Nine creative desktop wine racks, the perfect embellishment in the living room

Wine storage is also an important part of wine culture. Especially the wine, in addition to the wonderful taste, reasonable placement can also distribute a very strong beauty, and also highlight the master’s taste.

For most families, it is unrealistic to build a large-scale red wine cellar. Amazing family will choose a whole wine cabinet to store and display red wine, form a bright landscape in a home environment, and more small apartment families, you can consider a very simple desktop wine rack, a bottle Or a few bottles of red wine, mainly decorated.


A bottle of wine, placed on TV cabinet or display cabinet, fashion and grade. Let’s take a look at today’s creative nine.

1. Locomotive wine rack – what is going to pull?

2. High heel wine rack – high-cooled female god


3. Green giant wine rack – see you tired


4. Extremely simple wine rack – simple but full of design


5. Folding wine rack – large capacity, saving space

6. Chef wine rack – joyful fat


7. Pumpkin car wine rack – Mini small wine cellar

8. Swan wine rack – European style,



9. Magician alley – a rabbit, magical

Creative nine, update daily, make life more interesting!

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