Explosive boots recommended! Dior, LV, LoEwe, BV fashionable wild, slimming legs long selection this

Spicy sauce collected 8 “black boots” to recommend it to everyone! Not only can I easily control, but also to paint dragons, invest in a pair of high textured boutique boots, wear no problem for several years! LV “Metropolis Army Boot”, buffed on the old flower leather super bright eyes, and Loewe’s new “small leather battle boots” is also super real! Hurry and see which life is your heart ~

爆款靴推荐!DIOR、LV、LOEWE、BV 时髦百搭,显瘦显腿长选这款

Celine zipper boots

爆款靴推荐!DIOR、LV、LOEWE、BV 时髦百搭,显瘦显腿长选这款

Celine is made of small cowhide, the foot-side bouquet of the Triomphe, also is designed to printed the Arc de Triomphe and CELINE strips, which is exquisite to explosion!

Whether it is trousers, skirts can match, is a beautiful shoes that don’t worry.

爆款靴推荐!DIOR、LV、LOEWE、BV 时髦百搭,显瘦显腿长选这款

Louis Vuitton Metropolis military boots

爆款靴推荐!DIOR、LV、LOEWE、BV 时髦百搭,显瘦显腿长选这款

LV This military boots are built with black calfskin. The brand classic Monogram canvas, the whole else, the wear-resistant leather shoe is not only wearing is also very comfortable! This shoe-style retro and fashionable, loved LV old flowers, absolutely cashless purchase!

Dior Trial boots

Dior This booties are made of Chelsea. The shoes are made of black calfs, equipped with elastic strap, side or mixed with “Christian Dior Paris” to increase highlights, is a pair of casual shoes for all year round .

爆款靴推荐!DIOR、LV、LOEWE、BV 时髦百搭,显瘦显腿长选这款

Loewe calf skin fight boots

Loewe This new-made high boots is fascinating, and it is also crazy to wash the plate on the small red book ~ The most distinctive is white knitted pulleys, and there is a Loewe mark, while rubber thick bottom design, Dacted painless increase, wear it absolutely easy to become eye-catching!

爆款靴推荐!DIOR、LV、LOEWE、BV 时髦百搭,显瘦显腿长选这款

CHANEL boots

The most fashionable rain boots are not it! CHANEL This long boychard big white double C logo, very eye-catching, the resin material can waterproof, most importantly, this narrow shoe can also modify the wide cheek, put on the calf Length visual instantly draws 5cm ~

爆款靴推荐!DIOR、LV、LOEWE、BV 时髦百搭,显瘦显腿长选这款

Bottega Veneta Lug Boots

BV’s pair of lug boots, one launch is full of fire, and it is not destroyed! The perfect proportional cutting high tube, use the ankle to moderately tighten the design, and the thick shoe is composed of two layers, put it on it hovering the god-level long legs, the girls are absolutely to have!

Prada Monolith Polished ROIS Leather and Nylon Boots

爆款靴推荐!DIOR、LV、LOEWE、BV 时髦百搭,显瘦显腿长选这款

PRADA this pair of boots is also super high!

Using a special rubber sole, one wearing the legs instantly, plus PRADA small bags on both sides, not only the practical increase, the model is more full, the cool handsome women must start!

Chloe Betty Rain Boot

The last debut is the beautiful shoes that is popular in the European and American blog!

爆款靴推荐!DIOR、LV、LOEWE、BV 时髦百搭,显瘦显腿长选这款

Chloe’s Betty Rain Boot, a high tube design with ultra-finished calf belly, very profitable!

The waterproof material is completely impressed, and many other big-name prices are also many, this beautiful leg artifact must quickly place an order.

Spicy sauce said:

爆款靴推荐!DIOR、LV、LOEWE、BV 时髦百搭,显瘦显腿长选这款

Do you buy a boots!