alert! Some children’s underwear have been found to exceed the standard! Without this logo, don’t buy it.

Some time ago, when I found a sense of creation, I saw this news:

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Wearing the baby in the open pants play around the elevator, Ding Ding accidentally be “bitten”, it is teared to take off the entire foreskin!

Listening to it! This makes the department can’t be calm, and the fire will arrange a “underwear lecture hall” for Bao Darebao, Help the important territory!

research shows,

18 months of baby, you can accept “safety guards” – underwear!

But the Ministry of Science or not, it is recommended that there will be these four signals in the baby, and then arrange the small panties!

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Time is properly, and next will consider how to pick up underwear.

Flat angle, which is good? How is the degree of elasticity? How is the underwear? UNICED “underwear special”, officially opened!


Hand hand, teach you how to choose underwear!

Wearing underwear, is the first step in the “sexual education”, is also an important safety line!

The baby put on the small panties in time, covering the private parts, can’t see it, naturally not touching, can effectively prevent JJ ​​and leg.

But there are always small and smart manufacturers to add excessive formaldehyde solid color in order to make underwear.

So, Bao Parents must look for it when purchasing

Class A security category



GB 31701-2015


Security standard underwear!

In addition, there are several pick points. It is also important. Bao Dafu quickly took out the little book.

➤ Is the cotton material containing cotton be 100%?

The salesperson said that it is a cotton underwear, but the cotton volume is only 98%. Is this really cotton?

The Department of Science and Technology will give you a concept:

Pure cotton does not mean 100% cotton, 95% cotton volume, even the cotton product is




But there are also many unscrupulous merchants to label, want to determine if it is a cotton material, but also to “look at the two-touch three burning”!

➤ Flat angle OR triangle?

For the purchase version, the Ministry of Science felt that it must be “bauble”!

general speaking:

Triangle underwear is more close, and the flat-angle underwear is easier.

✓ Do be small, the legs, the legs, preferably in the triangular panties

The characteristics of the triangular panties are the “courtesy” of the trousers, and the private parts of the bellows, close-fitting, do not give bacteria and other opportunities.

But for men and legs, the experience is not very good.

The tension of the thigh roots and trousers, really let the baby “inch is difficult”, and even a row of scorpions.

✓ Big baby in the butt, unburained baby is more suitable for the flat-sheated underwear

The four-corner panties relax slightly in the crotch and trousers, although it is slightly inferior to protect privacy.

But it is also possible to fit with the thigh, waist, and will not be easily misplaced, move, and easily deal with the air demand when the baby is running back.

➤ Loose OR?

On the choice of underwear size, Bao Dao is not perfunctory!

The underwear is too small to have a vulva, an anus, causing a baby discomfort.

Excessive words, completely lose the protection function, so you can get the amount of yourself!

✓ Underwear waist data: measure a circle along the position of the baby navel.

✓ Panties hip 12: Along the lotus place, add 5cm reservation.

In this way, it is necessary to measure the selected underwear, it will just be fine!

Specific reference sizes, the Ministry of Science is also organized, so that the Bao Da Bao!

➤ Dark color OR light?

About the colors of underwear, the Ministry of Science proposals recommended Bao Da Bao Mom

The smoother, the better

This is because the colorful underwear will often contaminate a variety of dyeing materials, the long-term contact of the private parts and skin will have irritation, which is not conducive to the health of the baby.


In addition, the colorful underwear is also convenient for parents to see the private parts of the Pad, and I find abnormal secretions in time, symptomatic medical treatment.


Choose the notes of your panties, is Bao Da’s treasure mom?

Although it is important to choose the underwear, it is far from the health of the baby, but the Ministry of Science is more important!


How to wash your underwear, 5 o’clock to keep in mind!


If the underfanties of the baby belt with 0.1g of feces, then it is equal to at least 100,000 bacteria and 1 million viruses.

So the “one net in the end” is very necessary!

➤ Wash separately

The separation here is not only separated from adult clothes, and other clothes of the baby are also separated.

Use a separate basin to wash

Prevent bacteria from taking the opportunity.

➤ Use the appropriate detergent

When cleaning the panties of the baby,


Try to select neutral or weak acidity, and have a professional laundry agent without a fluorescent agent.

Seriously washing 3-5 minutes, let bacteria to completely say goodbye!


➤ Multiple rinsing, avoid residual

After washing, you must use it.

Wash the water, rinse, avoid the remains of the residual stimulating baby left

, Trigger allergies, itching.

In addition, parents don’t pursue “clean”, choose all kinds of unnecessary antibacterial, soft liquid,

Excessive cleaning!

➤ Sunlight sterilization

Want to completely wash the panties of the baby, there is also a magic weapon: sunshine!

Continuous drying in the sun for 6 hours

In order to disappear most of the bacteria on the underwear!

➤ Separate

After the cleaning is complete, it is not stored separately, it is likely that the loss is!

Store the baby’s clean underwear separately in the underwear storage box / bag

Blocking daily bacteria, it is only completed throughout the cleaning process.

Although Bao Da Bao Momeweit, cleaning, but this does not mean that underwear can use long-lasting cycles.

The Ministry of Subaver is recommended under normal circumstances

For every half a year to change a batch of underwear

Guaranteed hygiene.

During the period, the underwear was found, but also replaced the big one of the underwear immediately!

In the end, the department has also said to say a whisper to Bao Punta:

Waple four years old can start to wash underwear! Want to hand over the job, you have to hurry!

Image Source: Science Family Parenting Original

Image Source: Science Family Parenting Original

Image Source: Science Family Parenting Original

Image Source: Science Family Parenting Original

Image Source: Science Family Parenting Original

Image Source: Science Family Parenting Original

Image Source: Science Family Parenting Original


Image Source: Science Family Parenting Original