Xu Qing really can’t see a 50+ age, black leather clothes are very cool, and the charm is really strong.

Black wearing

How popular is the Tao? Basically, go to the street to walk around to feel the black usage rate, most people’s



There is always a black companionship

, It may be a large area of ​​black wear, or a small amount of black, the bag or other accessories use black.

in this way


Why is the color used so frequently? There are many bright colors than it. The biggest reason is

Black wild and low -key

People of any age can be worn, and they don’t have to worry about being eliminated by the trend of fashion.


Black ownership


Strong infectious

It is simple to wear, but it is not so easy to wear. There are many black matching styles, the appropriate one is selected

The style is critical.

Xu Qing

Is the female star in the entertainment industry better, the temperament is also very elegant, and the dress style is relatively atmospheric. Whether it is a sexy dress or skirt


Comfortable daily wear

Essence Xu Qing really can’t see a 50+ age, black leather jacket

Dress very cool

, Charm is really strong.

How to wear black to be simple and fashionable?


Black bright leather jacket

Cortical materials have a strong high -level texture, and the reflected gloss is relatively strong. Therefore, it is a very good choice to use leather and black.

Black bright skin


A strong fashion effect,

Deep black is not dull against the help of the fabric, and the scope is even more

Full of charm.

Those who want to wear are relatively low -key and do not want to be too eye -catching. Black leather jackets are very fashionable choices. Choose a short jacket to wear appropriately, it will be even more

Highlight the body ratio

, Let the legs look long, yes

Increase the waistline

The role.

A red brown bottoming shirt inside

Put on a bottoming shirt for stacking. The overall layering is full. The color choice of the bottom shirt should not be too deep, otherwise it will make the picture have nothing to be dazzling, but also

Can’t get rid of it too much

,have to

In line with your own age.

When women choose to wear a bottoming shirt, brown -red is more appropriate. Red can help women show more charming charm, but

Positive red is more public


With brown or black

Tune red, will

More charm.

The bottom shirt items should be prepared in the wardrobe. Not only can they wear it alone, but they can also be stacked with other items. Although it is a slim version, the fabric has a stronger one


, Wear up


More comfortable.


Black fine stripe wide -leg pants

The matching of wide -leg pants is relatively relaxed and smart. Friends who are not very good can choose wide -leg pants to cover the figure.

Edition of wide -leg pants

It’s the most loose in the pants, but it is embrace

Has a strong unique style.

Together with the simple black wide -leg pants and the upper packed black outer jacket, the overall effect may be more single. Putting through a certain fine stripes is more three -dimensional and full.

Vertical stripes

Added not only

Rich black pants,

At the same time, it also has a thin effect.

If the clothing uses black as a whole, you can use the printing design to decorate, and the printing effect will be added to the black clothing.

More storytelling

, Seemingly simple

Full of fashion effects.

The black suit has always been attending the grand occasion. The simple suit version has a strong hard effect. It can naturally enhance a person’s temperament and make the figure more three -dimensional. The black suit is not limited to men’s match, women wear it

Suit with black high heels

There will be

More sultry charm

Friends who don’t like printing can use it


The fabric of the hollow effect

Matching with black, it is well known that the hollow design contains a strong sexy charm, but the hollowed out through the lace material

More vague


Conservative dress style


Very mysterious.

The more conservative ladies skirt can often be seen in life. Whether it is color, style, and fabrics, the practicality is very strong. It is the first choice for many women to wear.

Other black skirts wearing display

Tube top hip skirt

The tube top -style skirt has a very pure effect, especially the contrast of the black skirt is small, the lines are clearer and clear, and

Set off the skin


Even more

Fair and tender.

The skirt uses the style of the hip hip, which is intended to present the good figure of women, the lines of the waist and hips are full, so that


The three -dimensional curve is more prominent

The overall and pure skirt is difficult to remove.

Black printing cheongsam skirt


Cheongsam -style skirts have a strong femininity, with a long Chinese history and culture, combining the traditional version with the modern version. Have

Embroidered print decoration

The skirt is even more

A deep meaning.

Xu Qing’s black wear is really diverse,

Whether it is leather clothes or skirt wear

Handsome and charming all occupy

How many people are envious, not only the good figure is displayed, but also has more improvement in temperament. Many people with elegant and dignified charm infected.

Black dressing is everywhere, but if you want to stand out from 3 black, it will test your own matching skills.

Different combinations of the same single product

, Also on the overall effect

There is a certain impact

More exposure to fashion will better improve the aesthetic level.