Story: Eight years of love failure, I bought drunk, wake up, a handsome brother lying around “Sister”

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On the first day of the 27-year-old, I woke up on a strange bed of a strange room, and I still lying on a strange boy.

As I am a “man” or “male”, I will not say “boys” again, but I am really tender.

The face is white, the skin is smooth, it seems to see the fine velvet hair above, saying that it is not too much blowing.

However, why is such a tender man sleeping next to me!

I took a headache, I remember my birthday last night, Lu Guangming said with me, then I broke up, then I drank a lot of wine, my girlfriend Xu Zhezhen said to give me a boy …

No, it’s … Help! Xu Zhenzhen is doing this really so unreliable?

Just when I was sorrow, when he woke up, he woke up, squatted, “said the sister early, did you sleep last night?”

Open your eyes, you have a good look, you can’t watch milk, you look like you, your eyes are very large, and the lips is red.

Eight years of love failure, I bought drunk, wake up, a handsome brother lying around “Sister”

I am in my heart, how much is this product color! Xu Zhenzhen has this money to send me something bad … is really a waste!

Thinking of this, I have no good face to him, I don’t send it, get up and wear clothes.

He smashed his eyes, wearing a strip, looking at the bed, followed by me, “What happened? Sister, are you angry? What happened? Where did I get you?”

From my clothes to the wash to the package, he is ready to leave, he has been broken and broken, and there is too strong.

“You don’t have to have such a service …” I can’t bother, I am glaring, “I will put clothes on my clothes!”

He obey, ran to take clothes, while wearing me back, “Why are you so fierce? Last night is not this …”

“Satard! I didn’t want to listen to last night. The money has been given? Then there is two clear, I have to go, you will go.” After I finished, he took me. Hand pressed.

“What is the money? I pay it yesterday. Where are you going to go? I still want to have breakfast with you.”

This person is simply inexplicably … Is the package containing breakfast together?

“My headache, just want to go home soon, let you open.” I tired, I don’t want to be entangled with him.

“Is the head pain? Maybe I drink too much yesterday, let’s drink a porridge under the building? I look at this nearby …”

I am impatiently interrupted, “What is you so attentive? Is it going to praise? Now the service industry is too big. But our truth from me is, I don’t remember anything last night, I don’t give bad reviews, it is already very good. Don’t be embarrassed! “

He exposed a confused look, “What is the praise bad review … What are you talking about?”

He was confused, I quickly opened the door, sit in the elevator, and walked.

It is necessary to let us often sit in public transport, but this will be very afraid that the person is chasing again, I have stopped the taxi. When you get off the bus, I noticed that the mobile phone is full of electricity. I have basically fully discontinued last night, and I can’t remember charging.

It can only be charged yesterday … have to be said that they do very well, even such customer needs take care of it.

Why should it be a very soul of the soul yesterday? What is I not impressed? Is this a little loss?

呸呸 呸! What do you think … A little impression is not good, it is best to do anything.

I opened the door, I found that Lu Guangming has already got up. In the past, he didn’t sleep until noon, it was really broken.

He is stacking clothes, I said while I said, “How come today, do you live? Let me come.”

I went to him, I noticed that the sofa was placed next to his suitcase.

Lu Guangming still self-stacked clothes, did not let me help, “I decided to move.”

“What do you say nonsense?” I reached out to take his clothes, but he did not let.

“I am serious, Song Runnan, I really can’t go with you.”

I grabbed his clothes and didn’t let him stack. He surely did not overlap, and a brain threw clothes into the suitcase of the feet.

I went down again, I don’t let him close the box, “I have been eight years old. After seven years itch, I can’t go. You are calm!”

He grabbed my hand and used it to push me next to me. “I am very calm, now I am not calm. It is you. I said that I said yesterday, let’s get better.”

Seeing that he is going to stop the suitcase, I have an arrow, and a butt is sitting in the box, looking up at him, “You have to take the box, just take it along with me.”

He hurts his waist, there is a bit no temper, “Well, clothes, I don’t take it. I have to live for a few days, waiting for you to move, I will move.”

After finishing, he really no longer grabbed me, take a mobile phone from the coffee table.

“Hey!” I called him, “Are you serious? How can you have a rent for rent?”

He turned his head, sighed, it seems to be very disappointed with me, “Sure enough, you will always consider it forever, I really …”

“What is wrong with considering money, I have such a girlfriend, you …”

“”, Lu Guangming did not patiently listened to me, and watched the door.

But … Qian Mingming is really important, considering the money is wrong?


I follow Lu Guangming is a college classmate, not with professional. We met in the cafeteria, he came to eat, I gave him a meal.

I have been in the school cafeteria, I have been working on the school cafeteria, I have been changed for a while at noon. I was just round to “hot roof”, Lu Guangming took a week.

“Classmates, can you change your window? I have to spit with hot dry noodles.” This is the first sentence that Lu Guangming told me.

Lu Guangming is the city, the conditions are good, the monthly living expenses are two thousand, so few foods are rare. The big second is almost late, rushed into the canteen, rushed to the least personal team, and then he was.

He said that I love me at first sight, I don’t know the true fake. I didn’t talk about my love before, and I didn’t have to be chased. He is a pet for me to eat a week. I am a pet, and I will go straight together.

Others go to the university to eat and drink, I went to college working everywhere. At noon at the school cafeteria, at night’s milk tea shop at the commercial street, weekend flyers on various roadside, stack clothes in the clothing store, and wipe the table in the coffee shop.

Lu Guangming said that the commercial tycoon is not busy, and I will make an appointment one month in advance. Also said some words “how much this can earn you, it is better to raise you”, but I am not really true.

He loves to play games, a bunch of electronic equipment in hand, standard moonlight, but flowers will continue to ask home. I am always embarrassed to let him use his parents’ money to raise me.

At that time, we have already begun to quarrel for money. He said that my money fans, the amount of money in my heart is much more important than him.

I really think that his person is a little narcissistic, dare to fight with the renminbi.

But although I have no love experience, I naturally know that this is not. I have to resign some weekend part-time and take time to accompany him.

After graduation, we stayed together, the size contradictions are constantly.

I don’t like to turn on, he said that he would not be bright enough. When I took a shower, I stood in a bucket, and the water used to flush the toilet, he said that I was mad. I will take a lot of express paper box and take it. He said that I made my home like a slum.

Lu Guangming parents were primary school teachers, ordinary well-off home, from middle production of 100,000 thousand miles. As a single son in the family, I have been loved, and I have some high-key factions. Have he seen the real slum? Just there, pointing point, high height.

Because of spending habits, spending money concept, we have said all the way, he has also said a few times, but it is small, soon, it will be.

The most serious time, he didn’t come back in a few days, and the phone was deleted. I bought a more than 4,000 pieces of game consoles to pick him up, he returned to me again.

As long as I spend more money for him, he will feel that I still love him.

Later, he went to see his parents, although they did not talk about me, but we were almost beginning to talk about marriage.

After that, we contradict it, because I started to manage him.

Before I only bind myself, he spent his money earned, even if he was a big hand, I also went with him. In the future, we have to form a family, his money is the money of this home.

I will open a family account with him, leaving only two thousand pieces of zero every month, and the remaining money will be stored in.

He promised his promise, but he always had to use the money in the new headset, new shoes, and new cards. He said that 2000 pieces per month, I am like treating him like a flower.

Lu Guangming really lacked a common sense, and did not know about the life of Huazi.

Near my birthday, he has to use the money in the account to buy a gift. I said that I have a heart, and I don’t have to buy anything, let’s gather a few KTVs with friends.

He is not worth it, it took a long time, but my iron heart, thunder did not move.

“Tiestone heart” is that Lu Guangming is often used to describe my words. It is still going on something else, but this is clearly my birthday, I don’t need him to give gifts, is this not considerate enough, where is the iron 心? I think Lu Guangming is not divided.

I thought this time, as he worked with him, I didn’t think about it. I didn’t expect him to completely broke out.

“Song Runnan, I am enough! What days have you been, are we going to this? I want to be good for you, I haven’t lived this in this life! You are defending there! What do you do? Is it brought into the coffin? “

I want to tell him that this is definitely me, there is a lot of use, but it is definitely not “bringing the coffin”.

I haven’t come yet, he threw it out, “We break up”, then take his hand.

Booking KTV’s money has already spent out, friends are also coming soon. So I didn’t catch up, and I was in KTV with my friends.

It is not too sad. He is not a time twice, but it can’t live in the friends, but the seven mouths have been asked. Previously similar acts, gradually made me irritated, filled a lot of wine, perhaps blurred some tears, can’t remember.

I went to WeChat, Lu Guangming didn’t delete me and didn’t pull it black.

He has a temper, likes to delete my phone WeChat to express the protest, enjoy me constantly looking for him, and determine my love.

This time, even the box got the living room, the phone WeChat was still not deleted, it looks like a real gesture.

At the beginning of the year, I also like some hotels, wedding dresses, I thought that I had to marry my wife in this two years.

Although I’m not a very sweet-winged girlfriend, I have been running for eight years, I have thought of him in this life.

This is an orbit that seems to have long, I have never thought of there is another direction. Now he seems to be determined to be yet, I will stay alone in the same place.

For a time, I was confused. From the morning, I woke up at the strangers, and I went home to face my boyfriend, my 27-year-old began to be too magical …

Just when I thought “All this is likely to be a dream”, Xu Zhenzhen called the phone.

From tone, you can listen to her eyebrow dance, “What is it last night?”

“I am still still in my dreams now?”

“What dream? Song Ri Nan, you haven’t woken up? Your biological clock is not too early?”

“…” It seems not a dream.

“Still talk to Xiao Shi guy in a piece? Never want to go home?”

She is hobhah, and I started to bite the teeth, “Xu Zhenzhen, you can do things can have a brain!

“Birder? You can see me too much, how can I dare? He has been adult, it is tender …”

“You still put it!” I broke up.

The phone was laughed, and the mobile phone was listened to the ears of two meters.

“Ah, hahahahaha … Song Ri Nan, you have to laugh at me … Do you bought him as a money?”

“Isn’t it? Not you said … find a boy what …”

“Obviously, you have been doing yourself, you will break down, the old lady is still not rare … The old lady is going to find a small meat … Give me a small meat … ‘Don’t give you, I can’t help you, I Only when you talk, I can find it to you? “

“I …” I didn’t expect myself to be drunk. It is this morality, but I don’t remember those words, “Then you … who came to come?”

“Ke Ran, my colleague’s Yuanshou Xiaowei, just study abroad, I didn’t have friends, and I came over.”

“Yes, just when I am drunk, I will find some fresh meat, then you should have an inset, don’t let him take me away.”

Xu Zhenzhen is a hilarious. “Then you really mishere, I will misunderstand him, it is yourself, I will take him away! I can’t stop it … I should take it to you. Down … “

I can’t confuse, alcohol is a devil who controls human beings, I will become that look … I really can’t wait to record video, even I want to watch …

Xu Zhenzhen laughed without can’t stop, and she suspected of tall the weekly, I am rare to give her so much smile.

“Don’t smile … I am very miserable now, Lu Guangming said that it is true, he wants to move.”

“Moving, you can divide.” Xu Zhenzhen did not sympathize with me. She is not optimistic about my feelings, think that Lu Guangming does not take good, delicious is too lazy, not worth married.

Listening to me, there is no sound, she feels that I am really sad, I have a little joke, “I may not be a good thing, you should contact some other men. Ke is very good to you, you try “

Xu Zhenzhen is very different from me. She is very new, and she is not interested in “from school uniform to wedding dress”. She feels that girls don’t experience a few paragraphs. I don’t see a man, there is a big loss.

Ke 柯 码 小 小 小 小 小 短 短 短 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻 佻So unreliable object, she feels that I can try it.

I didn’t pick up her, hung up.


On the afternoon of Lu Guangming, I gave him a lot of calls. He didn’t answer and did not hang up. I only sent me in WeChat. “Unless I made me moving other free.”

I still want to stay, but I don’t know what to say, I am.

Then I saw WeChat with a new friend application, Ke Ran.

Because I misunderstood him, I feel that I have passed the application soon.

He is not a sin, but said, my necklace falls in the hotel and gives me a shot.

That necklace is a few years ago, Lu Guangming sent my birthday gift. I have been wearing a neck, when I fell, I didn’t know it at all.

I am embarrassed to let him send, but I really have no strength to run again, and finally report the door, I can’t refuse Ke Ran.

I gave him a door, I was very embarrassed, he was very calm, as if we were innocent.

He also gave me a necklace and wanted to re-put it.

I avoided, “You don’t want to be so embarrassed.”

He haha ​​laughs, sitting on the couch, put the necklace on the coffee table, watching the suitcase next to the suitcase, and the men’s T-shirts that are scattered inside.

“Your ex-boyfriend is ready to move?”

He is a thoughtfulness, and he will know.

“No.” At least I hope not.

“I saw you very open up last night, I can’t break up immediately.”

He thought that I would not like to hear my face like this morning, observed my face, seeing I didn’t stop, and said a lot, I have to restore my madness.

He said that I was a top ten, pulling him chatter, first said Lu Guangming’s bad things, complaining about my grievance. Later, I said that the pigs and cows who were raised when I was young, and I started to have tears.

He said that I was so unfortunate, not to tears my boyfriend, but a pig and cattle.

Later, I rushed to the sky, “Come and a Meteor Shower”, not for a few seconds and muttered, when can I grab a ticket for Jay Chou’s concert … Thinking is extremely jumping, there is no logic.

He said while learning me, live flexible, tears, tears, have smiled.

This is not finished, go to the hotel, I take the bed as a trampoline, open my arms, and jump. I have been singing again, but it is not Jay Chou’s song, like a folk song, and sad for a while, and my tears are nose.

“It’s a pity, why don’t you record it?” I said after listening.

He doesn’t understand, “others have to leave evidence.”

“Because I never, I didn’t know myself.”

I am very rules, in the daily track, I will be able to be cautious, all disorder and crazy are far away from me. I don’t know if I can be so mad.

“Then I am very lucky, all of them know, I have remembered.”

“Lucky? Don’t you feel bored?”

“Don’t think, I like it very much.”

It’s so easy to say, it’s not reasonable. What is even more reasonable is that my heart is getting faster.

Reward his eyes, I asked him that he was hungry, turned into the kitchen, cooked two bowl of wine and wine.

He asked him while eating, suddenly said, “You seem to be used this morning …”

“No, no, I am sleeping!” I intercept him, and quickly deny.

He laughs, “Sister is a few years old? How is it so easy to blush.”

“27 years old, don’t call my sister, my name is Song Ruan.”

“I 22, it’s really smaller than you, what is your sister? Sister?”

I am embarrassed, because he called these two words very embarrassed. He should also know itself, so it is deliberately called again, I want to tease me.

I don’t have a small child, so I don’t have a cavity.

He buryed his head and he said, “I gave you a face before going to bed yesterday. You looked at me, I am so good to you, you want me to be your boyfriend.”

I am shocked, I spurt it out, he haha ​​laughs, give me a paper towel. I realized that he was 诓 诓, ignorant him.

“How? I am doing your boyfriend so scary?”

“Do you want to fall in love with the old woman?”

This time, I am widened, “27 is old! You are very small abroad.”

“Then you are in love with me this age.”

“That is not …”

That is fresh, I want to change the taste. I didn’t wait for him to say more, took two bowls to get into the kitchen wash away.

He said that he came to wash, I didn’t let him stand next to it.

“You said that there is no taste yesterday, that is because we didn’t do it, if you really do it, I will never have a chance to let you say this.” He suddenly frank.

I was relieved in my heart, and I immediately found that he was a bit in the second half of the sentence.

I don’t know if it is in foreign school, the 22-year-old boy is in love, the sentence is awkward, and the atmosphere will be red heartbeat.

He appreciates me like this, like a laugh, and a face taste. But because of the long-term young, it is the face of the city, which is invisible.

I have passed more than a few minutes, and I started to send the bowl.

He is not annoyed, come to the door, Zhengqi, “If you say it before going to bed last night, you feel that yourself be very happy, this doesn’t lie to you, I also think you have to do it.”

His eyes moved towards the boadbox to the ground, and he should be a smart to guess the retaining of Lu Guangming.

Lu Guangming still does not answer the phone, I can only pass alone. This week, when he didn’t live at home, he came back to take many daily necessities, it seems that the breakager is already the staple.

On Friday, I have a heart to talk to Lu Guangming once again. Every time I avoid it, I will touch it, so I secretly touch, I have no experience in eight years.

“I won’t be embarrassed,” I sent him a WeChat, and I met him.

He replied two words, no time.

He used to be a honesty in the past, just played the game at home, how could it be free?

I plenty, I want to go to the Haozi family to find him, I haven’t going out, I have hit the door to knock on the door.

“I will take you to a place!” He is very excited, pulling me.

“Where to go? I have something else.”

“Other things must have no important thing, I promise that you will not regret it with me.”

He hoped to have a vow, I was confused, I got his car.

After two hours, he took me to a hill.

Wasteate wild rings, black paint numb black.

“I have already regret it now.”

He is still selling Guan Li, stopping the car, and starts a tent. After taking it, he took the lead in drilling and lie down and put the head outside.

“You come over and lie down with me, waiting for the surprise!”

Come here, I will lie down.

“You take me to see the stars on the mountain?” I gazed the night sky, I found that the horizon is indeed different from the horizon, as if it is closer, more stars.

He is silent and smiling and still looking at the sky.

I look with him. When I didn’t have much, I found that Ke 以 我 真 真 真 真..

There is a meteor. So fast, so dazzling.

“There is more, and there will be up to 130 people in an hour. It is a real meteor shower!” He said that this is like a treasure.

We looked quietly, and sometimes there was a meteor to cross, for a while, no one speaking.

I asked him, “Are you a wish?”

He said very well, “” In your side, it has been desired to be realized. “

“Oil mouth slippery.” But my heart moved, he put my drunken words in my heart.

“Jay Chou does not open a concert for a long time, I can’t buy tickets, I can only take you to watch the meteor shower, other wishes, I will say later.”

I don’t believe that we can have. But such a scenery, I didn’t say it.

“Why are you crying for pigs and cattle?” After a while, he asked.

“This story is very long, do you really listen?”

He made a very devout look, waiting for me to open.

“I have two sisters, junan, love, I don’t have to use men. After I was born, some people said that there were too many girls in the family, they didn’t work. I sent me away. I called ‘swallow ‘Because it flew out.

In the past three or four years, I have been can’t stand it, and I will pick me back, and I barely called ‘Junnan’. I don’t want to be a man, I am willing to be a swallow, freely. They don’t like our three sisters, we don’t like yourself.

But I feed the pig, I found that pig and cattle like me very much. Pigs are screaming in me, cows are called, they are very close to me, I like me very much.

The pig came to the table, the cattle was old. “

Ke 得 得 眼 眼 眼I am very indifferent, they have left for many years, I don’t know if I will cry for this after drinking.

“I like you. Ke, I like Song Runnan, oh, no, I like Song Yanzi.”

The 22-year-old child said, I am not ready to be true, smile.

He is anxious, “How to Lu Guangming likes you, when you come, is my favorite?”

I want to argue, the phone rang. Xu Zhenzhen sent a screenshot.

It is a circle of Lu Guangming, holding another person in his hand.

I went to the Lu Guangming’s circle, I found that he shielded me, but not smart enough, or did not really care, forgot to shield Xu Zhenzhen.

Oh, it turns out that it is not available.

Only one week, I have already handed hands, can’t wait until the official, when is it good?

I don’t dare to think, tears have already come out. This kind of thing is not worthy of tears.

Ke 柯 这 切, 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地

He pulled me up, took out the phone, and took his face to my face, took a photo.

I see he is going to take my mobile phone to send a circle of friends directly, stop him, “My friend is a lot of people, you can only see it.”

“This is too false, you can’t get him, wait for you to think about him. I am not ugly, don’t you take it?”

Said sentences, unable to refute.

For more than ten minutes, nearly 100 praises have been got, and Ke is happy, “sure because of my handsome.”

After another ten minutes, Lu Guangming came, “Song Ruan, you are very powerful.”

I returned to him, each other.

“I will come to move tomorrow!”

“Not ask for it.”

He was born, he paused, “” When did you know him? “

“none of your business.”

He anger, “People are also playing you! Don’t look at yourself a few years old!”

“Oh, I will wish.”

He has nothing to say, hang.

“Wow, my sister is good, it will be too characterful!” Ke is an exaggerating atmosphere.

I am also surprised, I still have such a side of the mouth.

However, after the mouth is addicted, there is only a vacancy.

I lay down and stared at the night sky. I just had a meteor. I want to wish, but I found … In my heart, I don’t even know any wish.

I wanted someone like me, Lu Guangming appeared, I thought it was very satisfactory, and now he likes others.

When I am with him, I want a home, a home belonging to my own, and now I am not possible.

I don’t know what I still want.

Ke 躺 躺 温 我 温 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我

“We don’t go back tonight, do you sleep in the mountain?” There is a sleeping bag in the tent, not cold.

Ke 应 应, “Do you want to sleep, me?”

I have no mood to respond to his joke. But he is very young, adding yourself, “Hey, I will not be guilty of passers-by, I want you to be willing.”

He deliberately read the words “Heart Willingness”, I regretful listening to him to open when answering the phone …

He saw me not to talk, and also asked, “I just helped you, you don’t agree together, can you always be?”

“Is it nothing to do with a date?” I asked him.

He laughs at me, “Old antique, can you have a date before, don’t date how to determine your mind?”

I was very fast with Lu Guangming, and I only had a date with him. I have been there for a few years, and I have not been there. Ke 以 说 的 的 的 的 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董 董

I promised him.

Ke is like a child laugh.


That weekend, Lu Guangming did not come to move, I am too lazy, I will go with Ke.

He took me with a thing I have never done, king.

I didn’t have a car, and I didn’t test the driver’s license. Although driving a kart does not need a driver’s license, I am still afraid of rejection. Ke 柯 以, 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事 事. I was confused again.

Before you get on the bus, you must sign the security agreement, you will be able to you, the consequences are at your own risk. But after a round, it is also me that I can’t add addiction, and I will run a round.

Because I know, I hold the steering wheel, which is so cool.

Before leaving, I sat there and wrote praise, I can return five yuan.

In the past, Lu Guangming is very can’t see me. I am a little discount, toss the coupon, write praise … In Lu Guangming’s eyes, it is a waste of time, he feels irritable, “” Five eight pieces can do it. ? “

Ke 柯 柯 心 心

I am so funny, “You don’t think it is for these five dollars, there is no need?”

He said, “If you think it is necessary, it will be necessary.”

In the next few weeks, Ke 柯 我 我 手. 手. 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手I have sent a lot of friends.

When I have already forgotten Lu Guangming, he suddenly appeared at home.

“You have justified it, take things away, I am telling the landlord to rely.”

He suddenly grabbed my hand very tightly, not willing to release, “South-South, we don’t break up. Rent can, we buy a house, get married.”


I look cold to him, “Are you smashed?”

“I made a mistake, you also made a mistake, we are not thinking about each other, when you do anything, continue as it is as good as before, ok?”

He said that we became a mistake, and he didn’t even apologize.

At that time, I always wanted, why not give him money to buy a gift, as for so angry, do you want to break up?

It turned out that I want to leave, but I still have to go to my head.

This is Lu Guangming, with me for eight years of landing.

“No, it is wrong, I am right.”

He has changed, “Ok, I am wrong, I should cherish you, go back to me, we get married.”

I have been married, I have mentioned twice, he is all kinds of “Let’s talk”, I don’t dare to ask the reason, I am afraid that I will be dragged.

“Do you not want to knot before?”

“I …” He hesitated, “she said,” She is not good, I am confused, I can’t miss you! “

It turned out to be a contrast.

“Why is she not good?”

Lu Guangming hurriedly complained, “she is lazy, she will only sell, the clothes are piled into the mountain, no more than one hundred twins, more than my game, I can’t eat.”

Ah? This is not me? I am afraid that I can wait for you?

Xu Zhenzhen said that Lu Guangming is so lazy, it is not a matter of embarrassment. He is born two major hobbies, playing games and eating. Acquisition of takeaway, I have to cook to him in the working day.

As for “lazy”, he will not lose to his new girlfriend.

I cope with him at the beginning of the same family, a cooking, another dishwash; a healthy and another fell. In short, it is necessary to divide labor.

But he is always too lazy, and I will help him with the flowers and words. As a result, it is almost all I am doing.

“Sorry, South-South.” He finally got to apologize, “I used to be my bastard, I didn’t know the blessings in Fu, you have diligently hold a home, but it will give me a chance.”

Miss Qianjin outside, he didn’t eat, he came back to this slum.

Lu Guangming made me feel cold.

I declined, ask him to go out, the remaining items I will pack it, please come to take it.

“Eight years, are you waiting?” Lu Guangming gave a feeling.

But I am not moving, “When you hold her hands, we have become worthless for these eight years.”

He continued, “You don’t always want to marry me? We can have your own home now, I will let you happiness!”

“You just want me to continue to wait for you, you should go to marry a maid.”

He is angry, “You! How do you speak now? You also make mistakes … Oh! Is that male? He brought you!”

He got up and catch my shoulders, forced me, “Song Ruan, you are awake, what is your future? A flower bonus, you give up me for him, you have a good amount!”

I firmly look straight to him. “I am not giving you you, it is for myself.”

He finally didn’t say it, and he left.

I re-found the house, moved in that day, is Ke I am helping.

He asked me, “Leave the slag male, retreat, why not happy?”

I said, “He is my youth, I have no youth.”

Ke 柯 手 手 手 手 手 手 我 的 的 的 的 的 青,,,,,,,, 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 我 青 青 青 青 青

I laughed by him, but I didn’t nod.

Because I don’t know if I have to get together.


After a month, Tanabata.

Ke 以 以 约 我 我, French Restaurant. He was the French study in France and has always been very good for the French meal.

I first eaten such a high-end restaurant, and the topic steps were cumbersome, and a meal can be eaten. But I don’t mind, and I cherish it once a minute and one second.

When you go to your dessert, Ke I took a gift, a square fluffy box, “send you.”

It is a silver necklace, and the pendant is wings.

“The previous necklace, I will fall, change the new.”

I took out this new one and hang it on my neck.

He is very happy, “Song Yanzi, I am with me.”

“Why do you like me?” I asked him.

“When you see you in KTV, you can drag me very quickly, say it in my ear, tell me a secret.”


“You said you love to dig your nose, then dig it to me.”

“…” I will never drink again in the future!

It should be because I have digged my nose every time. Lu Guangming said that I have a vulgar, saying that I don’t care about the image, but I don’t have such a picture. Very embarrassed, I have to dig him at home.

“I first saw such a girl who did not count the image, I felt very special. My family and friends, circle, all … More elite, ladies … Everyone has masks, you don’t. “

It turns out that I am also his “outside”.

“Your wish is so small, I want to be all satisfied.” Ke is very affectionate.

“Do you know what I am now?”

He shook his head.

“The swallow has wings, and should learn to fly and see the vastness of the heavens and the earth.”

After I was taken back by my parents, I forgot my flying, I have been trapped in the life of “heavy male and female.” What pity is constantly pursuing, no one loves me, I think I have no value.

I do so much for Lu Guangming, because I am afraid that people who like me.

But I don’t know, people who should like me is my own.

Others have been loved, so there is no teacher, know that I love yourself. I won’t, I have to learn from now, flying out of the old world.

He is a little, “Do you want to fly? Can you stay around me?”

“The world is very big, I want to fly outside.”

I think I should have a long journey. I like myself first before I like anyone. At this time, blindly stepped into a love, I still have the one who suffers from suffering.

After all, others like it is difficult to protect, the most reliable, and always love.

He smiled, “I know I don’t send you wings.”

“Thank you for everything you do for me, Ke Ran, I am very happy.” This is from the heart.

“But I feel very regrettable.”

“Don’t regret.” I looked at the dining pan in front of me. “I said, no matter what it is just a former dish, you feel fresh and refreshing, very appetizing, taste it. But you really need or main dishes. “

I am very different from Ke. If the two sides “derailed” will meet, and it can be dated with him. He does have a lot of youth, and therefore, I think I can’t stay.

“You said that it is too arbitrary, how can you sure, are you not the main course?” He still didn’t give up.

I thought about it, I didn’t make sense, “Yes, I can’t affirmed, then we will wait and see.”

“Really? Will it be fly back?” He gaked me.

“Who knows, believe in the fate.”

He finally showed a good-looking smile, “Okay, I believe we have the edge.”

So, here, I will tell Ke.

I will depart, find myself.

(Original title: “On the first day of the age of 2, I slept a brother”)

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