Mannobi summer short-sleeved women’s shirts to get a variety of

The more you have a hot summer dress, the more you don’t work, one shirt will let you get a variety of down-fitting, that is the most suitable! Take a look at these Mannobi short-sleeved women, which is your heart!

[Mannobi unique flower pattern short shirt]

This Mannobi’s unique pattern of short shirts, the old age, the most beautiful, unique woven pattern, combined with the waist coat, wear fashion slimming charm.

[Mannobi European Spring Shirt]

Elegant and exquisite Mannipi short-sleeved women’s shirts, the heaters of the European gauze design, wearing a big card, the vertical stripes are unique.


[Mannobi Ding Waist T-Shirt]


Mannobi summer short-sleeved female T-shirt, thin hunger pure black, to design the beads on the waist, not only wearing a beautiful, but also make your waist line look slightly.

[Mannobi pure color silk women’s shirt]

There are two color optional Mannobi solid color masks, the rigid silk fabric, the upper body is very comfortable, we don’t worry about it at all, and it is very good to fit.


[Mannobi short-sleeved baby shirt]

Very cute Mantnobi short-sleeved doll shirt, version is very different! It is a tender must-have clothing ~ microtaled lace jacquard, small cardiometric sexy.

The above is the Mannobi summer short-sleeved women’s shirt brought by Xiaobian, who likes it!