Use these 4 washing milk, the more the skin is more white

Whitewood is going to start from every detail, you can’t let go. A good whitening cream can not only completely clean the skin, and use moisturizing cream or essence to play whitening and moisturizing effect in the subsequent steps. There are a lot of facial facial cleanser, many small fairy often don’t know how to choose, then this article must come and see!

European Poetry


Ou Shi is a special use cosmetics, which is a special use cosmetics. The main ingredients are nicotamide and pearl powder, which is relatively small, with whitening spots, softening keratin, deep cleaning.

Water password is cleanser

Water password This glacier mineral fresh silk slide cream set, main ingredient Australian tea tree essence, mineral trace element and sleep collagen, there is a main effect for whitening skin, gentle cleaning, oil control acne.

Appropriate herbal cleanser

Appropriate herbal water is 200ml, contains gold and silver flowers, wild chrysanthemum, cork, etc., can remove fat dirt, aging horny, with controlled acne, the effect, the gold and silver, silver, and recovery Skin is smooth.


Biotherm men’s cleansing milk


Biotherm This Men’s cleansing cleansing cream has the essence of Biotherm. The mineral flopp powder, kaolin and muddy mats, mainly for oily problems, clean oil smooth, refreshing pores, balance the efficacy of water oil.


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