Spring fashion ladies T -shirt basic model wears fashion models

The basic T -shirt of the versatile model can be said to be a must -have item in each MM wardrobe. This issue brought by the spring fashion ladies T -shirt brought by Xiaobian, hurry up and look at it!

1. Round collar lady T -shirt

Spring fashion striped ladies T -shirt, classic round neck design, simple and generous, showing the beautiful neck of women, unique sleeves, highlighting YY’s uniqueness.

春装时尚女士T恤 基本款穿出时尚范

2. Loose long -sleeved striped T -shirt

The basic loose long -sleeved striped T -shirt, the unique baseball printing pattern design makes YY look dull, richer and more layered.

3. Striped stitching long -sleeved T -shirt

Striped stitching long -sleeved T -shirts, high -quality cotton fabrics, loose version, casual versatile style, simple matching can wear fashion models.

4. Cotton V -neck zipper T -shirt

Pure cotton V -neck zipper T -shirt, simple and generous version design, with a personalized solid color, the zipper design of the neckline and cuffs, is the biggest highlight of this T -shirt.

春装时尚女士T恤 基本款穿出时尚范

5. Letter printing cotton T -shirt

Letter printing cotton T -shirt, fashionable youth letter pattern, three -dimensional and impacted vision, and the edge of the small round neck design makes people more playful and cute.

春装时尚女士T恤 基本款穿出时尚范

Basic women’s fashion T -shirts, simple matching can let you wear it

春装时尚女士T恤 基本款穿出时尚范


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