The tank of the tank is very cool, but can everyone wear? 3 big-dimensional analysis, not suitable for a look

Yarn cups, jade people. Summer, who will not like cool? Girl’s thin clothes, the evening wind that is gently blowing in the street, the summer feel should be so comfortable and beautiful.


Talking about the summer of the summer, except for T-shirts, shorts, what else do you think of? Songs, short skirts, short sleeves have been flooded, and the cool tanks are not a good choice this summer.

The tank of the tanks seems to be very picking up, unlike everyone who can wear, but as long as you choose a tank shirt that is suitable for you, you can also easily control.

Before how to pick up the tank top, let’s meet together to meet what kinds of tanks are popular on the market!

Tank tank top





Well-like tanks are like a “well” word in the shoulder and neck, from the clavicle to the skeletion, Type C,

The neck is mostly high collar, small round neck or big round neck. Overall version is defimitive.

This well-like tank top is best to choose a solid color, with a small number of metal decoration,

White, black is the most popular in the summer.

Sisters with bad faces, can be stacked long U-type necklaces to modify face, and draw long-neck lines.

2. Cup type tank

The total version of the toner-tone tabs is loose, and the pattern is more diversified, and occasionally there is a slim version. The catholic non-sleeve shirt begins with the boundary line at the shoulder and the arm, and the truncation is usually the overall straight line.

The neckline is usually designed for a leader, deep uband and a big round neck.

Loose cowardous tank top

It can be boldly attempting to try patterns, vertical stripes, printing, etc. If the large-scale white pattern, you must choose a big badge design.

Let the color as much as possible from the face. Slim tissue-shaped tanks or is the most solid color,


The flattest sisters can try to choose short, with high waist.

3. Flying sleeveless tanks

Flying sleeveless tanks are similar to the small half sleeves. They are not as well as a well-sleeved tanks at the junction of the shoulders and arms. It is directly cut as well-sleeved tanks, but there is an extension, let the whole clothing presents a H. type.

Usually a loose version.


This type of sleeve design can generate a horizontally extending in the shoulder, and it is not directly exposed to the skin and its vicinity.


Therefore, there is a certain modification of the secondary milk and the unicorn arm.

After reading these three representative non-sleeve shirts that are deeply fashionable, we will come to the depth to analyze, which type of non-sleeve shirt is more suitable for you ~

From the following three dimensions (

Shoulder, arm width, secondary milk

) To analyze, let’s take a look at which type of tank top is your “dish”!

Dimension 1: Look around

Not everyone’s shoulder type is the same, and the shape of the shoulder directly affects the effect of your tank top. Why is some people wearing a tank of sweeping into a magazine cover, while some people wear a sleeve tanks, but also a migrant worker who returns to work, is actually because you didn’t choose the right tank top type.


The shoulder type is divided into a shoulder (shoulder and neck and shoulder formation> 20 degrees of angle), shoulder (shoulder neck and shoulder angle <15 degrees), wide shoulders (both sides shoulder width exceeding the hip wide), and Narrow shoulder (both side shoulder width

The sisters of the pool are suitable for a certain modified tank shirt, such as flying sleeveless tanks, tank tanks.

Not suitable for exposing the shoulder line directly. The sisters of the shoulders are perfect, basically can control all the types of tank top.

Wide shoulder sisters are not suitable for the shoulders with expansive elements: lotus leaf, lace, bow decoration, etc.

More suitable for clean and descending lines.


It is also not suitable for the shoulders of the horizontal extension, blank design, such as fly-sleeved, wellbed, and more suitable for a strong truncation. Narrow shoulders are just opposite, flying sleeves, well-shaped tank top

The most beautiful wear ~


Narrow shoulder, sister paper summer super suitable for this well-shaped tank top. Black slim version and healthy wheat skin color, all revealed the beauty of healthy and energetic. If you think that the shoulder neck is too blank,


It is also possible to add a metal necklace whose line clean and lower metal necklace is selected.

Due to the tank of the tank of the tank, it is guarded.

Therefore, it is more suitable for the high-spirited matching ideas.

With loose casual denim wide leg pants,

The long-term long section must be equipped with pointed shoes or can be blinded.

Dimension 2: Hear the thickness of the arm

The judgment of the shoulder type directly determines the overall impression of our sleeve, and the position of the arm and the vice milk is to make our details are also full of precision.

The arm mainly observes the thickness of the arm, because this location is closest to the shoulder, which has a great impact on the overall wear.


The big arm has a worship, the sisters of the Kirin arm can choose the shoulder design loose-type tank sweaters and flying sleeveless tanks, not suitable for tight well.


The arm sleeves can control all types of tanks.

In this sleeve shirt, in the design of the flying sleeves, this has added a person’s casual hood design, equipped with a soft and elastic moving fabric, full of vital street temperament. The shoulder loose design can cover meat on the big arm.

The color printing and individual metal necklace of the tank tanks can focus on the sight in the middle position, disperse the attention of the uncharged arm. With low-key khaki suits wide leg pants, orange canvas shoes and tank-tile shirts echoes each other, so cool girls, have you been brach?

Dimension 3: Seeing the top position

The chest is not the size of the chest to the sizes of the chest, but the position of the pair. The part of the chest and the arm is connected to the submast. No matter the fat and tall, basically everyone will have a pair.

There is a paramory is not terrible, but we must be careful when choosing a tank shirt.

Sisters with severe pairwilters should be as far away from the well-type tank top and slim shapes that exposed the site, and choose the easily tile shirt and the sleeve modification. Slim-sleeved tanks can be made from loose jackets.

The high-grade gray suit is dressed in noble and elegant, and the white and dreamed fabric has given a whole stainless temperament. Tailoring clean and neat-sleeveless tanks with oblique lines, slightly revealing a piece of ankle, and raising your hands and silence.


Tanks to choose from shoulder, arm width and secondary milk.

Well-shoulders, sleeves, shadow, narrow shoulders, sleeve, wide shoulders, loose, well-shaped;

The thick arms are selected to fly sleeves, loose shades; there is a pair of milk to avoid direct dressing, well-shaped tanks.

For those who will choose, there is no single item in the world. The sleeve shirt is selected, no matter what your body, you can wear it!