy, it is a “thousand brother”. Red Miczy with the top Qianhai brother in the teenager is really

Be too surprised

In fact, the red dress is also difficult to wear a large area, but we can choose

Color color design

Or use red to serve as



It’s all very good, then let’s take a look at the use of red in the clothing and how to wear a fashion.

Red costume analysis analysis

● Red striped T-shirt + superimposed mode

Red long-sleeved T-shirt adopted

Horizontal stripe

Designed, there is a strong retro style. If you do it, you can easily wear “rustic sense”, it is better to put black

Short-sleeved T-shirt

Just expose a part of the striped T-shirt in the neckline and sleeves, the large black can suppress the red rustic feeling, bringing a fashion sensation to the whole, but also makes the red play out

Eye fashion


Black T-shirt prints red

Bright surface

The pattern, with the red echo of the inner, add a copy of the whole

Vitality teenager

Reduce the dullness of black.

Body choice


, Can modify the leg shape, let the leg line look more straight, increase the strength of the leg and the overall stability, then match black

Martin boots

In addition, it has added a juvenile handsome.

Men’s dressing

Too exquisite

Simplicity, some effect will be better, accessories don’t have to choose too much, simple with a golden

simple design

Necklace, it will look very perfect.

● Black T + red short-sleeved shirt

Red black color

It’s really stylish and advanced, no matter how it is mixed, the solid color black t stacked a red shirt short sleeve, and the short-sleeved single-side chest printed cartoon

“Poewang egg”

Graffiti, it looks very cute, adding a great sense of vitality to the whole.

Cuffshot of the shirt

Slightly rolled up

It is better to show more levels of feelings than black short sleeves. The lower body is mixed with simple

Blue leisure style

Jeans, choose a red belt, the extra part of the belt is free, and the shirt with the top.


To increase the overall feeling of clothing.

● Printing jacket + white T-shirt



White is bottoming


The profile version can create a wide-thickest shoulder, add a stability, and unregistered in the coat. “


Splash design

“And black letters graffiti look more teenager


And with a white T-shirt added a clean and simple temperament.

The lower body can still choose casual wind




Red belt

In the case of stylish, the style is different, it looks more young.

Sunshine handsome

● Black leather + black T-shirt

Men’s clothing that wears cortical fabric looks like


Feeling, there is a kind of “bad boy” temperament, black leather use white lines and red irregularities

What is decorated?

It looks full of personality. Touching a black print t-shirt, red

cartoon pictures

Red-tone of the coats of the coat increases the overall fashion and level.

The lower body constant casual wind jeans plus the red belt, and the overall match is still high. Black

Also a good echo with the overall match.

In fact, men’s fashion is very simple, one

Minimalist pants

Can match different styles of clothing, and red different uses can also show different


Style charm







Martin boots