Classic little feet jeans make the body more accurate temperament

Classic little feet jeans make the body more refined. Blue jeans is better than black, and it is very profitable, and it is very strong, and it is not tapped in the season. How to wear ok. Colors are also very wild, you can choose your favorite top color. In addition, the point to remember is that the upper body must have a tight effect.


What is worth mentioning is that such jeans is very good, it won’t easily fall, you can wear a few years. This is very cost-effective. The elasticity is very large, and the waist is slim to make the leg more diverse, and it seems to be more high. Of course, wearing a feeling is also very comfortable and soft in the spring and winter.

The upper body can choose brown sweater and star with paragraph, fashion elegant and temperament, slowly ripe. It is very delicate and elegant because it is elastic, you can repair the waist and thin color wild, the plasticity is very plasticity. It is a choice for your fashion road.


In addition, it is said that the color of the clothes is Golden Sanda. It is relatively small to be a small note, remember it! The color of this color is gentle, mysterious, the more wear, the faint gray is more delicate, and it is gentle and playful.