33 -year -old Qing Qingzi is good at dressing, and the dark green leather skirt wears a noble woman. The proper retro beauty

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Xi Qingzi is an actress that everyone is familiar with. In the early days, everyone met her through her relationship with her former Ji Lingchen, but through the polishing of these years, Xi Qingzi became more feminine. To her infinite charm.

At the age of 33, she was no longer rushing to get married. Instead, she found her own rhythm and worked hard to work hard. In this group of retro styles, Xun Qingzi was shiny and very confident.

After all, the self -confident woman brought her own light, and I saw the same main color from head to toe in the shape of this time from head to toe.

Ink green small leather jackets, dark green small leather skirts, even the hair bands on the head are green, and carefully look at the earliest emeralds. advanced.


Generally, the color of this kind of green is particularly picky, and it is particularly picky. People with a little hold can’t hold this color. They will look more rustic. I did not expect to be the two combinations of the ladies and the queen.


The sun was sprinkled on Xi Qingzi’s body, and she could see that her dress was exquisite and gorgeous, carrying shoulder bags with a shoulder bag and stepping on high heels.


The 33 -year -old Xi Qingzi shine at this moment and has a good temperament. The dark green leather clothes and small leather skirts have a high sense of high -level sense. Wherever they go, they are the most shining one in the crowd.

A pair of slender long legs is also very mirror. It is about to be in the early autumn. This dress is both foreign and temperamental. In addition to being an actress, Presumably Qing Qingzi is also a fashionable man!

Especially in the drama “Sudden Holiday”, Miss Durian played by Xi Qingzi not only showed the cool side, but also showed us the perfect dress of a confident woman.

It feels that in the play, every group of Tong Qingzi is well -known, and the style is worthy of reference. At the age of 33, wearing a ladylike temperament, this slightest has nothing to do with age, but it is related to the gas field.


Today, Qing Qingzi has already lowered the past feelings and greets a new life. The woman who worked hard to work hard will always shine with confidence, and even her eyes are feminine.


It is really too much to dress up. The style of dark green shows a sense of high -level sense. Do you like this retro beauty in front of you?

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