Black coat wild? Do not be silly! Don’t understand these four wear details, how to wear it again

Winter fashion is a coat given. This piece of coat, from the form of the pursuit of lines and contours, from the content, is an elegant and charm of urban women. Wearing a coat, elegant walking on the streets of the city, everyone is beautiful, each has a charm.


This article, the cat sister will take the most common black coat to analyze how to put the old-fashioned black coat out of the high level. Black coat wild? Do not be silly! Don’t understand the four wear details below, how to wear it! Take out your black coat in your hand, start with the cat sister.

First, increase the curve design of the black coat

Black coats often blurred gender boundaries, useful s neutral beauty to express the free temperament of modern independent women. However, the base tailorned black coat will inevitably give people an old-fashioned rustic feeling. At this time we can choose the black coat of design models, and use the curve line outline to disperse. For example, this long coat on this blogger, a noble and elegant texture, growing in soft and delicate wool surface. The simple version is not short of exquisite details, and the micro-tapered lanterns have a fantastic curve design, perfect interpretation of the legacy of lazy, a belt with a curve of the itself, and pulls up the slim waist The soft charm of the black coat is also released at this moment.


For fashionable girls, they have to wear some black coats that have a good curve design. It is not necessary to design too much, but it must be deeply thoughtable and cannot be a black coat. Comparison recommendation You choose this black coat in the sleeve position, find the foot point in the balance of the sculpture contour and the line curve, so that the wearer has a retro and advanced romantic temperament, such a black coat will also say someone Is it an old board?

Second, handle the lines at the ankle

Dressing is often not in the clothes itself, and it is more likely to spy the taste of a person in the details. For long-section black coats, serious colors, old-fashioned version, no decorative details, these factors are important factors that cause black coats. Many girls will choose a particularly loose wide-legging trousers to match the black coat, the shoes only leave a margin, let the entire person’s visual center of heart is piled up at the foot, looks short and more fat. So I want to put the black coat out of the eye-catching effect, so I should clean up the lines of the ankle.


Black long coat, showing whitewashing temperament, dried off, never time. The smooth lines are mixed with each other, comfortable atmosphere, beautiful and beautiful. The most wonderful thing is that these golden buckles embellished, quietly bringing a gorgeous and very high-level sense of gorgeous and very self-evident. Built a V-neck clover, equipped with nine-point black ash jeans and square heel shoes, elegant and lazy legal beauty, under the support of the basic single product, so exciting, enough to become a crowd The focus of the middle. Pay attention to the position of the ankle: There is a large gap between the shoes and the trousers, which can extend the leg lines and avoid dragging. Imagine: If the trousers are covered, the drag and drop in the black coat becomes obvious?

But for office workers, black long coats and loose mop suit trousers often wear two items, how can we maximize drag? The answer is on the shoes. For example, the LOOK: black H-type long coat, wire flutter, version is loose, and even the decoration of the buckle is so low-key. The following is equipped with a card with a wide-leg pants that highlights the sharp and chic in the urban women. At this time, if it is equipped with a pair of flat shoes, the excess lines of the trousers will be all hoarded at the ankle, and the overall looks short and unfavorable; but if it is changed to a pair of high heels, the temperament is great. The pointed shoe has an extension, the foot back curved V-mouth line is extremely beautiful, not only raises the temperament of the entire person, but also adds a bit of intriguing woman’s taste to the style.


If you are very afraid of cold, the way the show may be less suitable for you. You can choose the combination of nine-point jeans + short boots to create a sense of profit. Just remember a little: Don’t have too long’s stacked at the ankle. A x-type black coat, relaxation, loose lazy, although a belt is outlined out of the waist, but he does not feel a harnep. Nine points of blue jeans is equipped with black boots, and the French retro and urban elegant style is just right.

Third, moderate skin care

The black coat is most tiered, and the black book will bring a sense of majesty, plus thick fabrics, and the thick bloated feelings will add one point. Therefore, when wearing a black coat, it is necessary to sluggish your skin, with a transparent skin to balance the dullness of the coat, which is a usual method of fashion bloggers.

The relatively recommended skin care is the position of the neck, wrist, and calf ankles. Because these three locations are the most slender part of our girl, it is not very contemptuous, but also gives people a small body that is slim. A black coat of an X version of the black coat, gently pull up the sleeve, wearing a double nude high heel, charming the urban dynamic rhyme, and the high-level atmosphere is showing.


Fourth, use bright color to mention

Black coat, most afraid of wearing a silence. It is only necessary to add a filament of a trace in the wearing to boost the vitality of the black life. As for the choice of bright colors, everyone can choose according to their own preferences. For example: black coat + gray skirt, camera just capture a frame of clothing and skirts, women’s elegant romantic temperament with clothes fart fluttering classical charms, this high-level feelings A lot. In the dark dark gray, the blogger has smartly joined the maple leaf orange to decorate, not only highlighting the texture of retro movies, but also retaining rare vitality and passion in winter.

Black coat + black pantyhose + black boots, although a woman’s flavor is made with a gray semi-skirt, but the whole body’s dark light is still transmitting a serious engraved atmosphere. In order to avoid this situation, add the red hat and blue scarf to embellish, it is a wise choice. The red painting hood, bright, instant, brightly put color, bringing a fever for a cold winter. Clay is a bright and elegant texture. There are less than these two bright colors, black coats are hard to escape.


How to avoid “rustic” in winter in black coat? Note that these four details above can easily wear elegant feelings. I hope this article can bring some wearing revelations, then we will see you next time.

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