US Haitao light luxury bag recommended (1)

It is said to include a hundred diseases. If the bag is for a girl, it is really not as simple as the accessory. Even if you work, you need a simple, equipped with a beautiful bag, you can instantly light your shape. Today, Xiaobian will choose a few of the most worthy of the US Haitao’s light luxury bag. The price is around thousands, whether it is a student party or a city beauty, you can have!


Coach Tabby 26


I have always thought that the package of Co-Chi is old, suitable for the mother of my mother, and I really have a new idea after changing the designer. From the original earth, rustic is perfect, and now the Coach style should be too beautiful, and it will be a lot of grass. Today, this Tabby 26, which is shared today, is absolutely one of the most popular light luxury bags this year. The logo T-envelop, retro C-type buckle, plus modern contrast design, back it is a crowd The focus of the middle. This series of colors is more colorful, and it is still continuously launched new color, different colors can match different styles of clothes, it is the most worthwhile US Haitao’s explosion!


2. Coach Parker 18 Camellia

Next, it is still a style of Co-Chi, from last year to this year, the classic camellia elements are equipped with rotation, and they are engraved with LOGO at the hardware. Every detail is looped, and it is very good. This series of most popular old flowers are very simple, caramel color matching old flower patterns, really very advanced, with casual or official style will look very nice. Regardless of the size, the weight of the bag is very light, and it is not pressed very much. The Parker series has different sizes, more petty girl chooses 18 just fine, this package is also very advantageous in the price of Haitao, you like a friend, don’t hesitate!

3. Tory Burch Lee RadziWill Series

The new classic classic in the two years of this two years is the Lee Radziwill series. Many people say that it is the price of Hermes, but also a pack of hardships. Mini Lee is the most poke, small, very exquisite, the handcuffs are good, but MINI does can’t let anything, if it is a commuter, it is recommended to buy a little bigger size, you want more expensive. Choose a crocodile skin pattern. TB has a low price than Europe, and the official website is being discounted, and friends who want to buy a package may wish to pay more attention.

The above is the three specially recommended for the United States Haitao today, and more popular style will be slowly shared slowly, buy a package, completely look at your preferences, like it is the best. You can choose CoKeps Coke to send US transport companies to buy bags for yourself!