“The most beautiful mother -in -law” is on fire, wearing cheongsam with a thin and nobleness, the wedding photos are right

Today, with the development of society, fashion trends have been constantly updated. Many aunts and sisters are even more fashionable than their children. Not only is it out of the street every day, but there is a lot of reference in the choice of clothing. Especially for some aunts who are mother -in -law, they have even grandson and grandchildren, but they can still be stunning the audience and become the fashionable essence of the whole family.


This is not the “most beautiful mother -in -law” again, wearing cheongsam with a thin and expensive shawl, and the focus is on the son’s wedding. I have to say that once this woman reaches the middle -aged stage, she needs to pay attention to enhancing the exquisite sense in wearing.

It is recommended that you love beautiful women, you can learn from the style of this mother -in -law at the wedding, not only showing temperament, but also not only dignified and elegant gestures.

1. The characteristics of the aunts attending the wedding

Features 1: Exquisite and fashionable craft design


When the auntie attended the wedding, if he wanted to create a sense of nobleness, he could not ignore the heavy work design. You can focus on the shawl and use exquisite lace elements to cover large areas.

In this way, the hollow lace can not only reveal the color of the dress, but also show a noble and elegant temperament.

Features 2: The thin and slimming version design

In addition to the details of the details, the thin and slim -fitting design is also essential. The figure of the figure is outline, showing the beautiful figure lines, and instantly shows the woman’s taste.

For aunts and sisters, it is very common to be blessed and walking, so it must be essential for repair and loose and durable design.


Feature three: highlight the elegant and generous color matching

Often, for the more festive days, the aunts generally choose red as the main color, and the red choice is also the key to highlighting the gloss of the skin. It is also the focus to highlight the elegant and generous color matching.


Large -area red is used on the cheongsam, elegant, noble and atmospheric, and the small area of ​​khaki is used for shawl embellishment, gentle and temperament.

2. How does auntie show the most amazing side?


Method 1: Spend a heavy effort on the elements of clothing


If you want to show the most amazing side at the wedding, you must first spend your thoughts on the elements of clothing. The most worthy embroidery element can reflect the exquisite charm to the greatest extent. This kind of ancient charm and ancient style embellishment, try to use a large area as much as possible.


Avoid the feeling of being too stingy, you can use different patterns to embellish it, which shows the style of big women.

Method 2: Use the jewelry embellishment that highlights the noble atmosphere

Use the jewelry embellishment that highlights the noble atmosphere, such as pearl necklaces and earrings. This translucent and luster is the first choice for cheongsam, and jade bracelets are elegant and refined representatives.

Proper decoration is more advanced than exaggerated gold, and it is also an improvement of temperament.


3. Details that auntie wedding needs to pay attention to

Detailed node 1: set off the fair and translucent color of the skin

High -saturated wine red, combined with low -saturation gray -purple, like this color matching that can set off skin tone, is very prominent on the fairness and translucent skin, high -profile and stunning inside

The two set off each other, showing women’s unique charm to the fullest.

Details 2: Auxiliary items must meet the characteristics of the main items

When using auxiliary items, the role of overall coordination cannot be ignored, especially from the details of color, elements, and fabrics. The embellishment of embroidery elements echo each other to create an elegant temperament.

The slim -fitting version is combined with lazy fur shawls, while keeping warm, while not losing the advantages of swaying in puzzle.

For some small suggestions of aunts:

Suggestions 1: The most important thing in the middle -aged stage is the distribution of temperament, and the essential sense of high -level presentation. It is necessary to start from the details to exude an elegant charm.

Suggestion two: Exquisite accessories, white color matching, and slim style are all the key points that auntie needs to pay attention to.

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