“Bitter Chocolate”: Fat, but beautiful and confident, how did she do it?

The world likes to label people, and the error values ​​in society always define the value of a person by the external definition of people.


Over time, everyone began to get used to evaluating themselves in this way and evaluating others in this way.

Not to mention, fat thinness is one of the evaluation standards, and the figure is used to label people everywhere.

Not to mention, the power of this label is really great, not only sticking to people, but also in people’s hearts.

Fifteen -year -old girl Ai Fang posted such labels.

For more than 60 kilograms, she has a good academic performance and is best at math, but she becomes inferior and lonely because of obesity.

The more people lack, the more they like to cover up.

In order not to let people notice her loneliness, Ai Fang could have been able to go to school very early, but she always stopped at the big bell of the street corner and dragged to the last moment -eight o’clock four points, and then entered the school;

In order to prevent people not to notice that she was fat, in the best mathematics class, when the teacher called Ai Fang on the blackboard, she lowered her head and bent her waist and pretended to find rubber on the ground. The teacher’s voice seemed to be invisible. It wasn’t Ai Fang. She just didn’t want to be stared at by everyone, staring at her fat body and squeezing the aisle between the narrow tables to the blackboard to do the question;

In physical education, Afang is a double suffering of loneliness and inferiority. When the volleyball team, she squatted on the ground and loosen her shoelaces and tied them. How slow this action can be, until the last one of her name is called;

After class, go to the locker room. In order to avoid being seen by her fat, she also waited until the classmates used the dressing room, and finally, then slowly walked to the shower room of the locker room;

Even when resting during the class, Ai Fang will find a book that belongs to his own corner, but actually pays attention to what the girls who are surrounding you are communicating;

Go to the clothing store to buy clothes, and dare not talk to the clerk who talks about laughing and chatting. As a result, I bought a pants that I didn’t like or tried to penetrate.

Ai Fang envious of those girls who can chat with friends, and envy girls can wear tight jeans and T -shirts, but they have no herself.

At this time, Ai Fang, like a bird of shock, was inferior and lonely.

Ai Fang also didn’t understand why he has always been hungry since the age of eleventh or two years old, and he always can’t eat.

She also worked hard to reduce weight by dieting.

But when she finally made up her mind to start not to eat dinner, the pain in the stomach and the temptation of food in her brain hit the same time. She turned around and couldn’t sleep, but she couldn’t help surrender. In the middle of the night, she ate more.

Moreover, whenever Ai Fang is in a bad mood, she will put a piece of chocolate in the entrance.

Chocolate was sweet, but every time Ai Fang was eaten, it seemed to swallow a comforting and painful tears, and it was bitter to eat.

This habit is given by the mother. Whenever my father yelled at Mi Fang and his younger brother at home, the silent mother would take a piece of chocolate to Ai Fang.

Chocolate, for Ai Fang, is the bitter comfort from her mother.

When I ended up and ended again and again, Ai Fang was extremely painful. She hated the meat on her body. She felt that the extra meat separated herself from others. Those damn meat made her lonely without friends.

Ai Fang’s heart is bitter, a bitterness that is enough to become bitter chocolate.

When did things begin?

The first thing: one day, Ai Fang met Micchi, a boyfriend who was about to be 16 years old to become Ai Fang’s boyfriend.

When Ai Fang rejected Michi, Mijel respects Ai Fang’s choice, saying that Ai Fang is different from other girls.


Ai Fang likes to dance. When Michi invited Ai Fang to attend the ball of the Youth Activity Center, she met her brother Frank, saying that Ai Fang was a “fat ball”.


Mijel grabbed a chair and hit a brother holding a knife.

Mijel and Frank’s sister were also present. She blamed Ai Fang “If it wasn’t for you, this would not happen.”

Ai Fang thought that Michi would not come to find her again, because everything was her fault, it was her fatty mistake.

But one Friday, Michi came.

Talking about that matter, Mijel had been able to avoid his brother Frank at the time without positive conflicts, but his brother laughed at Ai Fang as a “fat ball”.

Ai Fang said, “I’m really fat, I’m originally a fat ball, can’t you see it, Miciah?”


Mijel said, “I know, of course, I know.”

From the mouth of Maglon, Ai Fang understood that the label of Fat has no influence on Miji.

At this time, the fat label posted in Ai Fang was torn off quietly.

In other words, fat labels are still there, but there is no such great influence on Ai Fang.


Because whether Ai Fang is fat or not, Mijel will continue to hold Ai Fang’s hand.

The second thing: The teacher announced that a new class was added in the ninth grade, and five students needed to transfer to the class. Unless anyone voluntarily, no one wants to be kicked out of the class.


Ai Fang thought of the team in the physical education class, and the person who was finally selected was the person who had to leave, but she was unwilling to leave.

Similarly, no one is willing to be a person who is forced to leave the transfer, not to mention, everyone has been in the same class for five years.

As a result, Ai Fang told his classmates that he could not find all, and no one could force us to transfer; if the principal did not agree, he would strike -write down all opposition opinions, signed the whole class, gave it to the principal himself, and then fought to the end.

The classmates recommended Ai Fang to write a petition, Ai Fang was extremely happy.

There were also three students who helped Ai Fang to draft drafts, about the same table of Fangsica.

This incident gave Ai Fang a chance to discuss with her classmates. The classmates not only spoke to Ai Fang, but also listened to Ai Fang seriously, and even surely and believed that Ai Fang could write well.

The bigger surprise is that the classmates who planned together said to Ai Fang, “I always thought you were not interested in us, and I thought you didn’t deserve to make friends with you!”

Ai Fang suddenly found that everyone did not become friends with her because she was fat, but that the fat label she posted by her own hindered herself to become friends with others.

The third thing: Ai Fang does not want to stay at the same table of Vanciska because of mathematics, and helps Vanciska to review mathematics. After reviewing mathematics this day, Ai Fang was going to go shopping in the city, and Vanciska wanted to accompany him.

Ai Fang was very hesitant and remembered that she began to shrink back.

She didn’t want people to see her fat, she wanted to refuse.

But Vanciska was very patient and enthusiastic, and Ai Fang and Vanciska went to a recommended shop.


Originally, Ai Fang liked light -colored jeans with pink shirts, but when she thought of being fat, she was still used to choosing dark jeans and dark shirts. She said to Vanciska, “I look fat in light -colored clothes.”

Fanciska dispelled Ai Fang’s concerns, and helped Ai Fang’s light -colored jeans and pink shirts and hair colors very well. After wearing it, it turned out to be personal. Even Aifang couldn’t believe that he would look so good.

“Don’t you feel embarrassed with me? Because I’m so fat.”

“Don’t be nervous! Why would I be embarrassed because of you? People in the world had fat people and thin people, so what about it! … I didn’t look thinner wearing dark clothes, so you can change it. Well, I like you like this, and you should wear it like this. “

It turned out that the fat label in my heart had no influence on friends.

Ai Fang looked at himself in the mirror and couldn’t help laughing.

A wonderful thing happened quietly.

Those fats that had been having all the sorrows were still there, but the labels in Afang’s heart were dropped, and they could no longer be posted.