Light, wild, can loading, this 12 shoulder bag I will not be greasy every day.

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Hey Guys ~ I am a sleep. I haven’t updated the package for a long time. Recently, I have been looking for a large-capacity package suitable for summer back. I have to find more than a dozen more satisfied, so hurry to share it for everyone ~

There were two sentences before formal sharing. Old powder should know that in previous years, I am a small bag faithful enthusiast, because it feels a lightweight packet with simple summer dress compared. Why did you find a lot of bags this summer? Because the habit of going out the umbrella, the capacity is bigger to install it.

Plus now, there is a need for mobile phone, lipstick, key … More free to wash the hand and spare mask, and the small bag is inevitable.



“Light, Hundreds, Pack”


These keywords, I guess that many people will think of Coach, Longchamp, MK these classic brands. Indeed, many of their houses can be perfectly accommodated, but the hit rate is really a lady. So I still go to Taobao to dig some kinds of relatively small people, come and see this issue.

Super practical


Bags broke down ~


Item recommendation

1 | Stitch Tott

I was attracted by the unique design of this bag, classic Totebag package, plus the same color canvas cowhide splicing,

Aestheticity and practicality

Perfectly fits my imagination on the big capacity package.

In the case of size, the 30cm shoulder strap plus 29cm body height, and the small child is not too exaggerated. The capacity is very considerable,


Enrage A4 magazine

, Umbrella, mobile phone, charging treasure these things are not going on.


The square tag, I thought it was a card package, but I still feel so intimate, convenient to brush the bus card; see the introduction, I know just a decorative logo, don’t have a wrong expectation for it.

Tennco original leather


2 | French basket basket


The style is simple, and if the color is special enough, I will not miss it. This is the most classic ordinary Tott package, because it is extracted with light blue and chocolate collision, extraordinary


French style.

The pure blue Tott package will be more picking clothes, seal it with chocolate, and immediately have a lot.

The size is particularly perfect, it is not very small, no matter whether it is a hand, it is just right, it is a designer multiple adjustments, repeatedly filled the money. The fabric is a cowhide into the mouth, the texture is very good, it is the kind of for a few years. There is a zero purse, you can put key and door card, and the zero wallet is connected to the shoulder strap, and it is convenient to take.

Light Xia Gaso French Temmer Handbag

3 | Double-sided soft bag

I like this two color matching. the first is


Caramel color and lake


Their combination reminds me of a song – “A summer like the autumn”


The second is a lilac purple + apricot. This purple is also too dreamy, with a pink dress like a nobles.

The bag is actually a length of 32cm, which can put down the 13-inch vertical Tote, but do double-sided design, both sides can be back, or it can be folded as above. The leather is very soft, do not worry about double-sided folding and destroying packages or produce ugly creases. Buying is equivalent to three or four packs of a one-time GET, although it is a high price, but it is cost-effective.

Songmont original design


4 | Hand bag

The vegetable tanning bag has a unique charm to me, imagine that as my use of a little discolored, imagine that it is contaminated with my breath, the feeling of the taste of the year, inexplicably feels a bit romantic. This store is specialized to do tanned leather. The product is mostly used in the original color. I click in and look at it feels very comfortable.


I am the first in the first phase is this, simple trumpet original color bag, commuter is very temperament, and I don’t think it is too official to play.

The vegetable tanning leather is like such a pattern, and people like people will like it. The no sense of people may mind, consider clear and order.


5 | Briefcase

This briefcase is also very much like I like, the wax is yellow, but the eye is not too bright, and it is more temperament than other common yellow.

The capacity is large, and the computer can be put down. Although it is a positive package type, it is not dull to a serious commuter dress, which is very eye-catching.

6 | Japanese Tote Pack

This Japanese Tott package is the lychee leather, the handle and the edge of the tanning leather. The beige is equipped with a custom-dyed handle, and there is still a variety of retro tastes in the fresh, very special.

The package capacity is very large, computer, water cups, books, can put in a brain, and a small bag can also put it directly into the phone. Regardless of work, I can go back to school, and I will not depend on Mommy. However, there is a small feature to pay attention to the same, the hardware and the vegetable tanning leather, and it is also a retro old effect. It is scratched, and mind cautious.

Panlulupan Leather Brand


7 | Simple Tott Package

The disadvantage of the previous bag is that there is no compartment inside. If you usually go back to make a lot of small things, such as lipstick, key, headphones, bus cards, suggestions, is not easy, easy to use .

This inside is very convenient, key, documents, other small things can be made, do not panic when they need to be taken. And this is still detachable. If you need this package to install some simple big things, such as computers, clothes, you can also remove it.

Also send small-zero purse, colorful, lemon yellow, linen blue, dark night black, gray, white, wine red, to meet various needs. And it also has a horizontal version, a vertical version of two types, which can be said to take into account the needs of everyone.

Cero yu

8 | Shoulder Tott Pack


This kind of shoulder big bag is not suitable for me this kind of little, loosely and stronger, but I like to see someone to take it back, very cool, there is a cold-cooling literary style, can control this style Don’t miss ah. The price is not expensive because the material is a lower cost PU skin. Now PU skin can also have a good texture, this soft, very comfortable.

Land-colored stitching white, weakened the sweetness of pure white, higher the match rate. There are three colors to choose, smog blue, elephant gray, high ylberry, gentle selection of elegant, literary freshly selected furniture blue, elephant gray and people suitable for unsuccessful.


Pujor Sutias Official


9 | Pleated Tott Pack

This is also the 100-yuan class player of their family. I like it too much. The high-level full-scale pine green, and it is not in any light clothes.

The pleated bag is particularly level, and it can also be adjusted, even if there is no zipping its security.

10 | Pigging Tott Pack

In addition to the various small studio-style bag shops on Taobao, the most familiar package brands in China should be simple. It is a single product practical, cost-effective, two or three hundreds of prices, texture is doing outstanding. This yellow + camel’s color matching bag is also a general summer, so it will not be too violated in each season.


The physical color is slightly deep than the picture, but I see that the family shows that the beauty does not discount. In the case of size, the whole is simple and elegant, and the commuting party is recommended.

简 佰 格 旗舰 店


11 | White small basket

I have placed this white parcel from the UR. At the time, I was tangled in several items. I saw it immediately: it was it, so I started. Now I have finished writing ten items, and I still feel that I like this, I haven’t bought it wrong. This ivory white is very good with my summer clothes, I feel that it can take at least 80% of clothes in our wardrobe.

The size is just just, let it go, it will not be too exaggerated. The unfair is only a buckle, no zipper, no compartment, will send a bundle pocket to assemble the expensive item. Think about this design, I can keep this style, I will let me feel a painful control? However, I haven’t received the goods, I don’t know how the object is, I will give you feedback ~


UR official flagship store


12 | White Uniform Bag

Finally, I recommend a large-capacity package that is suitable for matching JK uniforms, Lolita little skirts. The long square is very suitable for the book, not easy to fold, and is particularly friendly for the student party. When you take a photo, you can easily accommodate each makeup product.

The leather is a PU skin, the surface has a slight pearl light, it looks very good, a big lady. Although the name “uniform package” is, it is actually a very good dress, there is a girl’s heart, and it is not too kind, but this self-weight is not very light, and it is not necessary to consider the ultimate lightweight.


Girl’s heartball original


The above is today’s large capacity package recommended. Do you have any satisfying bags recently? Welcome to everyone in the comment area ~


Pujor Sutias Official