State Grid Tongjiang County Power Supply Company: Power grid construction “illuminates” the road of revitalization in the revitalization of the revolutionary district

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People’s Daily Online, Chengdu, December 22. “In recent years, the power supply company has done a lot of things here. I have previously transformed the line to us. Now we need to build a substation here again. In the future Successive power guarantee! “On the morning of December 20th, at the scene of the new project of 35 kV Wensheng power distribution power stations, Ma Xinghua, a lamb from Wenxikou Village, Wenxikou Village, Tongjiang County, talked about the electricity consumption in the village. Change and laugh.

Tongjiang County is located in the northeast of Bazhong City, Sichuan Province. Its power supply area is 4116 square kilometers. The southeast lacks reliable 110 kV and 35 kV power supply points. There are 6 35 kV stakes for power supply. The layout is unreasonable, there are outstanding problems such as low power supply quality, low power supply reliability, and bottleneck supply.

In order to strengthen the power grid and relieve the pressure of regional supply and demand, and help rural revitalization, the State Grid Tongjiang County Power Supply Company took the initiative to act and plans advanced plans. Combined with the current situation of the grid, accurately control the project reserves and investment plans, actively communicate to the provincial and municipal companies, strive and implement 1 main network project in 2021, 26 projects, and successful power distribution will be successfully distributed by 35 kV Wensheng. The newly -built project of Huahui Power Station is included in the provincial company’s “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” grid plan and officially launched the preliminary work of the project this year.

It is reported that the State Grid Tongjiang County Power Supply Company In 2021, the grid infrastructure project invested a total of 74.969 million yuan, involving 46 villages in engineering projects, of which 35 kV Shuangquan transmission and transmission project projects were completed, and 26 of the agricultural network reconstruction and upgrading project was completed. indivual. A new 35 kV Shuangquan substation, 14.2 kilometers of 35 kV lines, 119.911 kilometers of new and transforming 10 kV lines, 189.987 kilometers of low -voltage lines, and 58 newly added and increasing discharge. Through the transformation and upgrading of the power grid, the county’s power grid structure was further optimized, the production and live electricity of rural people were effectively improved, and the demand for new load power consumption was met. Electricity guarantee.

In the next step, State Grid Tongjiang County Power Supply Company will focus on the long -term planning of the rural revitalization strategy, help the red tourism and local industrial economic development in the old regulations, and actively promote the construction of the power grid. “mission. (Wang Bangliang)