The Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission compares the 50 pieces of warm socks to compare the test name creation, Pierre Katan’s temperature retention rate is lower than the average value

China Net Finance January 5th (Reporter Guo Shuai) The reporter learned from the WeChat public account of Jiangsu Market Supervision that the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission recently conducted a comparative test of 50 warm socks. Among them, multiple batch of products did not match the performance and publicity. In the case, many well -known brands such as Langsha and Mingchuang Youpin also detected problems.

D value and publicity differences between Langsha and Mengna are large

According to the WeChat public account of Jiangsu Market Supervision, of the 50 samples purchased this time, 16 claims D value. After testing, only 3 samples are basically consistent with the claim. The remaining 13 samples are different from the claim.

Langsha webpage, packaging screenshot Tuyuan Jiangsu market supervision public account

Among them, the online shopping sample from the “Langsha Clothing Underwear Flagship Store”, its webpage claims “8000D”; nominal rich hip pants (nominal trademark: Mengna Mengna, nominal name, nominal nominal Item number: G4565), its product packaging nominal “2800+DEN”.

After testing, the number of yarn gauze outside the two samples above is (21.2+36.2) D and 54.1d, respectively. Essence

Jiangsu Market Supervision said that the number (D value) is the internationally recognized gauze unit in the textile field, and it has no direct relationship with the warmth performance.

The Jiangsu market supervision public account said that the D value refers to the weight gram of 9000 meters yarn, such as 100 gauge (D) indicates a 9,000 -meter long yarn weighing 100 grams. The larger the number of Once, the heavier the yarn of the same length. If it is a similar material, the thicker the yarn.

MINISO, Pilkadan’s temperature preservation rate is not ideal

In addition, Jiangsu Market Supervisory WeChat public account stated that many samples claim to use specific fiber raw materials such as graphene and farming to achieve warmth. After testing, the insulation rate of individual samples is not ideal.

Named miniso brand pantyhose. Source: Jiangsu Market Supervision Public Account

Among them, the 110D velvet heating pantyhose (natural skin) produced by Suzhou Yisheng Huaxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Nature Skin) (Names Trademark: Miniso), which is labeled “uses far -infrared heating technology, heats up to keep warm”, but The inspection rate was only 21%.

Named Pierre Cardin Pierre Kadan pantyhose Source: Jiangsu Market Supervision Public Account

The tither of the graphene pantyhose (nominal trademark: Pierre Cardin Pierre Kadan, nominal item number: JD1937090-020X1), which is planned by Zhaoqing Yifong Clothing Co., Ltd., has a thermal insulation rate of only 21%.

It is worth noting that the insulation rate of 50 samples in this test is between 18%and 60%, of which the average insulation rate of 37 plus samples is 43.0%, and the average insulation rate of 13 unproofed samples is 27.7%. The thermal insulation rate of Mingchuang Youpin and Pierram Cadan is lower than the average.

The Jiangsu market supervision account also shows that 48 samples have varying degrees of hooks, of which 10 samples have not achieved the “anti -hook silk” effect claimed by the webpage. Latharbeel, Antarctic, Gamsungtex Let’s Slim, Beneunder Banana, Annakaka, Yayangren Elegant Sheep, FIRSTMIX, etc.

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