In the past year, the top of the pumpkin hat, Bibel hat is fashionable, with the big clothes to become the highlight of the street

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# What to wear today?

# 流 风 穿 #




In the middle



There may be some women not understand. As an important modification of the head, it has both practical and taking care of fashionability, and it is easy to become a finishing touch, and its importance is also self-evident.



The pumpkin hat is also used to use a lot of fashion women.


There are many tricks that match, and the different styles of women are clear.

The pumpkin motor creates a fashion with the costume, becoming one of the focus of the shape. If you take it, its shape may become bleak, lack the overall style, and change a kind of clothing, then you will be in a moment. Changed the appearance, and the winding of the wearer also changed more different.

And this needs to be specific to analyze, like women, let’s take a look.

Pumpkin hat color

In the past year, the top of the pumpkin, the fashionable is good, and it can be able to match the coat.

Highlights of the street

. It’s going to have a New Year, a lot of small friends are planning for the new year clothes, and the pumpkin cap is also put on the schedule, and it is better to match the Berrek fashion.

Swing coat can be free to go out, and in its color, there is also different


I like it and then go down.

Hundreds of black, classic atmosphere

The black wild is obvious, using black production pumpkin cap, fashion and simple, and match a little

No difficulty

. Can be created

Classic and atmosphere

The charm, no matter whether it is combined with any color of clothing, there will be a mistake error, which can be seen how high it is popular.


Can choose to use clothing

Stay color, or contrast

You can create a distinctive fashion that will be analyzed by one by one.

Yellow sun, beautiful and energetic

The yellow pumpkin hat is with a sun and vitality, and the color of the color is full of eyes, and I feel that I feel

Beautiful eye-catching

. If you are worried about being contrary to the main costume, then directly select the combination of the same color system, this will become the entire wearing shape.

Harmonious and happy.

Select yellow like top, or put it with yellow, it will bring an effect that echoes each other.

Overall is also more elegant.


Fresh blue, elegant


Blue pumpkin hat,


With a long breath. This color of pumpkin hat is released

Lady tastes

It will be easily created by different stylish feelings.

You can carry a CP with a colorful top or trousers, which makes the stylish fashion.

Be more energetic

And how to see is a beautiful and fashion synonym.

Pumpkin hat material

The pumpkin motor is so fashionable, and the retro practical coat is very beautiful, it is no wonder that the European and American people are fighting. I don’t know if I don’t know, I really have a very fashionable pumpkin hat, and I have some elegance.


Even those European and American people like it.

And the difference in the material, but there are many different, like the girls can come together, is it what you want.

Wool fabric, high shape

The pumpkin hat made by the wool fabric is very high, which can be created.


a feeling of. The architecture of different modes of adjustment is coming out, plus the wool fabric

Have a certain thickness

Will bring good

Royal ability

The warm breath is released one by one in the autumn and winter season.


Women in different ages have a very favorite, wearing the trendy adjustability they need.

Handsome skin, trendy modern



Cortical fabric

Making pumpkin cap, fashionable and modern feelings are very strong, and the trend personality is interpreted one by one by one.

This will also play a pivotive point in the shaping of many women.

Soft sweater

Match, you can create

Just softly

Feelings, or combined with leather jackets, bringing strength to join hands, let the shape become



Leisure and simple wind

Select the pumpkin hat made of knitted fabric, soft and delicate touch, bring comfortable fit, wear


. And he will warm, create a gentle little woman taste, in most women’s eyes, it is more favored.


Leather handsome

Also compared with hair


The unique touch also has more fans, and it is comfortable to wear.

Pumpkin hat style


With pumpkin cap shaped style, there are many kinds, different styles adapt to different dressing, but also catering to different


Clothes taste.

And the following is simple

Classic style

Let everyone know more about the Pumpkin Hat

Fashion style,

I believe it will also bring more future wearables.


Let the fashion more superior.

Combine with pumpkin hills with casual clothing, leisure and simple winds are easy to show, bring

Certainness and freedom


The charm. Be more comfortable to dress clothes, usually like this kind of wear, the looseness is also very large, and the range of inclusive body is also quite wide.


If you think that the clothes are difficult to load, you can use a simple suit to combine it, this will create a wear shape.

More harmonious and beautiful.

Elegant side

Pumpkin cap and coat skirt, production

This is also very difficult. Basically, many women can create, on their colors, you can


Color color matching,

Or deep shallow and warm, these colors are combined, and the fashionable style that releases is definitely will not be the same.


Combined style,


In mature women’s clothes, it is also the most fragrant, they can wear different


Pumpkin Hat Match Guide

The pumpkin hat is in parallel, and there is also a different modeling. It may be a bit difficult to understand that some people will feel difficult. Then come to see some actual examples, so you can look directly

Understand the essence.

And like the sisters, you can come together to find out, see if it will bring some matching skills.

Let the shape better.

Matching a suit, dignified wisdom


Choose a pumpkin hat to combine with a suit, and the elegant lady is easy to expand.

The wisdom of the girl is also displayed in the image, if the color is

A little fresh and tender

The sensation of agefields will not be pleased.

Matching a leather, hipster

Cool footprint

, Combine with pumpkin cap,


The charm is easy to interpret. Moreover, fashion is also rising straight lines, and you can create different trend adjustments.

Pumpkin hat fashion and

Simple and wild

The above is a lot of confused, the women who like, can come to GET, match the ideal modeling.

Leisure and simple wind

Elegant side