Simple and good-looking good weavened ladies round neck seven-point sleeve top, can also weave growth sleeve sweater illustration

This style is a backsheet to the front piece to form a relatively good-looking special effect, that is, the small picture of the above picture begins to gradually go down from the armpits, the larger, the front piece is reversed, the moreThe smaller, so the two sutures are the effect on the image.

The view of the addition, such as 6-1-4 means that every 6 lines minus 1 time, a total of 4 times, and other additional and subtractions are pushed.


The meaning of the 11th is to leave 11-pin no need to weave (the needle will be used in the middle of the necklace), and the six-way flat meaning is not to reduce the 6 lines.


The adjusted needle of the front collar used a solid star stars, and its unexpected method was the star-numbered number of the front of the front image.

The bottom of the figure is the weaving of the collar. The blanks in the middle of the plaid don’t use it. It is straightforward to woven a needle, and the sisters will naturally form a combination of a needle in accordance with the symbols of the above needles.of.