Men and women can’t refuse sexy underwear, I helped you find it

If you let your other half choose underwear for you

Guess, what are the points he pays attention to?

As we all know, men are visual animals


So I don’t expected

Most men choose a bunch

The style of “There is no place except good -looking” ~

“Lace, no support, thinness, can’t cover anything”



And this kind of underwear can be worn except when flirting

Usually wearing is torture on your chest

日 Naturally not to be included in the scope of daily wear!

If the other half always makes you feel angry


So at least we can choose underwear

Let the comfortable style that you wear every day


Speaking of which, do you think of the first time


In recent years

No steel ring underwear



好 Although its philosophy is good

But many buying back support is really good!

The more A cup is shaking, the more flat, and the A cup knows how to understand ~

Then the sour sourness shaking up, down, down, left, left, right, right, right and right

Slightly running and jumping,

The chest seems to be drawing 8 words

And put it on the chest shape

Gathering steel ring underwear even more damage to the chest!

The principle is to temporarily fix the chest through “gathered violence”


Breasts again

Near the heart





Very close


If you wear it for a long time, it is not good for blood circulation and digestion

If your current underwear has a burden on you

Don’t hesitate, throw it away like a scum man!

Don’t look at the underwear, but it is really different, but it is really different to wear


In fact, underwear is far more than

No rims

Have a steel ring

So simple.

On the basis of comfortable, it is not so easy to wear a round chest shape.


Underwear in the 50-200 range

, Our professional selection team has tried a lot!

But ZUI is comfortable!


After talking to the official for a long time, I finally got a huge low -opening price, the original price: ¥ 89.8/piece.

Open the group now: ¥ 49.9/piece ¥ 89.8/to the hand!

Identify the QR code and buy immediately

In fact, before I received this product, I think a piece of underwear of less than 50 is limited.


The human body is honest, and when he puts it on in person, his heart falls.


Just hold it in your hand, you can already feel it

“Light, soft, soft”


Can gather, but not oppressed ,

Comfortable enough, the upper body shaped the “water drop” chest shape ✔


Even, it will let you see the “red heartbeat” side of “red heartbeat”

🚩 It has done it


内 This is not our pursuit of underwear:

At the same time, it is also very supportive. I do n’t run the cup for laziness and do a little exercise, and it looks particularly good!

Everyone’s chest shape is different. How can TA be suitable for so many people?

We are still true on this issue, and we deliberately discussed with underwear designers.

The designer said that the underwear mainly looks at tailoring and materials

片 It uses a piece of tailoring design, which can steadily wrap the chest.

Although no steel ring, no glue bone

But “


Customized W -shaped three -layer chest support




Resin dot -shaped bonding technology

“Tira will be degraded up.

Simply put, it is to enhance the support+multi -dimensional gathering effect


The power that can support the upward support instead of the steel rings is effectively preventing the drooping.

If the traditional steel ring is a kind of brute force, then it is a cleverness.


It is a bit like the sports underwear we usually wear, but it can highlight the chest shape than the sports underwear, it looks good, and it is more suitable for daily wear.

Let’s take a look at the comparison charts we wear and feel very intuitive:


“The height of the wing and the water droplet -shaped side care on the cup” will concentrate the chest up and to the middle.

It can do it: small breasts without leaving the cover, and the big breasts are small, making the chest line arc always stand upright.

Coupled with the “excellent fabric+advanced process” blessing of marksless underwear, elasticity will be very good.

How to move your chest will not run off, and it is more resistant to wear and wear;


Really upgraded all kinds of details.

Compared with the common steel -free underwear, the weight is 26.2g lighter. Such a light and free body sensation really understands women’s hearts!

Left: Ordinary underwear/right: Dreaming underwear

In the past, the tension of wearing underwear was completely disappeared.


👍 👍

Wide -shoulder strap


Thin shoulder strap


/ /

Back buckle

One -piece

Different styles are available!


The integrated ultra -elastic shoulder strap, very stable, do not need to reach out the shoulder strap if you wear yoga ~

It will not be stuck in the meat, and you don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of the shoulder strap off!

There are also many choices for the corresponding color, just choose according to your preference

The back was polished into a thin piece, it fits the body, basically no trace and no sense, and I can’t bear to get rid of it.

Each one has a light shock -proof effect, which can be worn when you go to fitness and do yoga.


Marble pattern gift box packaging

Whether you stay or give away

Opening is very textured, so that you are full of good mood


*Box color random

It is the price of what you can’t want to want to tell you now

Such underwear on the market is basically not less than 200 yuan!

Our market price starts from 99.8 yuan

Open the group for a limited time, fell directly 50 yuan, ¥ 49.9 arrived!

The brand has only given us 200 special batch prices, and then push again later

The price should be returned to the first one hundred yuan, while the price should be stored!

It is no exaggeration to say that I see it at first glance.

Lace comes with pure and desireful attributes, which has both the youthful vitality of a girl and the temptation of mature women.

This seemingly difficult to control, how can your husband look at it that you can not be “blocked by a sword” and attracted to “Shasha”

The overall shape is adopted


Deep V shape

, Donaded clothes are not worried about exposing.


Even if it is accidentally revealed, the texture of the light lace tirled hook is also very woman, and there will be no abrupt sense.

Especially high -quality lace fabrics are very soft and skin -friendly, exquisite embroidery, and the upper body is more grade. It is really online.

Ordinary thin cups without steel ring underwear are pulled down, and there are no types or even drooping.


But even if there is no steel ring, the design is excellent enough!

It can not be rely on steel rings, nor+ultra -thick cups can also have a considerable gathering effect.

Whole underwear

Gathering at 135 degrees

Like a gentle hand, gently push your chest to the middle and pull it up.

You can also be full of chest shape when you wear small breasts!


下 Even if you wear it all day long, you can still keep the original state. It will not wear ditch at first, and you will be gone.


And believe that for girls with big breasts: “stability” is the core point


Let you wear it without running and not slipping, very satisfied, you feel that you want to buy it again. “


The widening hem supports the breasts, with its own shock absorption effect, even big breasts can be wrapped well.

There are no empty cups, no overflow, perfectly put away the auxiliary milk, which is thin and shaped.


And everyone’s most bored pair of breasts, it can be determined ~

The widening side circumference+jelly bars push the flesh and fat on the side to be collected inward, and the excess fat is properly gathered.

No longer worry about squeezing ugly pair of milk outside the clothes.

Without a pair of miracles without a pair of milk, it can wear tight clothes, and it will never be embarrassing again.

Summer is most afraid of sultry.

Even if you go to the company’s journey to the company, you can feel that sweat drops along the cleavage, tide and itchy, and the nipples are easy to be sensitive.


There are still a lot of underwear on the market.

Pure sponge pad

You may not know after wearing it for a long time:

It is already moldy.

瘙 Many people are itchy, red, acne, and even papillary inflammation, which may be caused by underwear.

Therefore, we must pay more attention to the material of the underwear. Most of the ordinary underwear uses 50D yarn, and it accurately match the ratio


“69.2 % nylon+30.8 % spandex+double -sided machine knitting”

Make the fabric smooth and not sticky, no fear of summer!

The chest pad material is also used well


Space memory cotton


, Super Q bombs, have a type.

You see, press it, you will bounce gently.

There are thousands of cup covers

Dot -shaped

The breathable holes make your chest cool.

These breathable holes are like small row fans,

24 -hour perspiration and dewne.

Placement of underwater can also penetrate instantly, greatly reducing the sultry feeling, so comfortable that you doubt whether the underwear is secretly installed with a small air conditioner!

All -uniform no steel rings, seamless lines, and even labels are all induced

There will be no foreign body sensation on the upper body, like your second layer of skin.


Light and breathable, too ~ Shu ~ Serious ~

When we sleep, our breasts are scattered. As we grow older, the chest will slowly expand.

And its extremely comfortable support is also suitable for sleep bra

Even if you lay down, your chest is still strong! Intersection It’s great ~

Washing is not fell in color, and does not contain allergic substances such as formaldehyde, care for your delicate skin.

Vest/shoulder straps

Back deduction/one -piece cubs


Choose according to the habit of dressing

Color selected for everyone

4 popular Morandi colors

Women between 18-45 can wear them and do not pick people at all.

There is no chance of sweating and acne anymore, and the comfort is refreshing to the end, so that the breasts are aerobic at any time ~

Blindly choosing a different beautiful coat packing yourself, in fact, choosing a “fit” underwear can become a way to love yourself.








Identify the QR code and buy immediately

Identify the QR code and buy immediately