This year, keep warm, you must do it, code this “three sets”, no more to frozen.

Hi, here is set,

A focus dress, exclusive, your beautiful fashionable people!

The new round of cooling begins, do you have to prepare! Anyway, I am smart this time, I have seen the weather in advance, I will prepare this early.


Insulation “three sets”



In the winter, in addition to the down jacket, plus velvet leggings, cotton shoes, there are three invisible items, but also the winter essential to the artifact, maybe they are not so conspicuous, perhaps, they are not particularly existent, But they are all kinds of “Mongki Dynasties”.

One of the three giants: hat

Winter wearing a hat will be better than other seasons, because it is not just to cover the hair that has not been washed, more, for

Keep warm



Whether you are a workman or a student party, it is worth preparation of a hat. On the way to school, there is a presence, you can know what is warm, how should I choose a hat? You can follow the three standards below.

From warmth, the hat of knitted fabric is the best, small sister, small sister, can choose a routine style knit hat, cold hat, plush cone cap with flush ball.

The big little sisters, can choose the bucket cap of knitted fabrics, covering the half-face effect is very bright / face, you can choose to have an arc cap fisherman cap, use the existence of the hat, form the effect of the head face, The effect of dressing is very


From plasticity, the baseball cap will more meet the requirements. This style of hat is wearing a variety of styles, sweet and cold wind, and royal sister.


You can also cooperate with the hairstyle,

Incompressed multiple faces

Long face, round face, national, face, cone, can try it! If you want the baseball cap and the single product, you can choose the same baseball cap with the same color.



In terms of knitted cap and baseball caps meet the requirements, but one thing to pay attention to it, the knitted cap and the baseball cap are very common, so inevitable will have the same aesthetic little sister with you.

If you can’t accept this little bit, you can try to choose a very delicious gift hat, Beret even a pumpkin hat, but these hats are very good, but the inclusiveness of the item is slightly unpleasant. !

Two two giants: scarf

Scarves are the best single item I think in winter, because it has changed the performance, making it unique to other items.

What if you are

Small child

In order to ensure that the scarf does not press the height, you can choose this short-streamlined knit scarf on the blogger. It only has only 80cm long after the middle stack, and it is insulated from the neck and does not show the turbine socket, and the extra part is hanging in front of the body. Not exposed to height issues at all.

If you want to look more concise, you can choose this plush bib, a total length of 60cm, wearing in your neck, version is similar to a small stand, not affecting overall aesthetics.

But one thing to pay attention to it, when choosing a scarf or a collar, you must see it.



Only if the color classics do not affect the skin, the overall upper body effect is best.

Another scarf is, identify the thief


Korean scarf

! The length of 200 cm can be worn at will, and the woolen fabric is thin and resistant.

It is suitable for all the necks, it is also suitable for all around the neck, whether it is the former or the latter, the overall beauty is very strong, as long as you like this way of wearing, you don’t have to be afraid Will have an error!

Three warmth three giants: gloves

Winter wearing gloves is really a wise choice, especially for a small sister who is cold in the winter hand and feet. When you choose your glove, you can’t blindly, although it is a must-have item in winter, but it is not what style is stylish.


If you want to avoid an error, I suggest you choose according to your own clothes, if you


Low-key, low-profile, daily clothes

It is recommended to choose this basic pure color style in the blogger.

If you dress your style, you can choose a velvet fabric glove, in order to increase


You can also choose the design with white lace splicing.

If you dress the style retro literary, you can choose the pure hue of Moradi color, you can also choose the bright colors of high saturation, as long as the color is pure, the effect of wearing the hand will not be wrong.


I am taking, if you have confusion, you can privately believe me, you also welcome a message to discuss! Follow the study, we will become better and more beautiful together!

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