Actress who is delayed by “short”, some people wear shoes, increased in the wear, 1 meter of the foot

Feng Timo

The official is 155 cm, the actual height is 147 cm, and the false report is 8 cm. However, because the height is too short, it is 8 cm, and normal people are hard to find!

Even if you are tip, wear shoes, you can bare to 160 cm! It can be seen that there is at least 3 cm in the sole. And Xiaobian also heard that Feng Tiomo took this photo when he was courageous! Not only is wearing shoes, tip the tip of the feet, but she also wear an increase in it!


However, because Feng Timo is a sweet, the song is elegant, Feng Timo’s height is only 147 cm, but it does not affect the enthusiasm of fans!

Two Zhong Xintong

The official height is 160 cm, the actual height is 152 cm, and it is 8 cm.


Originally, it is very short. Recently, Zhong Xintong has gathe, now 152 cm, height of Zhongxin Tong has exceeded 130 pounds! It’s all that the goddess of the goddess is just out of the year!

Typical fat destroy!


Three-havehing red

Han Hong Height 152, Han Hong is not much concerned with height. The title of the sister of the Mainland Music is not white.

Guo Jingming’s height is 155. It can be seen that Guo Jingming is a little bit better than Han Hong.


Tsai Tsai

Jolin Tsai official height 156.

Jolin Tsai is very careless. There is an advertising publicity photo. Jolin Tsai said that the photo was to be her most want to delete.

Unfortunately, Xiaobian found this photo!


With a “saying love you”, you will have a good dance talent.

Five Yihan


Zhang Yihan official 168, but Zhang Yihan’s private clothing is very understanding, so the spectators see Zhang Yihan in front of the screen seems to have 165 cm.

I used to Feng Toimo and Zhang Yihan Terrace, and netizens said they couldn’t bear to look at it!

It can be seen in the picture that Feng Timo’s high heel shoes will have at least 10 cm. I can sing like this hate, it is really admiring!

Six Zhu Yin

Zhu Yin official 160, actual height 153, false report 7 cm, you can see how Zhu Yin is a high height.

“Escape Waylong 2” and “Westward Journey” who have starred with Xingye have left us a good memory.


The two did not come together, but unfortunately!

Seven Liang Jingru

Liang Jingru official is 155 cm high, but height is only 150 cm.

Liang Jingru has been dedicated to 22 years, but also met Bole Li Zongsheng.


She wrote her own feelings into the song. Express a little bit in your life with a sweet voice.

Eight Aoi

Aoi air is 155 cm high.

At the age of 16, it was seen by the model company. At the age of 17, he was blocked.

Although the height of Aoi is not high in our eyes, the size is not too good!


But Aoi is a Japanese. Each national aesthetic standard is different, and the height of Aoi in the eyes of Japanese has reached a perfect ratio.

Nine princes


Wang Zhiwen official is 159 cm high, and the actual high is only 155 cm.

The TV series “Happy” makes the prince’s literary usage, directly enter the first-line actress.


Wang Ziwen’s height is also popular.